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The CDC and WHO are a virus unto themselves: Chinese canine cuisine, and they bark                  

Written By | Apr 11, 2020

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WASHINGTON: What do we really know about the CDC and the WHO (appropriate acronym)? What do we care? Who put these before “we the people” as the go-to organizations for our health? Most people who get up in the morning with abnormal pain or cough don’t immediately think: Maybe I should call the CDC or the WHO? Most think that they had better call their doctor, in the United States.

In China, they call the canine (dog) catcher. A healthy diet heals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) would be more appropriately called, WHO and WHAT, given their unhealthy politics. But these so-called “health organizations,” the WHO and the CDC are no more healers than the federal reserve bank is a bank. Or the White House Correspondence groupies are reporters instead of the unread, untutored Democrat rubes they are.

WHO and CDC are political entities. Any science is set aside in favor of political opinion.

The WHO is a subset of the United Nations responsible for international public health. At least that is the decree from the United Nations. The United Nations, as we are all aware, is responsible for international world peace. (Funding the United Nations: What Impact Do U.S. Contributions Have on UN Agencies and Programs? | Council on Foreign Relations)

Trump’s leadership during this COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the left

There have been approximately 80 wars since the UN has come into existence in the 20th and 21st centuries as opposed to approximately 80 before. Pretty poor “peace” record.

The WHO, the health guys, have even a poorer record if numbers mean anything. Four of the six deadliest pandemics of the 20th century occurred after WHO came onto the world stage. (The Deadliest Epidemics Of The 20th Century –

The CDC is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. Probably enough said. They are bureaucrats, some with medical degrees, some just bureaucrats, who must govern others because they cannot govern themselves.

This gives the CDC kinship with WHO, in that they are a dog with the same fleas.

These “bow-wows’ get billions (CDC) and millions (WHO) from the American taxpayers. The same taxpayers are told by either the CDC or WHO not only whether they are healthy or not, but what they may call a disease that originated in China, where they eat dogs.  (WHO official warns against calling it ‘Chinese virus,’ says ‘there is no blame in this’ | TheHill)

So, the WHO and CDC, in their infinite bureaucratic wisdom, have determined it is racist (whatever that stupid term means) to refer to the current pandemic as Chinese. This is the real tripe that these health organizations aspire to. They do not successfully do anything at a high level of care. They do, however, scatter nonsense to the political winds probably to distract the taxpayers from realizing that they are worthless.  (Funding the United Nations: What Impact Do U.S. Contributions Have on UN Agencies and Programs? | Council on Foreign Relations)

If the idiot-word “racist” has any meaning (which is doubtful) then shouldn’t it be applied equally? How racist it must be (disparaging white Scandinavians) to call Leprosy Hansen’s disease. Gerhard Hansen is pilloried as having his own disease—white trash that he must be!

This dope discovered the bacteria that passes this ancient disease along and he has his name denigrated for his trouble. Go figure.

Did the Coronavirus escape from Wuhan bio-warfare research lab WHCDC

Amazingly, the government has people in it who subscribe to these health grifters (CDC and WHO) who waste their time on nonsense.  Many of these are people who have not been elected but appointed.

Robert Redfield, appointed head of the CDC timidly submitted to the (elected) Democrat representative Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.). When asked whether COVID-19 should be referred to as Chinese, he said no. CDC chief says it’s wrong to call COVID-19 a ‘Chinese virus’ | TheHill)

Why couldn’t he simply have told this idiot from Florida that it made no difference what it is called? And in any case, it is the damn Commie Chinese, who eat dog meat and have filthy wet markets who are responsible for COVID-19—just for the record.

Meanwhile, the corrupt leader of WHO, Ethiopian Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praises the totalitarian Chinese leaders. To hear Ghebreyesus, you would think Xi Jiping was the greatest of the Chinese since Sung Yat Sen. Sung being the leader and M.D. who was instrumental in ousting the old Manchu Dynasty.

Ghebreyesus had allowed his own country to suffer millions of deaths as a result of Ghebreyesus’s lies. He is no more than a lying stooge. And he is to be listened to? (Tucker: WHO chief praises and covers for China | Fox News Video)

The CDC is not much better.

They are nothing more than a government agency coming under an unconstitutional and therefore extralegal cabinet office.

While claiming authority and abilities to heal, they are nothing more than part of the federal budget which runs a deficit each year. They do harm. They are paid bureaucrats, not healers of mankind.

Additionally, they defend the dog-eating Chinese government for political expediency. As they tell the American taxpayers they must cover their faces and remain behind locked doors.

Lead Image: By FuriousGeorge1 from (optional) – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

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