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The Chinese Communist Party: The real life Spectre infiltrating America

Written By | Mar 30, 2021
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A precursor of things to come: President Xi with V.P. Biden – U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on September 25, 2015. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

When 80+% of ‘Republican’ senators accepted the election results and the Supreme Court refused to hear evidence, the truth was finally laid bare. The 2020 election was heavily influenced by China and with China’s direct assistance.

Seventy million-plus Americans know that no honest person, no one who doesn’t serve the syndicate of government power, could ignore the 99.3% ballot dumps, live on-air vote swapping, election observers being forced out and election officials resisting transparency.

Or the videos of votes being sequestered under tables only to be pulled out after everyone leaves, then repeatedly counted. All for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

If even a single one of these instances had been seen in an election that favored a Republican, it would have led to new elections and prosecutions.

In the 1930s, Chicago and Louisiana were indisputably run by criminal syndicates and there is no reason to believe that same isn’t true in all democrat dominated jurisdictions.

However, let us begin with the assumption that the government is run by a global criminal syndicate. It is a scenario often played out in action/adventure films.  There is the imaginary evil syndicate Spectre of the James Bond franchise.

Or consider the movie Serpico. It depicts a hopelessly corrupt police department, corrupted by the temptation of easy, free money. Now consider government. Elected officials whose only job is to raise money for the syndicate and who are empowered to sign billion-dollar checks.

Their job of governance on behalf of “the people” no longer important once they take their desk in the House Chamber.

Consider that a “Mr. Boeing” could show up with a suitcase of unmarked bills in exchange for the purchase of an unnecessary new military toy. And like that, a contract is completed. Those desk-sitters get away with it as they are supported by a monolithic press and political parties that fail to investigate and when corruption is obvious beyond a doubt, fail to prosecute it.

If there are any possible assimilations of conforming pressures possible, I can’t imagine them.

Anytime a person is required to get a security clearance, they must go through an exhaustive background check

The very first and highest concern to the security specialists is whether they have any financial pressures. Second, are there any lifestyle issues that might be painful if revealed?

Or the chance of any skeletons in closets being disclosed?

In any honest assessment of our elected officials, very few would be granted a security clearance honestly conducted. When we consider Representative Slawell’s recently disclosed Chinese Honey-Pot affiliation or Nancy Pelosi’s massive money grab via Tesla stock, or Diane Feinstein’s husband’s billion-dollar real-estate coup selling government property, maybe those security checks should be yearly?

The easiest way to support this hypothesis is to describe what any forensic analyst might assume. Then estimate the likelihood that a person would act one way or the other and compare that to what we see from the outside.

Why should we trust the results of a security clearance decades-old?  A lot can be swept under the Persian rug over the course of many of Washington, D.C.’s elite.

If you ran a criminal syndicate for the purpose of holding the reigns of total power, what would you do?

First, you might pool your resources to acquire the votes necessary to have elected representatives hand over the job of the treasury to your four banks. Then, you would change how money is injected into a growing population. Thus causing elevated spending or debt. Allowing the criminal syndicate to collect interest on that debt for the rest of the time.

Then you might create a crisis (border?) or promote people who will advocate for endless and ever-increasing spending. Again, all the while, collecting interest on such spending.

As the syndicate’s assets increased, they would take over the universities. Focusing on education allows the creation of generations of voters who, as we are seeing today, aggressively seek to be ruled by a government.

You would take over every mainstream media outlet, censor voices, create #BlueAnon theories of raging conservatives ready to overtake the halls of Government,  and through lies, deceit and false promises of “governing for the people,” or “unifying America,” blind 50% of the people to your deceit.

With time, the total amount of assets you acquired from decades of hundred billion dollar interest payments on the national debt, you could effectively own 51% of every single corporation of significance in existence. This is not a thesis as much as a reality as we see Democrats, led by the Biden-Harris administration and their handlers, are selling the debt they increase to globalists whose desire is to overtake America and Americanism.

Case in point, the last stimulus bill, the $1.9 trillion America Rescue Plan, borrowed more than $14,000 per every American, returning a fraction of that money to the American people in the form of $1,400 stimulus checks.  Imagine how our economy would have grown had that $14,000 been sent to farmers, business owners, and other Americans? Instead of bailing out failing pensions ($86 billion) in poorly run Democrat states like New York and Pennsylvania.  Or providing $200 million to Amtrak.

Then there is the billions of dollars in foreign aid.  Newsweek reporting that:

 How much of the $1.4 trillion is being spent on foreign aid?

Israel will receive $3.3 billion in grants, while Egypt will get $1.3 billion from the foreign military financing program. Burma, also known as Myanmar, will receive $135 million in aid “for programs to promote ethnic and religious tolerance and to combat gender-based violence” in addition to mitigating ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims.

Colombia will receive $461 million in aid, which is contingent on the country continuing to implement a national counternarcotics strategy, protecting Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities and preventing attacks against journalists, trade unionists, and “human rights defenders.” Colombia also must take steps to hold government and military officials accountable for any crimes or human rights violations. – Read Sec. 8072 of the bill outlining foreign aid here.

All of the programs that could be considered foreign aid under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, means tens of billions of dollars of foreign aid were approved

Taking over the political parties

Although the peasants would think that they were voting for a Republican against taxes and endless wars, they may as well be voting for the marionette from the Democrat party. The Republican marionette would perpetually parrot something like Lindsey Graham saying he was going to investigate the FBI criminals and yet somehow, never did.

The beauty of this is that half of the population that doesn’t seek to be ruled by your syndicate will never actually have a chance. No matter which Republican senator they vote for, all votes are for the syndicate behind the curtain.

And if a true Republican seeks to run, your Republican party will disavow them while your press makes up outright lies to slander them. And because you own the judiciary, it will be impossible to prosecute anyone for slander.

Finding cover in our own rhetoric

Being the super clever syndicate that you are, you will make sure to let a few true believers into the ‘representative republic”  to provide cover for the actual syndicate members. That way, it looks like there is some kind of debate and difference of opinion. However, you will never let enough of those idealogues that believe in the Constitution and the enaliable rights of Americans, as they will interfere with your exercise of power.

As you will recall, Reagan and Trump were both disavowed by the Republican Party but won in spite of a virulent lying press.  But that was only because they had enough name recognition and finances to defeat the syndicate’s candidate eliminating system. This is why the election 2020 fraud was so successful.  They learned it takes more than vote-counting fraud, it takes the media, the courts, and the syndicate politicians that sat on their hands, to allow this fraud to exist.  Fraud that was blatant and easy to see.

That government as a criminal syndicate is simply far more credible than the belief that it is not.

The fact that we are seeing truly lockstep cooperation across the entire national spectrum of media, academia, and corporations only reinforcing the suspicion that election 2020 and the failings of America it is not an organic result.

Recently, it was disclosed that the Pentagon spent half a billion on defective planes that were later sold for $50K in scrap and not even the slightest suggestion that any investigation was warranted. (Behold Your Afghan Air Fleet: How U.S. Paid $549 Million For Defective Cargo Planes and Then Sold Them For $40,257 Of Scrap Metal)

The government spent $5B on the Oregon Obamacare website that never went live. Hilary’s State Dept couldn’t account for billions in funding.  The fact is that companies selling hundreds of billions of dollars in military planes cannot afford to not contribute tens of millions to select representative’s campaigns and one man’s bribe is another man’s campaign contribution.

Regardless of whether we are in fact ruled by a criminal organization, as Mexico is, does not matter. What matters is that we now have within our power, the ability to eradicate corrupt governance nearly overnight and hopefully forever.

If only we have the wisdom and will to act accordingly. If we vote to enact a constitutional amendment, we can transfer governance from our current ‘representatives’ to each individual citizen voter. It is now possible to replace our ‘representative republic’ that every voter can, on every single measure enacted by the government, vote using smartphone and blockchain technology.

Why govern vicariously when you can govern directly.

To understand how this might be implemented, you can read one possible version of this concept at True Democracy Now! a site explaining how a voter-centric, versus governance, model can be implemented.

Imagine, if though your personal, direct involvement, corrupt governments worldwide were eventually eliminated with fair and egalitarian governance. What a legacy that would be.


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