Thanks to Project Veritas, Things Just Got Worse For Wendy Davis [VIDEO]

Wendy Dave / Wendy Davis for Governor website image
Wendy Dave / Wendy Davis for Governor website image

WASHINGTON, January 23, 2014 — Thanks to James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas, things just got worse for Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas.

On the heels of a damaging piece written by Wayne Slater in the Dallas Morning News that painted Wendy Davis as a bit of a storyteller, Project Veritas captured video of Davis supporters and Battleground Texas mocking her opponent Greg Abbott, who has been a paraplegic since a 1984 accident. 

If that isn’t bad enough, the Project Veritas video also shows footage of an election official admitting to voter fraud when asked about the legality of forging a signature.

People do that all the time.” A Battleground Texas volunteer then added, “I don’t think it’s legal but I didn’t hear you say that.”

Again, I ask, has Wendy Davis become a liability for Democrats?



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  • miranda43

    Maybe someone should abort her????

  • SteveStevensen

    Behind every Wendy Davis are 100 more Soros/Bloomberg/Battleground Texas-funded libtards just salivating to turn Austin blue, and therefore control the entire state. Texas will be turned blue, or these groups will literally kill their own reputations trying.

    • WJW

      Steve, Travis County and Austin have been blue for a while. Same for the other heavily populated counties of Bexar, Dallas and Harris. Tarrant County is the exception. Battleground Texas knows the key to turning Texas blue is flipping T.C.

  • Donna E Turner

    democrats are a liability to America

    • Isabel Benitez

      to the universe. They’re the ones that have been enslaving mankind since the beginning.

    • Judy Craig

      So simple, yet so profound. Right you are, Donna.

    • WJW

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Donna. 🙂

  • Jim Butler

    She is not bad looking but I would never vote for her. It is sad how she lets her staff ridicule the handicapped opponent. He would have my vote any day.

    • Kisha Deann Majors

      That’s not even her real hair color! For pete’s sake. She’s a sham all the way around. Just like her party!!! And over half of the republican party! I think it’s time we turned this all around to be a YELLOW state! Try, Tea Party! Forget the other two in the dust!

  • Davis and her ilk are EVIL and that’s an understatement.

  • Alan Higginbotham

    She’s typical Democrat, why would she be a liability?

    • Stephen Zeigler

      if obama didn’t sink the ship who in the democratic party would care
      about Wendy.

  • Mckenzie

    I hear Zombies (socialists) eat their own eventually (once all the revenue producing people are consumed)

  • Glenda LaHaye

    The election official mentioned in the article is an attorney with a practice in Dallas (I got the info from the TX State Bar website). I wonder how many of her, or her firm’s, clients are handicapped.

    • Gary Smith

      If the firm has any handicapped, I am sure they would not care to hear her opinions.
      Please enlighten them.

      • Glenda LaHaye

        I considered it but the firm has the same name as the attorney’s last. Seemed like a waste of time.

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    That’s not even her real hair color! For pete’s sake. She’s a sham all the way around. Just like her party!!! And over half of the republican party! I think it’s time we turned this all around to be a YELLOW state! Try, Tea Party! Forget the other two in the dust!!!!!

  • Helldogger

    The Texas democrats can’t find someone with an energy policy, a jobs policy, a defense strategy, a space program, a highways & infrastructure plan, or anything that would move the country forward, but they want to be called “progressive”. Ummmmmm! Instead they find an infanticide queen & call her an independent woman.

  • LiuD

    Why? It smacks of the same type of lying to make up a narrative like Hillary’s story of being under fire at Cosevo… NVER HAPPENED! Why do they think voters are so stupid? Maybe becuase many who sup[port them really are… sad.

  • Susan Thibault

    Too bad her mother didn’t believe in Abortion. Its pretty bad when you divorce your hubby and leave your youngest daughter to live with him and then go telling lies about how you struggled being a single parent. typical lying liberal loon

  • Chris Wade

    Wendy Davis is a self described whore. Anyone who, in her own words, indicates she worked her way through school by marrying someone to pay her bills, raise her children and then leaves him as soon as he makes her last tuition payment is a prostitute. Even worse is the fact she left her children with him because she couldn’t be bothered. She speaks for every woman who wishes she had aborted her own children, because that is exactly what she did. At least her beautiful children will be taken care of by a loving father. Democrats have sunk to a new low!

    • Yorshireman

      It is Ironic that you. Wendy Davis use Churchill’s Vee for Victory sign. Churchill was a Great Statesman from the Great Generation and this is what he thought of “Your Ilk”

  • rabbikeen

    This is how politics and that hunger for power plays out……she cares about no one but herself and what she can gain…….

  • Paul Lewis

    My own egg donater abandoned me at 6 years old and my brother two as we were in the way. Same for this asshat Democrat. I have zilch compassion for any man or woman that does that to their children. She abandoned her children, want makes you think she would not do that to you and your family. just sayin’

  • Corey

    wow, caught on tape. And liberals say there isn’t voter fraud.

    • GOTP Tards

      Any time you RWNJ’s can produce a case, a CONVICTION, we’d love to see it! PS An indictment ain’t crap. As the saying goes, you could indict a baloney sandwich!! You should know a lot about baloney!

      • Corey

        Here you go but I’m not going to work for you all night. Only going to do this once for you. I would change you name just for the sake of civility.

        • GOTP Tards

          Well, there you go,,,,rampant voter fraud,,,correct?? Voting in the wrong county,,a felon voting, and signing for your elderly parents!! You got me!! Thats it,,,thats the RAMPANT, HIGHLY ORGANIZED, voter fraud we’ve been looking for! So, these votes,,,not in the same election,,,are what percentage? 0.00000000645! Yep,,thats how you sway a vote right? Now do you see how stupid this witch hunt makes the GOTP look?

          • SandyToesSC

            Wow, The Tea Party really has you scared. All those exclamation points, shouting in all caps, and finally the name calling; revealing your fear.

          • GOTP Tards

            No Sandy, we have to say it loud and slow for people like you! The GOTP shows that they want their women to be be barefoot and pregnant!! Thats the way the GOTP likes them because they can’t control themselves, just ask Huckabee! As you had NO response to the post, you’ve shown that you have no knowledge regarding the post. You further prove this by playing english teacher and remark about punctuation, therefore we know who’s scared,,and rightfully should be. The Tea Party is at war with the GOP,,,thats great for the DEms,,,,correct? Not exactly a way to win elections,,,,,,right cupcake? Remember,,,,,,Romney in a landslide!! How’d that work out for ya?? You betcha!

          • SandyToesSC

            “people like you”….ah, the tolerant left shows its ugliness yet again. Go back and read that Huckabee quote and add “Dems think” to the beginning and you will have the accurate quote. MSM leaves out the most important part and you buy it without question. Dana Bash has already corrected her tweet but you don’t care because the lie fits your narrative.
            If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.
            Feel free to add some exclamation points if you need to.

        • GOTP Tards

          Corey, you sound very reasonable. But you mentioned civility, have read the posts on this thread??? Is this civility? “Wendy Davis is a self described whore” “Davis and her ilk are EVIL ” “Maybe someone should abort her????”

          • anointedsword

            I do have to admit that some are taking it too far, but have you ever seen your side do the same? I sure hope you are honest enough to admit that.

      • Daryl Watson

        that’s bologna

        • GOTP Tards

          Ham works too Daryl!

          • Daryl Watson

            at least you know how to spell ham

          • GOTP Tards

            Unfortunately, the majority of posters on this thread can’t!

          • Gary Smith

            Public education…finally paying off ???

    • GOTP Tards
    • GOTP Tards
  • Corey

    I have a real problem with anyone running as a Democrat or Republican and then switching parties after they get voted in. The word “integrity” comes to mind.

    • anointedsword

      I also heard she dumped her husband the day her student loans were paid off.

      • Jeanne DeSilver

        She filed for divorce the day he paid her loan off for her!

  • Ricky Gildhouse

    Wendy Davis’s mom should of had an abortion.

    • GOTP Tards

      I thought you wonderfully moral people were against abortion? IOKIYAR. You guys are desperate!! Maybe it will be a landslide for the GOP,just like in 2012!! LOLOLOL

      • SandyToesSC

        Does media matters pay you extra for the exclamation points?

        • GOTP Tards

          Does the GOTP pay you to be a moron, or does it just come natural to you? Try being relevant to the post, well, do you know what relevant means?

          • anointedsword

            “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.” -RR

          • SandyToesSC

            Unlike progs, conservatives do not need to be paid to post their opinions. We also do not have to be paid to purchase health insurance.
            If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.

    • anointedsword

      Looks like liberals cannot take a joke? 🙂 lol Good one!:)

  • robert baldor

    Wendy Davis supporters will be outrageously offended by what is said about Wendy Davis…… they will have forgotten what they said about Sarah Palin.

  • Olde Rose

    Next, perhaps she’ll pull a Clueless Joe and ask Mr. Abbott to please stand and take a bow. Seems the only time this natural blonde’s mouth is empty is when she is switching feet.

  • WmThomas2424

    How many times will we have to see what the dems are really like to start shaping public opinion? I guess when you keep offering voters other people’s money they stop caring who is giving it to them.

  • CrossHugger

    Baby killers……

  • Lenny

    she is a first class nermal. She is so much better then everyone else. I am honored to love an autistic child. Eugenics is part of the liberal agenda.

  • Dave B in AZ

    Dems HAVE to cheat – they cheat politically, socially and commit demagoguery. Wisdom and intelligence have no part in Democrat ideology. Any person or group that votes in that direction indicates moral debauchery and intellectual illness. We clearly see this in the video.

  • Mike Annas

    plus she’s just not likable

  • Jeff Farrar

    This country is really beginning to suck the big one. Thanks to idiots on the left.

  • bsum1

    Menopause is not being kind to Wendy….

  • FtheLeft

    the left is scum

  • Don’t Mess With Texas

    Wendy Davis is Vicious Gold Digger ,men think they can get in her pants will vote for her..she lost her own kid once and she thinks she can tell people how to be a Family,left her Husband after he made the last payment to Harvard..he was a FOOL…Oh yea Mothers warn sons about women like here and tells them Run from them and not let them Kind of Gold Diggers Use them..

  • Abby Sapp

    With all of the forgeries being committed in the nation, it won’t be long before this is actually accepted as a normal and ethical practice.

    This woman needs to be imprisoned.

  • ConservativeSenior

    She’s just ANOTHER colossal piece of trash.

  • Jim Linford

    this is disgusting these vermin should be punched in the face.

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      Go to her facebook page and read the comments of her supporters – you’ll really be disgusted!

  • 75skydog

    When America’s 2nd Civil War does start, i will be wearing a Red uniform but my poor liberal brother, i fear, will likely be wearing the Blue uniform of the democrat enemy

  • Richard Maloney

    wonder how fast those supporters would scream if a group of men talked down about women like they did about him???