The death of rule of law: Clinton, Obama, Brady & Davis

From Hillary Clinton to Tom Brady to Kim Davis to President Obama - In recent weeks lawlessness has permeated virtually every aspect of American society.


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2015 — The rule of law is what separates civilization from the anarchic brutality of “Lord of the Flies.” But many people will respect the rule of law only when they agree with it.

Lawlessness permeates nearly every aspect of American society.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady got away with a scheme to deflate footballs to give his New England Patriots a competitive advantage. Those making excuses for Brady note that the Patriots would have won last year’s AFC title game even without cheating. This is irrelevant. President Nixon did not need to cheat to defeat George McGovern in 1972.

Without Watergate, Nixon may have won only 45 out of 50 states instead of 49. Nixon subverted the rule of law. So did Brady.

The scofflaws in the U.S. Government

Also irrelevant is an activist judge who tossed out legal reasoning to reach his tortured conclusion that Brady was a victim rather than an ego-driven prima donna with a sense of entitlement. It is wrong to blast a judge just because we disagree with a decision, but Judge Richard Berman, a liberal Clinton appointee, admitted that the Collective Bargaining Agreement gave Commissioner Roger Goodell permission to suspend Brady.

Berman created a legal loophole and then drove his judicial 18-wheeler through it. The NFL is smartly appealing his ruling. Until then, young kids will learn that cheating is acceptable as long as you are a likable guy with good hair and a winning smile. Nixon’s sin was his unattractiveness.

Brady is literally married to a model.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly subverted the rule of law for much of her political life. The woman who pursued Nixon like he was Moby Dick has adopted his worst paranoid tendencies. She learned from her husband. He lied under oath in a deposition, a felony punishable by prison time.

Clinton sycophants insisted that lying about sex was perfectly acceptable, as long as the president was pro-choice on abortion. The ends justified the means.

Hillary Clinton’s plausible deniability defense is old

Slick Willie’s angrier and more cunning half decided to put official government business on a private email server. She exposed American national security to global hackers simply because of her sense of entitlement.

Rules are for everyone but the Clintons; they’re in the mold of Leona Helmsley, who observed that only the little people pay taxes. Hillary lied when she said she never received a subpoena. The next day, Benghazi Select Committee chairman Trey Gowdy produced the subpoena she received. Why should Hillary obey the law when there are zero consequences for its abuse?

President Barack Obama holds the office that Hillary desperately wants to occupy. Obama’s job as the head of the executive branch is to enforce all of the laws. Instead, he enforces laws he likes and ignores the ones he doesn’t. He has repeatedly refused to enforce drug and immigration laws. He has used his federal power to punish states for trying to secure the border since he refuses to do it.

His reasoning is morally bankrupt but politically sound. By flooding America with illegal immigrants, he can ply them with free services and get them registered to vote Democrat. Fundamentally transforming America requires political dominance, which is easier to achieve when elections are rigged.

Obama made approximately 40 unilateral changes to the Affordable Care Act after it became law. This is unconstitutional. No U.S. president can just change laws passed by Congress after he has signed them.

Many of his changes involved delaying the most toxic aspects of the ACA until after the 2014 elections to avoid a humiliating electoral defeat. The fact that his strategy failed means nothing. He still cheated. Cheating should not be dismissed simply because it doesn’t change the outcome.

Brady has benefitted from the controversial Tuck Rule to Spygate to Deflategate. Controversy is not new to him. Most political examples of cheating involve liberal Democrats. Republicans are hardly saints, but Democrats are less ethically constrained. The liberal media is on their side, increasing the chances that lies will be covered up and scandals will be whitewashed. Liberals complain about Fox News, but FNC stories are immediately dismissed by the left solely because they are on FNC.

The second reason Democrats cheat is because the Republican Party is the party of law and order, while Democrats are the party of fairness. They believe deep down that laws can be disobeyed if they are unfair, unjust or unequal. They appoint themselves the arbiters of what is fair, just and equal, removing the need for silly concepts such as arbitrary standards and metrics.

Nevertheless, sometimes conservative Republicans act like liberal Democrats when it suits them. The latest example comes from Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk of court Kim Davis. Davis is a Democrat, but Kentucky is the South, and Southern Democrats are not San Francisco Pelosicrats.

Davis is a devout Christian who refuses to issue marriage licenses because she disagrees with the United State Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.

Kim Davis, the servant who refuses to serve

This would not be an issue if the people could go to their local DMV to get a marriage license. But they have to go through her. Her mainly conservative evangelical supporters insist that the SCOTUS acted unconstitutionally when it allowed gay marriage.

This thinking is as wrong as wrong can possibly be. The SCOTUS does not break the law. The SCOTUS defines the law. The SCOTUS assumed the power of judicial review in the 1803 Marbury vs. Madison decision. That ruling has never been repealed. It is codified law. Davis should follow the advice of another deeply religious man who was once America’s top law enforcement officer.

Former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft was once asked what he would do if the law he was sworn to uphold conflicted with his devout Christian beliefs. He vowed that in that instance, he would resign. That is the honorable thing to do.

Evangelicals have every right to say that they put God’s law above man’s law. They then have the right to get arrested if God tells them to drive 100 miles per hour on the freeway. Charles Manson got orders to kill from a dog, who may have been the God he worshipped. The court convicted him.

Christians are not crazy. Believing in God gives many theists a moral compass that guides them during the very tough moral decisions. Kim Davis has every right to defy American law. The courts have a right to cite her for contempt of court and throw her in jail until she either resigns or obeys the law.

Conservatives have every right to be angry over the lawlessness of the left. Sinking to their level is not the answer. Activist judges who legislate from the bench can be impeached. Elections can be used to fire lawmakers who stray from the right principles. The 2014 election ruthlessly punished Democrats.

The leftist coalition has returned to the 1960s, when laws were ignored because the votes of criminals were needed to win elections. Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, Code Pink and many other groups are nothing more than domestic terrorists.

Wisconsin unions disliked a legally enacted collective bargaining law signed by Gov. Scott Walker. They responded by vandalizing the capital. Teachers stopped teaching and left their classrooms to lead protest marches. Doctors wrote them fake sick notes. All of this behavior was illegal. Now cops are being killed with impunity as leftist murderers vow to take police officers and “fry ‘em like bacon.”

Black Lives Matter letting murder and mayhem soar

American cities with heavy concentrations of liberal Democrats are burning. Liberal mayors in Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore allow the chaos because their voters are the chaos. Those looking for law and order are forced to move to Republican red states.

Once enough people conclude that the Machiavellian approach is acceptable, society collapses. America is rapidly closing in on this collapse.

The simple solution can be found in the Jim Carrey movie “Liar, Liar.” When a recidivist calls him on the telephone to ask for legal advice, Carrey’s attorney character screams into the telephone the words the Obamas, Clintons, Tom Brady, Kim Davis, and the rest of bad actors must hear:

“Stop breaking the law!”

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