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Target’s ‘inclusivity policy’ is anything but

Written By | May 11, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, May 11, 2016 — According to a Dallas crime blog, the police are seeking a man accused of recording a young woman in a Super Target changing room.

This coincidentally follows the release of a policy on Target’s website, which says that Target “welcome(s) transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Target has been met with opposition from The American Family Association (AFA) over this new policy. The AFA drafted a petition saying, it “means a man can simply ‘say he feels like a woman’ and enter the women’s restroom even if young girls or women are already in there … (this) is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims.”

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It is a point of interest that while adhering to a progressive agenda, the Target Corporation overlooked the potential for what occurred in Dallas, a potential that has been warned against by the AFA. The Obama Administration has certainly raised awareness of this potential with regard to a related issue, which has been placed at the top of their social justice agenda for a few years now.

In 2014, the Obama Administration launched a campaign called “It’s On Us” aimed at ending sexual assault on college campuses. A year later, Vice President Biden and Attorney General Loretta Lynch jointly pledged 41 million dollars toward testing the backlog of rape kits nationally. Twice in the past several months, Biden has spoken publicly about that related issue: rape culture in the U.S. He even delivered an address at the Academy Awards to raise awareness of sexual assault as a widespread cultural problem.

On Monday, the state of North Carolina and Obama’s Department of Justice filed dual lawsuits against each other over the state’s HB2 law, which requires restroom usage for multiple occupancy, single sex restrooms to be based in the biological sex identified on the person’s birth certificate.

The North Carolina lawsuit says, “the Act also reflects concern and compassion for the many North Carolina residents—especially girls and women—who do not wish to be in close proximity to persons with genitals characteristic of the opposite sex when using public restrooms, locker rooms and showers.”

In their counter suit, the DOJ does not acknowledge any potential harm to the young women of North Carolina, unless they’re transgendered. They highlight only the potential harm inflicted on transgender people by singling them out as different.

This Obama Administration’s agenda seems flippant when we consider that in 2014 at the launch of “It’s On Us”, Obama personally spoke out against sexual assault, calling it a “personal priority, not—not just as a president, obviously, not just as a husband and a father of two extraordinary girls, but as an American who believes that our nation’s success depends on how we value and defend the rights of women and girls.”

It seems from the language used in their lawsuit, that’s exactly what North Carolina is attempting to do. In their lawsuit against the DOJ they state, “Nevermind that the Department’s policy will inevitably lead to women and girls in public changing facilities encountering individuals who, whatever their gender identity, still have fully functional male genitals. Nevermind that the Department’s policy, on its face, demands that North Carolina allow biologically male prison inmates who identify as females to take showers with biologically female inmates.”

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During his Academy Awards address, Biden said, “Too many women and men, on and off college campuses are still victims of of sexual abuse,” and then invited viewers to take a pledge to “intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.”

Who is standing up for an incarcerated female inmate in the shower with a biological male, an already convicted criminal, against her consent? Who is intervening in that situation? A female inmate lacks any control over her surroundings. She can’t simply choose a family friendly retail establishment over Target if she doesn’t like their policies. This was not even a consideration on the part of the DOJ, certainly not important enough to mention.

That’s because the lawsuit against North Carolina is as much about transgender rights as the campaigns about campus violence are about rooting out what the Obama Administration believes to be a rape culture. In reality it’s all just pandering to special interests, garnering media attention and allowing the administration to again paint themselves as the white knight in shining armor of social justice causes.

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