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Ted Cruz: South of the border, down Mexico way

Written By | Feb 20, 2021
Ted Cruz, Mexico, Texas, Empathy, Clinton, Bush

WASHINGTON. It’s the greatest scandal of the 21st century say those on the left. For those on the right, it’s an example of unfair, left-wing media attention. What happened you ask? Conservative Republican icon, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, took the wife and kids on a vacation to Cancún, Mexico.

Fun in the sun
Ted Cruz, Mexico, Texas, Empathy, Clinton, Bush

Snow-covered streets in Texas. ABC News screen capture.

As Texas grapples with a fierce winter storm system, its power grid fails, water pipes burst, boil-water advisories go out, and hospitals struggle to provide services, Sen. Cruz gathers up his family and heads for warmer climes.

The New York Times notes:

“Mr. Cruz’s decision to leave his state in the middle of an emergency was an especially confounding one for an ambitious politician who has already run for president once and is widely seen as wanting to run again in 2024 or beyond.”
The political currency of pain

The great curse afflicting our politicians is that they must appear to agonize along with us. This supposedly makes them one of us. That ridiculous fiction helped serial sexual predator Bill “Bubba” Clinton win two terms in the White House.

Newsweek magazine writes: “the lip-biting Clinton projected the natural empathy and communication skills of a born politician.” And the online journal Medical Daily noting  that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush possessed a high Emotional Quotient, giving them “an uncanny ability to really hone in on someone, feel their pain, and make them feel like they were the only person that mattered in the room.”

Ted Cruz, Mexico, Texas, Empathy, Clinton, Bush

Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The Bush Center screen capture.

And what exactly did  empathy give us?

The Clinton political machine, which included wife Hillary as its most powerful and crushing cog, sent private detectives to intimidate women into silence who had sexual encounters with the 42nd president – both willing or not.

And “W” saddled the nation with a formidable domestic spying network following his signing of the Patriot Act into law. A Deep State apparatus that attempted to overthrow the duly-elected Trump throughout his presidency and continues to invade all American’s privacy daily.

And Bush also sent the nation’s youth to fight two no-win Mideast wars that continue nearly two decades after they began.

“Not everyone that smiles at you,” it’s said, “is your friend.”
Who cares?

Only in American politics can a perfect stranger (politician) say he or she “feels your pain” and get electoral traction from it while actually screwing the average, gullible, voting bonehead. That is a form of magic more impressive than any big-name Las Vegas illusionist can conjure.

Meanwhile, well-adjusted Americans – and they’re a rare breed these days – are too busy living their daily lives, both good and bad, to devote much time assessing a toothy politician’s empathy for them as individuals.

And these are the emotionally well-adjusted Americans who don’t give a fig where Sen. Ted Cruz and his family spend their vacation time.


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Top Image: Sen. Ted Cruz makes his way through Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. NBC News screen capture.

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.