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The Annual Summer Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2021 – liberals, centrists and conservatives

Written By | Jun 23, 2021

Governor Kristi Noem

LOS ANGELES: The 19th of June brought a new federal holiday called Juneteenth. The 20th brought Father’s Day. The 21st brings the Summer Solstice, the arrival of Summer. This brings us the names of the Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2021.

This year’s list has been divided into the top 10 liberals, centrists and conservatives. Age is no barrier. Hot is hot. Some deserving women were left off of the list solely to give others a chance. Also, each woman must in some way be publicly active politically or she loses eligibility. In 20212, Eva Longoria campaigned for President Obama. Since then she has stayed relatively quiet except for a couple of DNC convention appearances, removing herself from contention. Shannen Doherty has a lifetime beauty award. The moment she gets back into politics, she rockets to the top because she is Shannen Doherty.

Many of the women were asked in advance if they would be offended about being considered for this type of list. Even liberal nominees wondered who could possibly be so hyper-sensitive. Some upper-middle-class white college girls at Brandeis can likely answer that question better.

After all, real women, and men for that matter, actually like being told they are attractive. With that, here are The Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2021.


10.) Kristen Clarke —

Hottest Political Women, Women, Politics, Liberals, Centrist, Conservatives

Kristen Clarke

President Joe Biden’s Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division is attractive. She is also a race-baiting, whitey-hating rabble-rouser who has the ethics of Eric Holder. By claiming that everything is racist, she has managed to turn the meritocracy that America should be upside down.

Ironically, only in America could a black woman with zero useful skills or talents climb the political ladder solely for being a black woman.

Despite being the bottom of the intellectual food chain, she is also a black supremacist who has written about the superiority of those with darker melanin content. She has also trafficked in overt anti-Semitism. Naturally, her odious views are because of some mythical white supremacist movement that she sees in everything from milk to vanilla extract. Hired solely because of the color of her skin, she now has a powerful perch to attack the content of others’ character while failing to develop much less improve her own.

9.) Brianna Keilar —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Brianne Keiler

This former Homecoming Queen has taken a bad fall. She now works for CNN, a severe decline in popularity. With the intellect of a junior high school cheerleader, she openly cheerleads for her team, the Democrats. Her open shilling for all things leftist contains too many examples to mention.

In recent days she practically begged disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill to run for office again. Sexually harassing subordinate staffers of both genders is acceptable when the perpetrators are liberal. Her constant attacks on conservatives led to CNN promoting her.

When Trump left, the inevitable ratings collapse has Keilar desperately searching under the bed for Proud Boys, Q-Anon, and other alt-right bogeymen. Such is life for a once-young Homecoming Queen.

8.) Nicolle Wallace/Stephanie Ruhle —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Nicole Wallace

These two women are actually not the same person. Ruhle offers leftism disguised as neutral reporting at failed parent NBC News while Wallace does the same at failed stepchild MSNBC. For Wallace, every grifter is a genius to be admired as long as they hate conservatives and Trump.

Michael Avenatti, Rebekah Jones and the pedophiles at the Lincoln Project are among the people Wallace turned to for expertise. Her post-Trump ratings collapse might have something to do with her comparing Republicans to Holocaust perpetrators.

There are other minds as subpar of mediocre as she is, but not enough of them to constitute an audience.

Stephanie Ruhle

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Stephanie Ruhle

As for Ruhle, she is a leftist activist clinging to the narrative that the 1/6 group of unarmed trespassers were an armed insurrection.

She defines lies as anything she disagrees with, which is also her definition of evil, bigotry, and other words liberals have reduced to meaninglessness.

She became an internet sensation with a Sharon Stone-style wardrobe malfunction while uncrossing her legs. She was wearing underwear. Unlike her biased stories, at least her body was properly covered.

7.) Gretchen Whitmer —

The Governor of Michigan is the epitome of a hot mess.

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Gretchen Whitmer

She is incredibly hot, and her tenure has been a mess. Whitmer has adopted the Democrat platform of Return to Failure. She is only in her first term, but destroying Detroit takes little time or effort. She has become Lady Lockdown for exploiting the Coronavirus pandemic to enact the strictest subjugation rules in the nation.

In typical leftist fashion, she has repeatedly been caught violating her own draconian orders to stay at home. Her husband tried to violate the rules by chartering a boat to travel to other parts of Michigan, while Whitmer herself fled to Florida, a well-run state.

She would rank higher but her aspirations for higher office have cratered under the weight of her incompetence.

6.) Katrin Jakobsdottir —

The Prime Minister of Iceland rose to power and became the head of the Leftist Green Party before assuming her nation’s top job. Despite being a leftist, at least she is completely opposed to Iceland joining the failed European Union.

Among her many pursuits was her stint as an instructor in lifelong learning and leisure. Even by the standards of academics, this does not seem particularly rigorous. She deserves credit for continuing with a livestream interview while Iceland was having an earthquake.

After briefly being rattled, she continued taking questions.

5.) Val Demings —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Val Demmings

She is one of the few remaining Democrats in office who has a reputation of being sane and a background of real work. A black woman, this Florida Congresswoman was once the Orlando Police Chief. Her husband is the former Orange County Sheriff and current Mayor.

She was a finalist to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential choice, but lost out by being too moderate, reasonable, and substantive. Biden went with a vapid leftist. Demings is now challenging U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in what is shaping up to be an expensive battle of titans.

An easy Rubio victory became a street fight due to Demings being well-regarded in Democrat circles without frightening normal Americans repelled by the left. Demings is totally opposed to defunding the police given her background.

4.) Lovely Warren —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Lovely Warren

Do not confuse her with the perpetually angry and frumpy Massachusetts Senator who pretends to be an American Indian. That is Liz Warren, who will never be confused with anything or anyone lovely. Lovely Warren is the Mayor of Rochester in upstate New York. Sadly, Lovely Warren is trying to take normal upstate and turn it into failed New York City.

Being a hardcore leftist has allowed her to be above the law. Her husband was arrested on drug and weapons charges. She herself has been indicted for corruption. Naturally, she is running for reelection.

White supremacy seems to be to blame for her inability to obey the law of the city she is supposed to run. Like most leftists, she has driven her local schools into the ground and covered up police misconduct. This is all someone else’s fault, because she says so. It also helps that unlike Liz Warren, Lovely Warren is capable of forming a smile.

3.) Chrissy Teigen —

She is famous for being famous. With her singer husband Jon Legend, she and her husband spent years being the epitome of stereotypical insufferable liberal pompous asses. They piously lectured and condescendingly attacked Normal America from their Hollywood bubble. They supported defunding the police from their wealthy gated community with private security.

Teigen was the queen of cancel culture, attacking anyone on Twitter she felt was being a bully. Her image came crashing down in 2021 with the revelation that she herself was a brutal Twitter bully who encouraged others to commit suicide. In one of the best ever cases of schadenfreude, Teigen is now being devoured by the very cancel culture she championed. The mob always eats its own.

Teigen is in the beginning stages of the typical liberal apology tour. Asked if she would apologize for all her nasty comments about Trump, she laughed it off. After all, it’s ok for a liberal to be a bully as long as you bully the right people. Given her good looks, minority status and lack of substance, the only thing left for her to do is become Biden’s Vice President. Sadly for her, an equally vapid woman beat her to it.

2.) Kamala Harris —

Remember the giggling schoolgirl who twirled her hair and got the boys to do her homework for her? Remember the girl who coasted through like on her looks and charm to get to the top and then was exposed as having no idea how to do the job? Welcome to the world of Kamala Harris.

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Kamala Harris

As a 29-year-old woman, she had a long-term affair with the married 60-year-old Willie Brown. He introduced her to all the powerful connected people in San Francisco and gave her a pair of six-figure jobs that were barely more than no-show appearances. When Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard tore Harris apart and exposed her hollowness, Harris’s presidential campaign collapsed.

Harris breaks out into laughter when challenged – like the girl who did not study for the test. The Obamas like her, so she was able to force her way onto the Biden ticket. Biden put her in charge of the Southern border crisis he created knowing she would fail. She responded by refusing to visit the border.

She blames every problem on climate change, which is typical for unintelligent people unable to critically analyze data. There are plenty of bright women in America. Harris happens to be a fairly dumb woman. Obama once labeled her America’s hottest state Attorney General, but those looking for Harris’s substance will never find any. She is vapid, and she and everybody else knows it.

1.) Kyrsten Sinema —

A heartbeat away from the presidency, Harris failed to capture the top spot due to her lack of doing anything. Arizona Senator Kyrsten

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Krysten Sinema

Sinema on the other hand actually matters. Despite being very liberal, Sinema has been one of only two Senators along with West Virginia’s Joe Manchin to vote against Democrat overreach.

Manchin only votes after the outcomes have already been decided. Sinema actually votes correctly when it matters. She knows that the Squad is trying to lead Democrats over an electoral cliff. When Republicans buck their own party, the liberal media praises them for bipartisanship.

When Sinema does the same, she as a Democrat is vilified for slowing progress.

Sinema is a bisexual known for wearing provocatively short skirts on the Senate floor. Yet beneath her R-rated style is a surprising amount of substance. The balance of power in the Senate and the fate of the entire Biden agenda rests in her hands. She is the most powerful Democrat in America as well as the hottest Democrat of 2021.


10.) Erin Burnett —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Erin Burnette

This anchor is one of the few CNN personalities who is not a raving leftist basket case. She actually reports on things not involving Donald Trump. She seems calm and sane.

This gorgeous and reasonable anchor would rank higher but she is lost in the fog of leftist rage that is her network.

Also, fewer people know about her than in years past because virtually nobody watches CNN.

9.) Tina Kandelaki —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Tina Kandelaki

This Russian beauty is the CEO of Apostol Media.

In addition to producing Russian television, this media titan also is the spokeswoman for the cosmetics company Oriflame. She is born and raised in her beloved Mother Russia and has managed to achieve fabulous wealth, without ticking off Vladimir Putin.

In 2007 she appeared on the cover of Playboy Russia. She was even put in charge of rebranding the AK-47 as an instrument of peace. Yes, she is that talented as well as being rich and hot.

8.) Kim Kardashian —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Kim Kardashian

For a long time, this woman was derided as a celebrity airhead who was famous for being famous. This characterization was not totally unfair given that her original celebrity status came from her doing a sex tape. Fairness also requires respecting her legitimate growth into someone relevant to society.

She used her celebrity status to get President Trump to sign criminal justice reform into law. Despite going through a public divorce, she is determined to pass the bar exam and become an attorney. She has flunked the bar twice, but she is not giving up.

Respect is earned, and she is on her way to properly earn this respect. She also still posts the hottest nearly naked pictures of herself on the internet.

7.) Mary Barra —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Mary Barra

The CEO of General Motors has steered the automaker through the Covid pandemic. She joined the company as a student in 1980 and literally worked her way from the bottom to the top.

She now has the unenviable task of trying to make GM a leader in eco-friendly electric vehicles without causing a complete collapse in revenue from Americans who detest the green agenda.

The stock price has been climbing as she finds ways for GM to be socially conscious without being woke and annoying. Barra is born and raised in Michigan and still lives in the greater Detroit area.

6.) Queen Elizabeth —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

Most of the British Royal Family continues to be a bunch of useless dilettantes. Her Majesty remains dignified, classy, and deeply committed to public service. She has been on the throne for over 70 years.

Despite recently losing her beloved husband Prince Philip, she continues to perform her Royal duties. She has clashed with the younger Royals who want the prestige of their titles without carrying out the responsibilities.

Say what you want about the rest of the Royals, but the Queen has gone over seven decades without staining the Monarchy. World leaders come and go. At age 95 Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth remains relevant. Long live the Queen.

5.) Carmen Best —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Carmen Best

The former Seattle Police Chief resigned from the force in 2020 when Mayor Jenny Durkan embraced the zealot’s choosing to defund the police.

As CHAZ-CHOP domestic terrorists burned the Emerald City to the ground, Best did her best to hold the thin blue line. While barbarism did eventually overrun what little civilization was left in Seattle, Best smartly did what government workers with real useful skills do. She joined the private sector and is now a security consultant and television law enforcement analyst. She was the first black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department.

She understood what her failed white liberal boss never grasped, that defunding the police gets minorities disproportionately killed. Best is an attractive, tough smart woman who saved black and non-black lives.

4.) Sara Carter —

This investigative reporter spent over three years busting the door wide open on FBI and DOJ corruption during the 2016 election. She

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Sara Carter

frequently produced proof that the Obama administration did everything possible to rig that election in favor of Hillary Clinton, including breaking the law.

Unlike her liberal counterparts, her sources are real and her reporting is accurate. She is a goddess of beauty and brains and is the mother of six children. Now a Fox News contributor, Sara Carter reminds journalists what she was taught.

Nobody learns anything sitting behind a desk. Great reporters travel to the most dangerous areas themselves and obsessively search for the truth. While she clearly leans conservative, her investigative reporting is straight down the line non-partisan. In 2020 and 2021, she has taken numerous visits to the Southern border. Unlike America’s current leaders, Sara Carter actually knows what is happening at the border.

3.) Lara Logan —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Lara Logan

This longtime CBS News correspondent is as tough and smart as they come. She has covered every major hotspot around the world. Even after being violently sexually assaulted by Islamists in Egypt, she continued reporting in the Middle East.

She has called out her fellow media professionals for letting bias destroy the credibility of the Fourth Estate. Now a Fox News correspondent and host of “Lara Logan Has No Agenda,” this brave journalist is now taking on Antifa.

2.) Jillian Mele —

It takes a ton of talent to look beautiful at 4:00 in the morning every weekday morning.

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Jillian Mele

The Fox and Friends host covers news, sports, politics, and pop culture with a stunning smile and a brain to match. An avid sports fan, she has gone from being a ballerina to an obsessed hockey fan and avid golfer. She even climbed Mount Sinai in Egypt and hiked the Grand Canyon.

She won a pair of Emmy awards for her sports coverage including the Olympics.

Most importantly, she has been able to maintain good ratings regardless of who is in the White House. She is smart and funny without being condescending. She is a great way to start the morning, for those on the West Coast, end the night.

1.) Shannon Bream —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Shannon Bream

This Fox News host is all hard news without a trace of opinion or partisan politics. She exemplifies what a news person’s most important skill should be, reporting without editorializing. She combines brains with warmth. She is totally professional, radiant, and impossible to dislike.

Shannon Bream is so likable that her Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld has taken to referring to her on-air as “evil Shannon Bream.”

During the Covid pandemic, she was a needed calm, reassuring mother figure. A deeply religious woman, Bream delights in telling stories of heroic biblical women Living the Bream on Fox Nation and Fox News at Night.

Bream is the epitome of great physical beauty and even greater substance.


10.) Nikki Haley —

There are so many reasons to hate the United Nations and so many reasons to love its former United States Ambassador. The former

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Nikki Haley

South Carolina Governor was a forceful and successful voice for withdrawing from the failed Iran deal and the thoroughly corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council.

She spoke loudly against the Jew-hatred infecting the U.N. Upon leaving the Trump administration on very amicable terms, she became a rock star at conservative events such as CPAC. She is a legitimate 2024 presidential contender. Haley would rank higher on this list, but she is maintaining a very low profile.

She smartly stated that she would not run for President if Trump ran. In 2022, she will most certainly rank higher as she stumps for candidates during the midterms.

9.) Candace Owens —

This young black female conservative has been at the forefront of taking on the toxic black supremacy movement. She regularly calls out

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Candace Owens

Black Lives Matter for their Marxism and anti-Semitism. She is totally opposed to the anti-American Critical Race Theory and fictional 1619 Project.

She does not sugarcoat her disdain for leftist drivel disguised as intellectual scholarship. She will even call out Kamala Harris for her empty words and cackling. Jesse Owens humiliated Hitler at the Olympics in Berlin. Burgess Owens got elected as a black man in ultra-white Utah.

It could be an Owens thing, but Candace is prettier than both of those men. She is also younger, meaning she will be on the scene for a very long time to come. She was with Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point and now is with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Her critics get crushed on Twitter because she is far smarter than they are and they know it.

8.) Maria Salazar —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Maria Elvira Salazar

This stunning Congresswoman from Miami, Florida shocked the political establishment in 2020 by beating the supposedly unbeatable Donna Shalala. Despite being a freshman Congresswoman, she is already an assistant Whip under Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Her first day in Congress was delayed nine days due to Covid, but she beat that as well. A daughter of Cuban exiles, Salazar grew up in Little Havana and is unrelentingly hostile to socialism.

This allowed her to rally the Cuban faithful to a Miami Republican victory in a supposedly safe Democrat seat.

7.) Safra Catz —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Safra Katz

The CEO of Oracle is a Jewish woman born in Israel. Despite being raised in Massachusetts, Catz donates to Republican candidates.

She has supported Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. She was a successful investment banker before joining Oracle. By 2017, she was the highest-paid female CEO in America. She reported to Chairman Larry Ellison, but he stepped down. She is now in the top spot.

Catz is the epitome of succeeding on merit while also being very easy on the eyes.

6.) Lara Trump —

 hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Lara Trump

This Jewish woman from North Carolina is married to Donald Trump’s son Eric. She has all the positives of her father-in-law without his negatives.

While the Trump family was raised in New York, she is North Carolina to the core. A fierce defender of her family, she was already a success in her own right before marrying into the family of her famous in-laws.

She graduated Cum Laude and has a background in communications and culinary studies. While she decided not to run for the open North Carolina Senate seat, her recent position as a Fox News contributor will keep her in the public eye. She is tough, tenacious, smart, unflappable, and dignified.

5.) Amy Coney Barrett —

hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Amy Coney Barrett

During her confirmation hearings, she established herself as one of the brightest people ever to be nominated. She had a notebook in front of her, but a quick pan of the camera showed the pages were empty. She discussed complex cases and legal issues from rote memory.

She is a superwoman, a devout Catholic wife with seven children. Some of her children are adopted, including a black child from Haiti. She shined at her confirmation hearings as her critics fumed that nobody could be that perfect. Well, Barrett is.

While she is definitely conservative, she is not a reflexive ideologue. Her reasoning is well thought out and eloquently expressed. Her critics as expected have already been discredited.

She has a deep commitment to the law and the Constitution, letting the facts of cases guide her. She does this while looking stunning while doing it. She also graduated first in her law school class summa cum laude. She is the best and brightest, and her critics know it.

4.) Michelle Steel/Young Kim —

 hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Michelle Steel

These two women would be hailed as trailblazers if they were Democrats. In 2020 they became the very first two Korean-American Republican women elected to Congress. They are both proud Republicans with a history of accomplishments that deserve further praise.

Michelle Steel was a supervisor for the Board of Equalization. She is part of a Republican power couple.

Her husband Shawn Steel is the California Republican National Committeeman.

 hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Young Kim

He would be the first to attest that she is a success in her own right. Beneath her soft, kind exterior is a woman deeply committee to conservative principles of liberty and human freedom.

Her critics accused her of being a Chinese spy, unable to understand the difference between being Chinese and Korean. She does not speak Chinese.

Kim became one of the first Republicans to defeat an incumbent California House Democrat since 1994. Kim worked as a financial analyst before launching her own successful clothing business.

3.) Elise Stefanik —

 hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Elise Stefanik

In 2014, at the tender age of 30, this stunning New Yorker was elected to Congress. Now she is spearheading a move to get as many Republican women elected to congress as possible.

She is even willing to primary male incumbents to do so.

Unlike Queens firebrand AOC, Stefanik is smart, likable, capable, and educated on issues. In 2021, she replaced Congresswoman Liz Cheney as House Republican Conference Chair.

This makes Stefanik the third most powerful House Republican.

2.) Lauren Boebert —

This blindingly beautiful pistol-packing mama grizzly was a private citizen and mother of four until the local Democrat tried to take away her guns. She fought back with ballots, not bullets, kicking an elitist white liberal anti-gun beta male out of office.

 hottest political women, women, politics, liberals, centrists, conservative

Lauren Bobert

She triggers her hysterical crying political opponents by appearing in Zoom meetings with her guns in the background. She has been accused of violence for this, even though the guns are on display in her own home. In the name of tolerance, her political opponents have launched repeated death threats against her. This only justifies her already hardened views on the Second Amendment.

She is conservative to the core. She credits her first job at McDonalds at age 15 with changing her views on government assistance. This tough woman worked for a natural gas drilling company as a filer and then built and maintained pipelines. She refused to let the Colorado government exploit the Covid pandemic to shut down her family-owned restaurant business.

As a private citizen, she took on the government and beat them. She ran for office and beat her government opponents again. She is not afraid of the Squad. She could take all four of them on and crush them. She relishes that fight, making her a hero among her supporters.

1.) Kristi Noem —

Kristi Noem

The former Congresswoman of South Dakota became the state’s Governor. May she stay in the public eye forever. In addition to being gorgeous, she is one of the most competent and capable chief executives in the nation. When other states were locking down and destroying their economies, Governor Noem became one of the few governors to keep her state open. Social distancing measures were put in place, but South Dakota never closed.

South Dakota remained one of the least affected states from an illness standpoint while staying open for business.

For effectively guiding South Dakota through the pandemic, Governor Noem was a model for other Republican governors and a favorite of the Trump White House. Now she is a top-tier 2024 presidential contender. She is leading the fight against the Biden White House’s determination to cancel Independence Day festivities at Mount Rushmore. If she wins this fight, her already rising star will only further skyrocket.

For being one of America’s best and most physically appealing chief executives, Kristi Noem is the hottest political Republican woman of 2021.

Below are the lists of the hottest 30 political women from 2008 through 2020.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 2012, 2013, 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 and 2020



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