The audacity of failure: Obama and the decline of America

Obama Presser on Russia - Screen Shot
Obama Presser on Russia - Screen Shot

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2014 — Russia has decided to invade Ukraine. And President Obama brought a cupcake to a gunfight. 

After the people of Ukraine deposed their pro-Russian leader, Viktor Yanukovych, Moscow was not pleased. Now Russian troops have taken control of Crimea, and Ukraine may well be partitioned.

The White House reports that Obama expressed “deep concern” over Russia’s “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity … [and] breach of international law.” He asked the Russian president to pull Russian forces spreading across Crimea back to their Ukrainian bases, according to a White House statement.

Obama warned that Russia’s failure to comply will result in suspension of U.S. participation in planning for the upcoming G8 summit in Sochi, Russia, scheduled for June. The administration threatens “greater political and economic isolation,” including the expulsion of Russia from the G8.

When Russian troops invaded, Obama called it an “uncontested arrival.” Comments like that speak to the level of seriousness he brings to the Oval Office.

Putin’s response to it all was delivered in a prepared statement: “In the case of any further spread of violence to Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, Russia retains the right to protect its interests and the Russian-speaking population of those areas.”

There are furious demands that Obama do something. What he might do does not concern Putin. The better cry would be for Obama to do nothing.  If he does nothing, at least he can’t screw that up.

His options are limited. There is the nuclear option — the literal nuclear option. We have a few thousand nuclear warheads which we could send flying towards Mother Russia. Putin would of course respond and China would have unquestioned control of what is left of the world.

America could try to land forces in Ukraine to help Ukrainians but where would we get those forces? The military has been gutted to the point where this nation can no longer project power.

This is not projecting power into Afghanistan, Iraq or even into the Horn of Africa. This is projecting power right into Vladimir Putin’s back yard. Russia still maintains one of the world’s largest and best equipped militaries.

Most Americans have little appetite for another war, and certainly not one with Russia.

Obama could call for economic sanctions against Russia. One problem with that is that Europe gets a great deal of its energy from Russia. If Obama tries to lead with sanctions, he’ll find himself leading an army of one (not much different than the army envisioned by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel).

America’s closest ally since Word War 2 has been Great Britain. That was before Obama. After the 9/11 attacks, George W. Bush reached out to Britain, and Prime Minister Tony Blair joined him in the global war on terror.

Today there is no relationship to call on. One of the first things Obama did after his inauguration was send back to England the symbolic bust of Winston Churchill that resided in the Oval Office. The first time he met Queen Elizabeth as president, his idea of a state gift was to give her an iPod with a collection of his speeches. There is also the fact that a lot of Russian money has left Russia and is in Britain. The British have no reason to help Obama, and a lot of reasons not to.

East European countries are even less likely to help. Poland was stabbed in the back early by Obama; after they had gone out of their way to accept an American missile defense base, Obama shut it down. If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will have demonstrated the impotence of NATO, a lesson that won’t be lost on Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, and every other nation formerly in or dominated by the Soviet Union. They won’t risk irritating Russia to help the feckless Obama.

Obama’s policies in the Middle East have been such a disaster that the Saudis, traditionally one of America’s stronger allies in the region, are turning to Moscow and are thinking about building their own nuclear program to counter the Iranian nuclear program that Obama seems so determined to allow to continue.

During the presidential campaign of 2012, Mitt Romney warned about the Russians. During one of the presidential debates, Obama derisively told Mitt Romney, “The 1980’s called. They want their foreign policy back.”

Fortunately, Obama has few options. The real problem is that Obama is so incompetent that if he tries to do anything at all, he might accidentally get America into a war.

Barack Obama is not a leader.  He is a community organizer. This is a problem.


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Judson Phillips is the founder of Tea Party Nation, one of the largest Tea Party Groups in the country and the number one national tea party site on the Internet. A lawyer by profession, Judson has been involved in politics since his teens. “Ronald Reagan inspired me,” he says. Judson became involved in the Tea Party movement in February 2009 after hearing Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC. “I heard there was going to be a Tea Party in Chicago inspired by Santelli, but didn’t know if anyone was doing a rally in Nashville where I was based. Finally I emailed Michelle Malkin and asked her if there was a Tea Party in Nashville. Malkin sent an email back saying, ‘No, why don’t you organize one?’ I did.” The first Tea Party in Nashville was held late February 2009 which drew a crowd of about 600. Judson then organized the Tax Day Tea Party in Nashville, which drew over 10,000 people into downtown. It was at this time that Tea Party Nation was formed. Later that year, Judson decided to bring activists from across the country together, so he organized the first National Tea Party Convention in February 2010, which featured Alaska’s former Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin as it’s keynote speaker. He currently manages the Tea Party Nation website, writes several daily columns and is working on more projects than any one person should. He is a frequent guest on cable and broadcast news shows, including on Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others.
  • rickochey

    ‘i’m warning you Putin, I have a pen. If I had a son. you’re racist. “

  • Guest

    The entire mess, the economy, our slipping position in the world and the emasculation of our armed forces is entirely the fault of the Democrats with the help of the Rhino Republicans. Intelligent Conservative American leaders from the past took on the leadership of the free world and decided to police the planet for a reason and that reason is becoming apparent with how bad things are getting both here and abroad. Obama is the most unqualified and rediculously pathetic President to ever sit in the White House and I never thought there could ever be a worse one than Carter. The all about me and I want what I want when

    • Gettheheckoverit


      • Tom Winegar

        How embarrassing, I spelled it wrong and thanks for correcting me. Now I have to correct it in several other forums.

        • Yorshireman

          Never apologize; It’s a sign of weakness. (Said Jokingly) Correcting Typos is Passe, It was an excellent and accurate Post, and if I spelled some word incorrectly I majored in English so I really don’t care OK!!!

          • Tom Winegar


    • Listeningtononeoftheabove

      You meant little Bush not Carter, right? lol

  • Tom Winegar

    The entire mess, the economy, loss of jobs our slipping position in the world and
    the emasculation of our armed forces is entirely the fault of the
    Democrats with the help of the Rhino Republicans. Intelligent
    Conservative American leaders from the past took on the leadership of
    the free world and decided to police the planet for a reason and that
    reason is becoming apparent with how bad things are getting both here
    and abroad. Obama is the most unqualified and rediculously pathetic
    President to ever sit in the White House and I never thought there could
    ever be a worse one than Carter. The “all about me” and “I want what I
    want when I want it” people that think being an American and voting is just some big stupid joke are the ones who voted this freak into office and carry the full responsibility for his actions. What is happening makes all of the nonsense about mythical homosexual civil rights and the rest of his idiotic agenda pale by comparison. I am urging people I know to remember who voted for him and when the proverbial $hit hits the fan offer them absolutely nothing in the way of help, let ’em starve. If they are hungry or need shelter tell them that their savior inhabits the once Great White House in Washington and they should go there. Be aware though that these are the same people that endorsed voter fraud so they will likely become thieves to get what they want and a few might have to be culled from the herd. I wouldn’t give a Liberal Progressive a ride in a snow storm if their very life depended on it.

  • bikerdogred1

    No cupcake,fruit cake would be better.

  • j arnold

    “so you miss me yet?”—George W. Bush.

  • j arnold


    • Tom Winegar

      I miss Ronnie Raygun.

  • Roger Bartow

    Watching the events in the Ukraine unfold, I have been struck by the eerie parallels between this and Germany circa 1936. Two countries, one in collapse after W.W. one the other after the Cold War, both struggling to regain lost military strength, prestige and territory. Both hosting the Olympics. Both countries democratically electing a leader that becomes a dictator. Both instances called the, “Militarization” of a territory justified by “protecting an ethnic group”. The League of Nations and the U.N. being unable to stop it. In both instances Europe and the US dealing with bad economies wanting to stay out of it and growing desires for isolation in the U.S. … I don’t think this is going to end well for anybody.

    • Tom Winegar

      Don’t forget Hitler’s excuse for invading Czechoslovakia and Poland, to rescue German speaking people. Putin’s statement reads almost identically. And our President is drinking beer with his cronies.

      • Roger Bartow

        True, I’m sure there’re more parallels, the Rhineland and Sudetenland are just the ones that occurred to me as I watched the news. You know what they say about those who forget history.

        • Tom Winegar

          You know how hard it is to get anyone to learn about our history? I just offered my grown children the World At War boxed set if they will sit with their children and watch it. I would prefer they start with WWI but WWII gives anyone who studies it a very good idea as to why we became the leader of the free world and decided to police the planet. Have I already said that elsewhere. 🙂

      • George Kenderdine

        You mean smoking a joint.

        • GwenR

          You mean being pegged by his male masseuse.

        • maxentropy

          While Obama was smoking weed in college, Putin was breaking kneecaps with the KGB.
          Sadly, my money is on Putin to have his way with Obama.

          • Listeningtononeoftheabove

            Of course you would see that………

  • Tom Winegar

    We are much more likely to end up in a nuclear exchange now than any time in recent history.

    • Yorshireman

      @Tom, Recently after a meeting with President Obama, Vladimir Putin inadvertently left his lapel mic on; A couple of astute Western Journalists recorded Putin muttering in Russian the following, “Debating with Obama is like playing Chess with a Pigeon, He knocks over all the Pieces, Craps on the Board and then Struts around like he won the Game” Perhaps a good Diagnosis.

      • Tom Winegar

        That really happened? I couldn’t find a confirmation on that but I bet Putin was thinking it.

        • Listeningtononeoftheabove

          Sure Tom, Yorshireman had it correct. Putin really said that…

  • M. Vidrine

    This is what Obama wants is to have us in a war and to be taken over. I wonder, at times, what flag we will wake up to.

    • Jon Hawk

      If that happens, I would much rather it be Russia than China…although i want neither one but our own.

      • Listeningtononeoftheabove

        Don’t worry M.Vidrine or Jon Hawk. If we start World War III nobody will be left alive on the Planet Earth. At least for a few 100 thousand years!!! Don’t you guys ever take science or physics classes?

  • annaonat

    What I do not understand is with all these wrong drastic decsions Mr Obama and his cronies are doing to our nation and the international world WHY are they getting away with it? Why wasn;t something done about his decisions a long time ago? He should have been impeached. Everyone talks but no one is doing nothing about it.

    • Listeningtononeoftheabove

      Because Obama can do or not do whatever a President wants to do. Just like the President Bushes invaded the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan without me giving them permission, Obama is also doing things that you aren’t giving permission. We the people don’t count, and if the government is screwed up, it’s the governments fault. All of it…………..

  • SaladeLégume

    The sky is falling…..

  • GwenR

    I’m waiting for the “LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE !!!!!” guy to come out with his/her/it’s Obama version …….

  • Chris Collins

    Step down… Your burying us bro…

  • maxentropy

    Obama just needs to host a Beer Summit with Putin.
    That’s how community organizers get stuff done!

  • Guest

    I am so embarrassed and ashamed of the leadership of this country. As an Army veteran of 23 years, I never thought it would come to this. Please Barry, for the love of Pete, just call it quits…turn in your pen and you phone, go back to Illinois, and let us take this country back again so we can be the best country in the world once more…You have so many scandals behind and in front of you, it would be in your best interest….please listen!

  • Listeningtononeoftheabove

    Love it when I read Obama bashing articles, especially when they have no ideas of their own on how to deal with Putin if he or she were the President. You people suck! lol

  • Listeningtononeoftheabove

    Judson Phillips…………same to you! Unless you have an idea on how to deal with Russia without starting World War III. Do you Phillips really think that if Russia and the USA shot nuclear warheads at each other that China would be left alive or any other human being? Did you ever take a science or physics class? You’re an idiot!

  • 1st time posting and commenting here and they delete it ref. article. Well delete my profile then. CDN can’t handle a grassroots movement that doesn’t take money and sell their soul to the political class.

  • bohicamonster

    Effing ridiculous! The Bush Administration would’ve went in guns blazing and set off WWIII. But then, I wouldn’t expect a Teabaggee to understand that diplomacy can work. Btw, Russia depends on a lot of other countries for some of their resources too, Morton, so maybe cutting them off from those resources might have an effect.