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The Deep State Election Coup could be the end of the Republic

Written By | Nov 23, 2020
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Map of Dominion voting machines across the US

WASHINGTON, DC: The United States is in the middle of a Deep State coup attempt with obvious ties to the CIA, senior former intelligence officials, and foreign actors.  It is the tragic culmination of a 4-year seditious campaign to undermine and overthrow the Presidency of Donald Trump.

The current situation is fluid. And extremely dangerous. On many levels. The coup plotters think they have the upper hand.  They may be mistaken.

The computer servers central to the election plot have reportedly been seized in Germany. Multiple sources have confirmed it. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have staked their long and significant reputations on accusations they have made. They insist they have rock-solid evidence for and can prove in Federal Court that the election vote counts were altered in Biden’s favor.

The systematic and widespread election fraud on Nov 3rd is the start of a traumatic period for America. We are in the middle of a coup that will culminate in a Supreme Court decision on the validity of the results. Only then will we know if the coup d’etat against Donald Trump and the destruction of our democracy has finally succeeded.

A CIA operation against the United States electoral process

What is happening as we speak comes right out of the CIA playbook that has a long sordid history. From Ukraine to Libya, Syria to Iraq, reaching back to Iran in 1953, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, the CIA has staged coups, started wars, and interfered in elections.

NSA systems of surveillance and electronic warfare have staggering capabilities. They were deployed repeatedly against President Trump, both as a candidate and throughout his Presidency.

Barr on Durham probe: Coup plotters sought to  Sabotage the Presidency

Instead of using those trusted powers of the government to act abroad, as intended, the Deep State is illegally using them on their own citizens.

Obama: Illegal spying on Americans using NSA FISA 702 authority

It is well documented that John Brennen, James Clapper, and the Obama White House used NSA surveillance systems including PRISM and HAMMER to illegally spy on over 34,000 Americans between 2012 and 2016.

Their criminality in abusing FISA 702 authority was revealed by NSA director Mike Rogers and confirmed in a 100-page decision by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. It was this crime they were covering up when they compounded their sedition with the unconstitutional assault on the Trump Presidency.

The Russia Hoax. The Mueller Weissmann inquisition. The Impeachment Scam. A 4-year running covert operation against the sitting President of the United States.

But Democrats and the Deep State weren’t done yet.

Then came the Chinese Covid biological attack on the United States, and the world.  The war on HCQ as an obvious early therapeutic. Democrats weaponizing COVID as a political issue instead of uniting against a common enemy. Even if Andrew Cuomo had to kill somewhere between 7,000 and 13,000 nursing home patients to do it.

BLM riots. Antifa thugs. Defund the police. A hidden candidate who is never asked and never answers substantive questions.  Tech Nazis censoring the President. Rigged debates. Rigged polls. Wall to wall negative media coverage. Facebook, Twitter, and Google censoring the New York Post Hunter Biden expose. And conservatives.

A media blackout on open bribery, connections to the Communist Party of China, and Joe Biden as the Big Guy getting a cut.

Election fraud trifecta: Dominion, Smartmatic, and Scytyl

Most importantly, a nationwide election plan to use Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatic and Scytl systems, and software to steal the election. Alter vote totals. Control events in real-time. Just like the CIA has done for years in countless foreign elections. Combined with ground operations i to fabricate ballots. Including, allegedly, an actual Mafia boss in Philadelphia.  (How A Philly Mob Boss Stole The Election — And Why He May Flip On Joe Biden)

Dead people voting. 200% to 350% vote overcounts in certain precincts.

Did Dominion and Scytl software change the election outcome?

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have repeatedly claimed that massive fraud occurred and that vote totals were manipulated. That vote tabulation totals routed through overseas servers, including a CIA facility in Frankfurt Germany. That the servers used in Frankfurt, Barcelona, and apparently on a private island off the coast of Costa Rica have been seized by military forces who Sidney Powell calls “our guys”.

They will be filing lawsuits in six states and in Federal Court by the end of the week.

Sidney Powell’s claims are staggering but highly believable.

The same people who have persecuted Trump since he was a candidate have now committed open sedition and actual treason in real-time.  The same people who abused the NSA systems against 34,000 Americans have used those same systems to alter an election.

Including SCORECARD software, a CIA program designed specifically to alter election results. (“Evidence!” CIA SCORECARD And THE HAMMER Used To Alter Election Counting Machines For Biden)

Their central claim is that elements within the intelligence agencies are now stealing the election. With complicity from numerous elements. The Democrat Party. Big tech. Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Giant media companies. A coordinated assault on the fairness and integrity of our election process, and the constitution. Staging an actual coup against the people and authority of the United States of America.

The President’s legal team will have to prove their allegations before a Federal Judge. They either have the proof or they don’t. No one who knows them thinks they would be doing this if they didn’t have the evidence. Once filed, their findings will be public.

Let’s take a look at where we stand in each state.

In Wisconsin, the turnout was apparently 89%, which is a virtual impossibility. No other state reported a turnout higher than 71%. Where did the difference come from? Wisconsin was one of the states with the mysterious 4 AM Ghost votes for Biden. 100,000 of them. Score one for the CIA, Smartmatic, and Dominion Voting Systems.

Wisconsin also has no advance voting, yet Democrat registrars let tens of thousands vote ahead of time. 70,000 voted as incapacitated and therefore not requiring voter ID. The previous election had 5,000 incapacitated voters. Do we believe that in four short years some 65,000 Wisconsinites suddenly found themselves incapacitated?

In an age of political intimidation, the GOP has nothing to fear but fear itself

Tens of thousands of absentee ballots absent the state law requirement of an absentee ballot application were given to Biden. Obviously, if you never requested a ballot, you did not vote absentee. That’s probably how they got to that North Korean 89% turnout figure.

In Michigan you have all holy hell breaking loose

The fraud in Detroit is so epic and obvious that it defies logical belief to question it. After stopping the counting at 2 am, occurring simultaneously in 6 states, suddenly 134,000 Biden votes were added at 4 AM.  Yet no Trump votes were added, a statistically impossibilty.

The dropping off tens of thousands of fraudulent of ballots. Hundreds of affidavits of backdating absentee ballots and systematic fraud by officials running the election. Ignoring election laws. When Republican commissioners wondered why a precinct was reporting 350% of their registered voters they were doxxed by their fellow public officials and called racists . For insisting that obvious cheating and fraud be called out.

Pennsylvania is hopelessly compromised

In Pennsylvania, you have 34,000 ballots for Biden before ballots were even sent out. How is that possible? You have hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia alone. (Lawsuit Claims 40,000-Plus Fraudulent Ballots Pumped Through Detroit For Joe Biden)

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court allowed 3 extra days for ballots to come in or be manufactured in direct violation of state law. This is the strongest case and a powerful argument with the greatest chance for being overturned by the Supreme Court, as Justice Alito has already pointed out.

Similarly in Georgia, a consent decree between the Secretary of State and Stacey Abrahms and the Democrat party is in violation of State law. Only legislatures can make state election law. Not judges. Not consent decrees.

When Pennsylvania and Georgia cases reach the Supreme Court the illegal ballots will be thrown out and Trump will win both states. Similarly, the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona should also be overturned. The forensic and data evidence will be crucial and appears to be substantial and overwhelming.

It will need to be.

Only the Supreme Court can save the Republic

Once actual audits of votes that exclude illegal ballots, the Trump landslide will be clear. But that will require the Supreme Court to order those ballots be taken from the vote totals. For that to happen Sidney Powell needs to deliver the evidence that proves the corruption of voting machines, the changing of votes, and the foreign interference.

Remember that if Sidney Powell is right, then this is an extrajudicial coup. Most of us who have watched the last four years know that. But coups are fluid and dangerous things. The perpetrators of this treason were so concerned about a Trump second term and the uncovering of their illegal operations during and after the Obama Presidency that they are willing to risk the future of the Republic itself to save their skins.

In the course of a coup attempt, things are fluid and uncertain

The first thing that happens in a coup is the control of the levers of information. They classically take over the TV and Radio stations but in this case its Twitter, Facebook, Google, and big media conspiring to denigrate Trump and silence any criticism of Biden. The censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop exposé is a glaring example.

The vehement opposition to Trump of former NSA director Michael Hayden and the partisan activities of former General Stanley McChrystal at the Brookings Institute is highly disturbing. The role of CIA director Gina Haspel, a protege of coup plotter John Brennan, is highly questionable. All four of them should be squarely in the spotlight.

All of them would have access to networks of operators of highly sensitive classified surveillance systems. None of them would hesitate to use them against Trump.

Jail The Coup Plotters: Save The Republic

If Sidney Powell is right, this is one of the greatest crimes in history. A Trump win in the Supreme Court would almost certainly then require a wave of arrests of traitors and seditionists at all levels of government and across a broad spectrum of society.

The President’s lawyers, Giuliani and Ellis as well as independents Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, are insistent they have the proof.  Recent actions that have Powell separating from the Trump legal team may point to the fact that what she had crosses political and criminal lines.

They had better have the proof, and the Supreme Court had better listen. 75 million Trump supporters already believe the elections were a fraud. Five million of them are likely to swarm the Biden inauguration in a show of his illegitimacy.

ANTIFA and the coming political storm: Can we prevent it?

Already Dominion Voting Systems officials are deleting social media accounts, closing offices in Detroit and Toronto, and going into hiding. Their Toronto office shares an entire floor of an office building with George Soros’s Tides Foundation.  They don’t even try to hide it. The same George Soros whose Open Society Foundations has funneled tens of millions of dollars to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Is anyone notice a pattern here? Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

Democrats and the Deep State are playing with fire.

They simply don’t care. They know that a Biden Presidency means the return of the coup plotters. That John Brennan and James Comey and James Clapper and Susan Rice all got away with it. By the book, as it were.

Eric Ciaramella will return to the White House. Alexandra Chalupa will probably become ambassador to Ukraine. Ben Rhodes will be back to spin more lies and deceit. Hillary Clinton can start the Clinton Foundation back up.

But the American people will know that democracy is dead. That America is a lie. They will realize that elections are a sham, the constitution means nothing, there is no rule of law, the Deep State runs the show, and has since November 23rd, 1963. (The Top Five Rigged U.S. Presidential Elections)

But it just takes a moment to look at the map above and compare where the votes for Biden are and where the machines were in heavy use.  Including Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania.  I do not believe in coincidences.

Sic Semper Tyranus

President Eisenhower tried to warn us. We wouldn’t listen. Over the next two or three weeks, the Supreme Court will weigh the evidence. Now is the time of most imminent danger. A decision against Trump will mean the end of the Republic. You can’t even begin to imagine the consequences.

The biggest winner of the 2020 election will be China, George Soros, and globalism.

But a win for President Trump in the Supreme Court will be a historic watershed.  The moment where the coup plot was rolled back and stopped. The truth will be exposed for all to see. It will almost certainly be followed by violent unrest and riots by radical leftists Democrats and their Soros affiliates.

Justice must be served or the Republic will fall.

The consequences of the last four years of deep state sedition and treason have finally been brought to a head. All who were involved must be held accountable. The faith of the American people has been shaken. Freedom is always just one generation from extinction. The Supreme Court can save it or shatter it.

The future belief in free elections and the Constitution depends on it.

Lead Image: Dominion Voting Machines in the US

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