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The American Patriot: an Endangered Species?

Written By | Nov 5, 2016

SAN DIEGO, November 5, 2016  – For as much emphasis as the liberal left puts on saving our planet with countless environmental activists lobbying Congress, for the alleged protection they give illegal immigrants, for the poor and racially diverse they claim to champion – it is increasingly clear they care not for the survival of the American patriot.

In fact, Mrs. Clinton and her liberal Democrats will go to any lengths to silence, repress, and compromise in their quest to re-shape, deconstruct, and debilitate revered tenants, laws, and convictions of patriotic citizens born into a free Republic. The Constitution might as well be a target at a shooting range or adaptable Playdough. They place blame on the law, rather than the lawbreakers.

The Revolutionary War in 1776 gave birth to the American patriot lineage. There were all classes of patriots from the poor to the well-off – yet all united in the cause of liberty. There’s no denying, they were revolutionaries – revolting against imperial rule and unfair taxation without representation. These freedom fighters were labeled treasonous and brutally punished by their British overseers, who would not tolerate rebellion to their powerful, tyrannical regime.

John Podesta’s demon has risen

American patriots, who were shot, bayoneted, hung, raped, forcefully coerced, and pillaged, never wanted to find themselves defenseless against any foreign or domestic enemy or government who may do the same.

The Second Amendment of the United States reads, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

While embracing the Second Amendment’s promise, patriots are repeatedly bombarded with threats to have it removed or redefined. In September, 2016, Orlando Sentinel reported how gun control and rights became an election issue after an American-born man, who’d claimed allegiance to ISIS, killed 49 people and injured 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. From the report, “Orlando Democrat Beth Tuura, who advanced from the primaries to run for the District 47 state House seat, framed her primary race largely around challenging the nation’s gun lobby. One of her campaign mailers had just 11 words imprinted on the front: “Republican leaders and the NRA are putting our families at risk.”

According to Tuura, American patriots who support the Second Amendment are a threat to American families. In an earlier report from The Hill right after the shooting… Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) called for new gun laws, pointing a finger at Congress, as more than a threat…

“If Congress does not act, Durbin said it would be “complicit in the next killing.”

When there is a tragic crime at the hands of a single, deranged shooter, Clinton and her supporters politicize it, crying out to limit or take away American guns and ammunition from millions of US citizens, who are law-abiding and responsible. To the liberal Left, guns are the sin, not the sinner. If guns are the sin, then why give them to foreign rebel fighters (with no background checks)? Don’t these US-stamped guns kill women, children, and the innocent in Syria and wherever they go next – even ending up in the hands of the enemy, who will use the same guns to eliminate Americans? Guns themselves do not kill – evil people do.

How did American patriots end up on the endangered list? Are they lax in vigilance, too trusting or choked out by noxious weed overgrowth in the Republic’s garden of laws?

At this crucial time in history, American patriots, young and old, are subject to subversion, collusion, and lies. The ever-growing patrioteer experiences the burn of lawlessness, chaos, and mutation of America into something unhealthy and weak. The once fertile seeds of justice, depended upon for survival, now sprout in polluted partisan soil.

“Turmoil in the FBI”, CNN’s November 2, 2016 report on the Clinton emails’ reopened investigation, stated, ”Some rank-and-file agents interpreted cautious steps taken by the Justice Department and FBI headquarters as being done for political reasons or to protect a powerful political figure. At headquarters, some have viewed the actions and complaints of some agents in the field as driven by the common desire of investigators to get a big case or, perhaps worst, because of partisan views…”

“That announcement — without prior notice to his bosses at the Justice Department and, according to his [FBI Director James Comey] critics, usurping the traditional role of prosecutors to review FBI recommendations in secret — opened up sharp divides between Justice and FBI officials, and even within the Justice Department itself, where some officials have pushed for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to more forcefully assert her power over the FBI.”

What does “more forcefully assert her power” mean? Shut it down? Discharge evidence as irrelevant? Is the US Department of Justice tending your Republic garden of laws properly? It’s alarming to see the leftist evolution protecting lawbreakers, hiding the truth and shutting patriots up.

Shutting up meant losing a job for Rutgers University student, Aviv Khavich.

Khavich had written six pieces for The Daily Targum campus newspaper. His first piece defended the First Amendment and guest speaker, anti-feminist provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Host Khavich stated, “offensive speech…needs the most protection.”

We read in The College Fix, November 2016, “Later columns disparaged socialism, questioned the Black Lives Matter movement and praised Donald Trump as the presidential candidate of “peace” and called Hillary Clinton a “warmonger.””

His last two were about immigration in which he used the term “illegal aliens” saying that his editors changed the term to “undocumented immigrant”, the “illegal” edit coming from the top. AP Stylebook, a journalist’s writing bible, frowns upon “undocumented” because the term is “not precise.”

Khavich, who had previously fought over ‘stylistic’ editing changes, argued for the term “illegal” to “describe those in the country illegally”, and added, “immigration enforcement is not ‘anti-immigrant.” He should know, being an immigrant himself. His Ashkenazi Jewish parents fled Belarus to Israel when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Khavich was fired and he believes it was politically motivated for his conservative views. The rising generations of patriots find themselves fighting for their rights on college campuses across this nation. The First Amendment is continually breeched in many other word wars.

A word, a video, a cartoon, and a person can end up in dire situations. In The Daily Caller, November, 2015, the headline blares, “Benghazi YouTube Filmmaker Lives Quiet Life in L.A. Homeless Shelter”. According to the report, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, along with the rest of the administration (including President Obama) blamed a video clip from producer Nakoula Basseley’s YouTube film, “The Innocence of Muslims”, for causing the Benghazi attack.

“Nakoula, an Egyptian born Coptic Christian, is presently on supervised probation in Los Angeles. He lives a quiet life at a homeless shelter provided by the First Southern Baptist Church. He earns $300.00 a month working part time at a pizza parlor, a job he has had for one year.”

“I’m a very poor person. I’m a homeless person. I like to keep my mouth shut. I don’t like to go to jail again. I like to stay with people and be quiet and keep a low profile.”

Should the families of those lost in Benghazi keep a low profile as well? Grief for the Fallen who have valiantly defended their country is drowned out by the noise of those trying to fundamentally change it. Who remembers the stuff patriots are made of as they shrink not from enemies of freedom? Shut out are ultimate patriots, by the likes of 2016 North Carolina Senate Candidate, Deborah Ross – a Democrat.

The candidates may be awful, but can Americans still be good?

While serving as executive of the American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina, in 1996, Ross defended Wilmington bars refusing entrance to the military, upending the state’s robust military tradition. The Silent Soldier reported in November 2016,

“The bars cited that Marines were violent. So, the new rule went into effect and if anyone even looked as if they might be in the military they were asked to leave.”

Marine Capt. George Josephs stated at the time,

“How can they pick a certain class of people? That’d be the same as saying only people who make a certain amount of money can come in. They could just as easily say they don’t want blacks in or Jewish people in.”

“Ross contended that service members of the military did not qualify “as a protected class” such as race or gender,” added The Silent Soldier. Is Ross excluded from the ‘protected class’ when a Marine, Sailor, or Soldier picks up a rifle to save her free back from killers and thieves?

Ross didn’t stop – she informed a Vietnam War veteran he could not fly the American flag on his own property. “I have made it clear that I will not submit to the removal of my flag and pole, and that I am willing to protect my rights with whatever means needed,” veteran Robert McClure wrote to Ross in 2001. “I am however only one person standing alone at this time and I need help.” (The Washington Free Beacon, August 2016)

“There was one common theme during Deborah Ross’ dangerous ACLU career: She’ll stand up for convicted criminals and sex offenders, but can’t be bothered to help veterans or military members in need,” Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for Sen. Burr told the Free Beacon. (, October 2016)

Ross has been a steadfast supporter of free speech issues involving the flag. “She fought legislation in 1995 that would have outlawed desecration of the flag, saying “we have a First Amendment right to burn the flag as symbolic speech.” She said efforts to take away that right were “ridiculous.””(The Washington Free Beacon, August 2016)

To active-duty or veteran – ‘Old Glory’ is sacred. It goes to war with its vigilant protectors. It symbolizes purpose, hope, pride, and unity and is deeply significant to millions daily. Our beautiful Stars and Stripes is perfectly draped over its warriors’ coffins when they find their eternal rest.

Great things never came from comfort zones. Life itself has endured generations of survival in the harshest of conditions and despite would-be destroyers. The hearty flourish and the weak wither. Yet the purposeful destruction of any species is an affront to its Creator.

American patriots – endangered? As long as there is liberty to breathe in- the American patriot can flourish. For them, the impossible dream is not impossible, and anyone who stands in the way of possible is reminded of what patriot passion has done for man’s hunger to be free. Keepers of liberty sow seeds that will survive for future patriot cultivators.

Thomas Paine’s revolutionary call was heard by a brave new species in a budding America, “Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth.”

And stand forth American patriots did and still do.





Jeanne McKinney

Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Her Patriot Profiles offer an inside look at the amazing active-duty men and women in all Armed Services, including U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Reporting includes first-hand accounts of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fight against violent terror groups, global defense, tactical training and readiness, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, next-generation defense technology, family survival at home, U.S. port and border protection and illegal immigration, women in combat, honoring the Fallen, Wounded Warriors, Military Working Dogs, Crisis Response, and much more. Starting in 2012, McKinney has won multiple San Diego Press Club “Excellence in Journalism Awards,” including eight “First Place” honors, as well as multiple second and third place recognition for her Patriot Profiles published printed articles. Including awards for Patriot Profiles military films. During the year 2020, McKinney has written and had published dozens of investigative articles in her ongoing fight to preserve America the Republic, the Constitution, and its laws. One such story selected for use in a legal brief in the national fight for 2020 election integrity.