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The Capitol Hill MAGA riot that wasn’t. Who else was involved?

Written By | Jan 11, 2021
Capitol Hill MAGA riot

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link below article)*

WASHINGTON – The nation’s capital was awash over the weekend with any number of competing rumors and/or facts regarding Election 2020 and its aftermath. It’s hard to tell which “facts” are real, which are false, which are exercises in Alinsky-style gaslighting, and which are part of elaborate false-flag operations. The latter was meant to tar Trump and his supporters as fascists, which they are not. The major case in point this week: the Capitol Hill MAGA riot that wasn’t; and the smear, slander and cancel campaigns that are already underway.The Capitol Hill MAGA riot that wasn’t. Who else was involved?

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The tone of everything coming out of this once respectable city is now drenched with the kind of Democrat-led partisan hatred and intransigence that was uncommon — uncommon until the radical, leftist administration of Barack Obama took over the reins here in 2009.

Busily installing Marxists and leftists in critical law and intelligence agencies while trading real warfighters for reliably PC enforcers in the Pentagon, Obama prepped the capital for eight more years of fundamental transformation. This was to be implemented under Obama’s designated successor Hillary Clinton. It was all in the bag, with numerous polls giving Hillary upwards of a 98% chance of winning the election in a landslide.

Until the election actually happened.

Trump spoils everything in 2016

When Donald Trump’s unusual campaign and working-class voter coalition changed the game in Election 2016, the left-wing victory party over the American Constitution was canceled. And the #Resistance and #NeverTrump seditionists, who’d actually begun their undermining of Trump and his associates at least a year earlier, shifted into high gear. The leftist viciousness, led this summer by the murderous violence of the Democrat Party’s brownshirts, Antifa and BLM, and prior to that by deranged partisans like the truly unhinged Adam Schiff, never stopped for four long years.

It continues to escalate this week, and promises to get much, much worse, even if President Trump leaves office at noon, January 20, 2021. The paradigm for what’s happening was set during the Clinton Administration, which, after slandering its opponents into oblivion would stomp them into the gutter just to make sure everyone got the message. Obama doubled down on that, and the Pelosi-Schumer Democrats have doubled down yet again this year on behalf of an amoral, extremist party that looks more and more like an unhinged gang of far-left fascists every day.

Next Stop: One party Marxist rule

Clearly, the goal of unhindered one-party rule, already perfected in the once-great state of California, is heading for an unconstitutional finish line, and soon. It’s aided by the most thoroughly corrupt and self-serving excuse for an impartial media that this country has ever seen. Truly, this is the politics of personal destruction. Unfortunately, after disposing of Trump and his family one way or another, the rest of us are next on the menu.

As a result of this fast-deteriorating situation, I’ve decided to list this week’s most prominent current rumors/facts along with my opinion on each. You should consider nothing in this column as gospel, at least at the moment. That’s because it’s way harder to confirm this kind of political effluvia than it was back during the Vietnam War “protests.” But given that I’ve lived just outside the Swamp for a long, long time, I thought our readers might like to know which events and non-events they need to watch and perhaps follow up on this week. Whatever comes out in the wash, the current week is likely to be the most significant political week our nation has experienced in a long, long time. Perhaps since 1776. So let’s take a closer look at the current State of the Union. WARNING: It doesn’t look good.

With regard to that alleged January 6 Capitol Hill MAGA riot:

President Trump encouraged his deplorable supporters, who had massed at the Ellipse on January 6, to march on the Capitol and Congress and invade the building.


The President concluded his address to the crowd – variously estimated at anywhere between less than 100,000 (as estimated by Democrats and the MSM) and 1,000,000 (as estimated by the most avid MAGA fans) – by inviting them to follow him up Pennsylvania Avenue to the US Capitol. He said absolutely nothing that could be construed as encouraging his supporters to break into the Capitol, damage the building, hurt people, and steal things. He never encouraged violence in any way. The lie that he did is pure propaganda. There is no evidence of this at all.

What actually happened during and after the alleged break-in and Capitol Hill MAGA riot:

It’s hard to say what really happened after a group of individuals — likely 100 or less — got into the Capitol Building. Multiple stories and anecdotes battle each other for prominence. The Democrats, the MSM, and the rest of the hard left insist that what transpired was a violent, unlawful, and destructive riot. It was waged by hundreds if not thousands of crazed Trump supporters with the encouragement of the President himself. Unfortunately, given the systematic drowning out of more rational voices (more below), we haven’t seen much actual “news” to counter this favored narrative. But this is classic, left-wing propaganda. Trumpet a lie loud enough and long enough and it eventually is perceived as the truth.

In reality, only a small number of MAGA demonstrators actually got through Capitol Police lines to enter the building. The real number? Again, hard to estimate. But somewhere between 100 and perhaps 250 would seem about right. There was some yelling, some destruction, and a minimal amount of actual violence. The exception was the entirely unjustified and perhaps unintentional Capitol Police shooting of a female MAGA demonstrator. She was subsequently pronounced dead.

Who were these vicious Trump supporters? Those alleged “rioters”?

Some were indeed Trump supporters. Many were indeed fed up – and rightly so – after watching their president as well as they, their friends, and their associates get reviled, denounced, silenced, de-platformed, and even thrown out of work by a vile cadre of left-wing fascists. So much for the defense of free speech. Clearly, we are fast heading for an era in which any speech that differs even slightly from the Marxist Party line is automatically denounced as “hate speech.” Or “racist.” Where have we seen this before?

As for the rest of the demonstrators? Clearly, a small contingent of highly trained Antifa thugs — including at least one well-known ringleader and agitator — were embedded in this crowd. Their assignment: To rile up the small number of genuine hotheads you’ll find in any movement and urge them to cause trouble as well as breaking a few things. And maybe taunting or shoving the police. That’s been a known agitprop tactic of this group of well-paid, well-provisioned professionals. They goad non-Antifa individuals to actually do much of Antifa’s dirty work.

The so-called Capitol Hill MAGA riot was actually a successful false flag operation by the enemy

They don’t call Antifa operators “agitators” for nothing. Their likely minimalist infiltration of the Capitol break-in crew clearly succeeded. The desired optics occurred, Trump supporters were immediately tarred with what happened by the compliant and dishonest media. And, the alleged “riot” unfortunately, resulted in some loss of life. Though the loss of life can’t be pinned on Trump supporters in any way.

The MSM would have you believe that this raging mob of “rioters” overwhelmed the Capitol Police and invaded the building. But there’s another surprise. It’s now unarguably clear that the Capitol cops actually let the demonstrators into the Capitol. It’s not clear why they did. But the corrupt media suggests that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked them to stand down, so they did. Sound familiar, Seattle and Portland residents?

But why did the Capitol Police actually let those so-called rioters in?

That said, however, why would the Capitol cops do what Bowser allegedly asked or ordered them to do? They are solely under the control of Congress, not the D.C. mayor. When it comes down to it, the D.C. mayor is not in this particular chain of command. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

The most tragic results of the government’s botched response to the demonstration? One unarmed MAGA demonstrator was tragically shot and killed by a Capitol policeman.

In addition, one Capitol cop died under mysterious circumstances, variously described as resulting from a known medical condition. Or from complications resulting from being clobbered with a fire extinguisher by one of the demonstrators. The latter story has been debunked at least twice, but it continues to resurface again and again. Because… the narrative.

As of this writing, at least 3 additional injuries were reported along with one Capitol policeman’s suicide. The D.C. coroner’s office remains remarkably tight-lipped about these additional deaths, although one may have been a Capitol cop’s tragic suicide hours later after the event had concluded.

What distinguishes a “mostly peaceful protest” from a riot?

After last week’s unfortunate festivities, we can draw some useful conclusions about the true nature of passionate mass assemblies in an alleged democratic republic. First, such mass assemblies that take to the streets usually turn into either peaceful demonstrations or protests, mostly peaceful protests or full-fledged riots.

Peaceful or mostly peaceful protests are always led by Democrats and/or avowed Marxists (disguised as anarchists). They are peaceful or mostly peaceful because the protestors only beat up a few old ladies and cause less than tens of millions of dollars in damage per evening. And that damage is generally confined to small businesses that can neither defend their businesses nor afford to hire a fire-breathing attorney to go after the peaceful demonstrators who’ve ruined their families and their lives.

Riots, on the other hand, are actually peaceful or mostly peaceful assemblies of Deplorable Trump supporters. Its participants indulge in little or no violence. And if they do get a little feisty, they break less than $1,000 worth of windows, and will likely pay for the breakage without being asked.

Notably, no leftist would ever waste time on a riot like this. Leftist only participate in violent and destructive peaceful protests. Everyone should master this distinction. Words matter. Propaganda really works. Republicans should try it sometime, before it’s too late.

What has remained un-reported or under-reported:

What you will never read or hear in the media is this. A fair bit of evidence has accumulated to date. We know that several legislators’ personal computers were stolen during the alleged Capitol Hill MAGA “riot.” You can see these apparent thefts on videos taken at the demonstration. No word on which ones were stolen. Save one. Or who actually stole them.

One of those computers belonged to House Speaker Nancy “Impeach Trump (Again)” Pelosi. As of now at least, there’s no word as to who or what entity currently possesses these computers. No word either on what, if anything, has been found on the computers’ drives.

Aside from her serial psychotic breaks involving all things Trump, Pelosi seems more than usually freaked out about the loss of her computer. As she works her false choppers ever more vigorously, we have to wonder: Why is she so worried? Anything there she doesn’t want people to see?

If nothing else, these computer thefts may be one reason why Federal and/or District law enforcement officials seem so intent on arresting as many of Wednesday’s identifiable demonstrators as possible.

Contrast this, however, with the continued non-prosecution of Antifa / BLM rioters that caused injuries, deaths, and billions of dollars of destruction this past summer in numerous American cities during their peaceful or mostly peaceful protests. As opposed to Wednesday’s Capitol Hill MAGA protests, which were indeed most if not quite entirely peaceful.

More on those missing Congressional laptops

But back to those purloined computers. Who was it exactly, that managed to make off with those carefully selected Congressional laptops? Several sources indicate that government operatives had also infiltrated Wednesday’s Capitol Hill MAGA “riot.” These undercover operatives allegedly entered the building with MAGA supporters and disguised Antifa thugs. And undercover, these operatives were the ones who made off, unhindered, with those Congressional computers. Who were they really, and where are those computers now? Not a peep. At least for now.

Pelosi in a perma-rage

In the days following the January 6 Capitol Building “break-in” by mostly peaceful MAGA demonstrators, an out-of-control Nancy Pelosi has remained in a constant state of rage. She vows that she will get Donald Trump thrown out of office before his term is formally concluded. She declares she’ll accomplish this either via the 25th Amendment or via her personal favorite route. Impeachment. Its main intent this time would bar Trump from mounting another presidential campaign in 2024. It’s Nancy’s pipe dream. We’d like to know what she’s smoking.


Whoever legally controls the Senate on the afternoon of January 20 – Schumer or McConnell – likely can’t sew up the required 67 votes to convict Trump. This despite a veritable plethora of cowards and RINOs on the GOP side of the aisle. Playing the impeachment game after January 20 – against a civilian who is no longer president – likely doesn’t pass Constitutional muster. Then again, when do Democrats ever pay any attention to the Constitution? They have yet to pay any price at all for their past four years of nonstop sedition. Why should they abandon a working strategy now?

But even that respectable old-style liberal, Professor Alan Dershowitz, gives the Democrats’ unconstitutional impeachment charade a big thumbs down. Which shows you how certifiably insane the Democrats – and their many RINO friends – have become over the past 4 years.

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– Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.
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