The cult of climate change and the coming inquisition

John Kerry - High Priest

MILLINOCKET, Maine, March 9, 2014 — High Priest John Kerry has stepped to the pulpit. He’s proclaiming the message of climate change to State Department Ambassadors around the world. In a policy guidance statement he declared, “Protecting our environment and meeting the challenge of global climate change is a critical mission for me as our country’s top diplomat. It’s also a critical mission for all of you: our brave men and women on the frontlines of direct diplomacy.”

When Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, recently referred to the climate change movement as a “nasty combination of extreme political ideology and a religious cult,” he underscored what many other climate change doubters have thought all along.

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The tenets of the climate change movement have been revised and amended for many years. The Kyoto treaty was a shining moment for the movement in that it highlighted this cult globally. Their initial desire for others to recognize the infallibility of their cult-like ideas has grown into full blown demands for allegiance to the cult.

The introduction of “carbon offset credits” is nothing more than a grand scam, which extorts money from nations, companies, and eventually individuals. This scam is based on the perceived danger from carbon dioxide emissions that, according to the cult, harm the environment and cause catastrophic climate change.

The Kyoto treaty expires in 2015, and in Paris next year, UN-led talks will find the international community setting new emissions standards for greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. The emission levels will apply to all countries, developed or not, and will take effect in 2020. They will be expecting all nations to agree with them or else.

That “or else” consists of some dark possibilities. The original Inquisition sought to expose and punish heretics, who were often tortured and killed in the process. If not checked, a climate change inquisition will do no less than destroy liberty worldwide.

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Countries could lose critical international assistance; corporations could be forced into bankruptcy by crushing fines and taxes. The by-product of breathing is carbon dioxide, and given the potentially insidious nature of the cult, is it such a stretch to imagine an exhalation tax in the future? You and your pets or a farmer and his livestock could be subject to a “carbon offset” for simply breathing.

Before you say, “That can’t happen!” stop and think about it. In some places in the US, it’s illegal to collect rainwater on your own property. That sounds insane doesn’t it? Welcome to the future.

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  • ralph velthuis

    Thank you for telling it like it is. I am sick of all these global warming activists with their doom and gloom .many of them are the same ones who were predicting a coming ice age in the ’70s and were saying we should increase global heat emissions. Thank God we didn’t listen to them then why would we listen to them now. O yes, of course becuase now they can make big money preaching doom and the guillible among us will believe them.

    • Liam

      err… nonsense…there was a misguided Newsweek article in the 70s, but that’s about it. But even in the 19070s the majority of scientific articles agreed Arrenhuis’ 1896 estimate of what happens when you increase CO2 levels was basically correct. All the data since then shows he was correct. In fact as CO2 levels have risen satellite measurements show less IR radiation in CO2 absorption bands reaches space. This is direct empirical confirmation that the greenhouse gas effect is increasing as we increase CO2 levels.

  • David

    Forget about carbon off sets and the political posturing. CO2 will raise the acidity of the oceans. Then we are screwed.

  • thisisnotcanada

    This Article Is Biased To The Point That It’s Not Containing Any Useful Informations Anymore

  • DavidAyer

    Oh I’ll tax your exhalations.

  • Tabloid grade article

    This biased and misleading garbage should never have reached the press. Is the CDN taking the direction of a cheap tabloid? Time to filter the news a little better Google!

  • Learn2Learn

    The stupid, it burns.

  • Liam

    weird…just weird… If there’s an argument I can’t find it.

  • Busted;

  • Steve Davidson

    The IPCC has always taken the wrong approach to solving the CO2 problem. They propose raising the cost of fossil energy to pay for mitigation efforts.

    The obvious solution to stop rising CO2 levels is to make low or no emission energy sources cheap and plentiful. Do that and folks don’t need artificial AGW alarmism to reduce their “carbon footprint” or even have to know they have one. So far that hasn’t happened.

    For economic reason, and economic reasons alone, Paris will once again collapse in failure much like most of the other UN ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP) meetings since Kyoto.

    The price tag to save the world from global warming is to high. As nations become more and more aware of that fact, the UN and the IPCC’s influence diminish. Governments want to stay in power. They realize they will not if they hit their citizens to hard in the pocketbook and reduce their ability to compete in the world economy.