The apparently ‘un-newsworthy’ murder of a four year old Israeli boy


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel, August 26, 2014 — One of the most oft-heard propaganda lines spewed by the Palestinians and their supporters since the outbreak of Operation Protective Edge is that the world unfairly views one Israeli life as equal to the lives of 1,000 Palestinians. This mantra has been repeated over and over in attempts to bring condemnation to Israel for “disproportionate response.”

It is Hamas themselves who established this baseline, demanding thousands of terrorists in exchange for “just one” captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit in 2011.

What makes this claim even more preposterous is that to even the most casual reader, it is the lives of Israelis, no matter how young and pure, that are of little-to-no value according to the liberals and their pathetic mainstream media.

Have there not been hundreds of pictures of injured and dead Palestinian children plastered across the pages and screens of the top American news outlets? Have these pictures come with any sort of qualifying text explaining that Hamas undeniably uses children as human shields and insists on firing rockets from urban areas and that Hamas is solely responsible for their tragic fate?

The distortion of this truth is bad enough, without coupling it with the blanket silence of the liberal world after four-year-old Israeli Daniel Tregerman was killed by a Hamas mortar on Friday. What could a four year old child have done to be disregarded so blatantly by the people who claim to be the watchdogs of humanity? It was his nationality and religion alone that made his murder insignificant to the protectors of human rights.

Daniel lived with his family in the south of Israel. After the initial barrage of rocket fire pounded their home, the Tregermans briefly relocated further north, seeking a reprieve from the constant air raid sirens and explosions that surrounded them 24 hours a day at the hands of Hamas. Following the apparent cease fire between Israel and Hamas, the Tregermans temporarily returned to their home.

As rockets again began to rain down on the south, the Tregermans arranged to leave their home yet again. However, before they could get out, a mortar was fired directly at their home. With the sirens blaring and just 15 seconds to get to shelter, Daniel Tregerman’s parents grabbed their two younger children who were in need of assistance. This left Daniel alone and defenseless as the mortar struck their house. He was critically injured and died in the hospital soon after.

Please scroll back to the top of this article for a moment and take another look at the sweet face of a young boy senselessly murdered by radical Islamic animals (the same radical Islamic animals that beheaded an American journalist and broadcast it across the World Wide Web).

Please look at that picture of Daniel Tregerman, because you will not see it in any American publication.

A brief survey of the top U.S. news outlets reporting of Daniel’s death exposes an insidious attempt to bury, or worse, justify, his murder under accusations of disproportionate Israeli aggression.

Daniel’s death was reported in the fifth paragraph of an AP story, run by ABC News among others, entitled “Hamas Backs International Criminal Court Bid.” The LA Times took it one step further, hiding his murder in a story headlined “Israel strikes targets across Gaza, killing 8,” as if the two instances were not only equal, but the killing of eight terrorists in Gaza was somehow more newsworthy then the killing of a little boy.

Surely Jodi Rudorn, Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times, who just three weeks ago penned the piece “A Boy at Play in Gaza, a Renewal of Warfare, a Family in Mourning,” would cover Daniel’s murder with equal coverage and compassion.

Or not. In the last paragraph of an article entitled “Executions in Gaza are a Warning to Spies,” written on August 22, Rudorn shamefully tosses in the fact that, “one mortar shell killed a 4-year-old boy on a kibbutz just outside Gaza, the first child and fourth civilian in Israel to die in the escalation, which has taken the lives of 64 Israeli soldiers and nearly 2,100 Palestinians, about 500 of them children.” With a skill few possess, Rudorn managed to pen a paragraph that not only disregarded Daniel Tregerman’s death as insignificant, but actually justified it due to the uneven death toll.

Scroll back up to Daniel’s picture and then argue that Jodi Rudorn and her ilk are fair and responsible reporters. Scroll back up and then argue that Jodi Rudorn and her ilk are good people.

Sadly, it’s not only the left-wing media that has been exposed for the hypocrites and Jew-haters that they are, as Daniel’s death continues to go undocumented. Argentinian soccer superstar Lionel Messi has been a vocal advocate for Palestinian children in Gaza since the outbreak of the war. Two weeks ago he posted on his official Facebook page, “as a father and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, I am terribly saddened by the images coming from the conflict between Israel and Palestine, where violence has already claimed so many young lives and to injure countless children.” The post was accompanied by a picture of an injured Palestinian boy.

The pictures that have circulated of little Daniel Tregerman since his death all seem to have one thing in common. In each image he appears to be wearing a powder blue Lionel Messi team Argentina jersey. It has been widely reported that Daniel was a diehard Messi fan. Many have sent the soccer star pictures of Daniel over Facebook and Twitter, calling for him to post something about Daniel. No such statement has been issued, nor does anyone expect it to. It is not en vogue to sympathize with Israelis, even if it is over the death of a child, so Messi will most likely never do it. Additionally, he would probably never risk the millions he and his club receive from team, and international terror, sponsor Qatar Airways.

President Barack Obama has issued no statement on Daniel’s murder. Selina Gomez, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardiem and the rest of the Hollywood know-nothings signed no petitions and spared no hashtags to bring attention to Daniel’s death.
Scroll back up to Daniel’s picture and argue that Obama and the rest of the liberal celebrity society truly care for their fellow man. Scroll back up and then argue that these people are anything more than self-righteous blowhards.

We now live in a world where the destruction of a 12-story building in Gaza is more tragic then the murder of a boy who will never see his 12th birthday. He won’t even see his fifth. And while on the topic of birthdays, where have the reports been on the father who was injured by missile shrapnel protecting his son and wife from a missile that interrupted their young boy’s birthday party.

Or if children more than a year of age being targeted, injured or killed isn’t ‘sensational’ enough, perhaps reporting on the ten-month old baby who was injured after being pelted by stones in the Old City of Jerusalem is worth the time.

The terrifying truth is the death of Jews of any age never has and never will make headlines. The world, especially the liberal world, simply does not see the point in fussing over the death of a Jew. This does not support their narrative and it flies directly in the face of the insane ideological foundation they have spent their entire lives fortifying with tightly shut eyes and devious tongues.

Please, one last time, scroll up to Daniel’s picture. Please do not let the rest of the world tell you his death is not important. Hamas ended his life before it even began, and if it had its druthers it would do the same to each and every Jewish boy on the face of the earth.

But no matter how much the left insists, Daniel will always matter and he will never be forgotten. May his family be comforted and may whatever earthly justice there is for the murder of a four year old boy be served.

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  • Bill Randall

    It is a crying shame that this story has not gotten much traction. May G-d comfort the families affected by this senseless action by Hamas. –Shalom

  • micmin

    Rest is peace little angel. God bless.

  • Jesse

    Daniel’s parents are both from Argentina, that’s why the child was wearing the jersey.

  • Tim Kern

    But our President can illegally negotiate with terrorists to free five of their best, in exchange for one American deserter. Whose side is he on, I mean, really?

  • iluvai

    I have a little boy. He is 11 now. I can not imagine the pain these parents feel. It is a horrible tragedy that children on both sides are being killed. So sad.