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Strzok working with Durham: Flips on Brennan, Comey, and Obama

Written By | Jul 27, 2020
Brennan, Strzok, Obama, Rice, Page, Durham, Russia, Steele, Dossier

WASHINGTON, DC: Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is cooperating and working with the John Durham probe of the origins of the Russia Hoax, investigative reporter Adam Housley reports. If true, it would be a bombshell development in the investigation of the criminal conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Strzok would be a key witness against higher-ups at the FBI, the intelligence community, and the White House. He is at the center of both the Hillary Clinton exoneration and the origins of the Russia Hoax. He and Andrew Weissmann started Crossfire Hurricane. They used the Brennan Mifsud frame job of George Papadopoulos and the Steele Dossier to obtain fraudulent FISA warrants.

Adam Housley breaks the story

Adam Housley, an award winner former Fox News reporter tweeted on July 23rd: “Being told that Peter Strzok is talking with investigators”

Soon after Housley then tweeted: “Multiple sources: Strzok is working with investigators. He isn’t the only one.”

He isn’t the only one. Let that sink in for a moment.

Yesterday, on Sunday’s with Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Lindsey Graham revealed that he will be shortly releasing evidence that the “FBI lied their ass off” to Congress regarding the Steele dossier.

“Here is what I think I’m going to be able to show to the public. Not only did the FBI lie to the court about the reliability about the Steele dossier, they also lied to the Congress. That’s a separate crime.”

On July 17, Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released a declassified FBI memo further undercutting the credibility of the dossier.

“We also now have found this, and this will come out next week, that Congress got suspicious about the Russian subsource and the reliability of the Steele dossier, and that members of Congress asked to be briefed about it,” Graham said.

Graham added that he has discovered notes that the FBI drafted ahead of a briefing in 2018.

“Stay tuned next week, you’re going to find that not only did the FBI lie to the FISA court, they lied their ass off to the Congress,” Graham said.
Peter Strzok was at the center of everything Trump

Strzok concocted the infamous Oct 2016 Intelligence Community assessment with John Brennan that asserted Russia had interfered with the election to help Trump. Using the Steele Dossier as an integral part of the assessment.

Coup Plotter Susan Rice: Biden’s VP pick or Durham’s Criminal Defendant

Strzok produced the notes from the infamous White House January 5th meeting in the Oval Office. The meeting of the Coup Potters where Joe Biden said to use the Logan Act against Flynn.

Brennan, Strzok, Obama, Rice, Page, Durham, Russia, Steele, Dossier

Peter Strozk's unclassified notes from January 5, 2017 White House meeting

From Unsealed documents suggest Joe Biden ‘personally raised the idea’ of investigating Michael Flynn over his ties to Russia:

Flynn’s defense lawyers Jesse Binnall and Sidney Powell say the unsealed notes suggest it was Biden who proposed the use of the Logan Act in the investigation into Donald Trump’s former national security adviser.
‘According to Strzok’s notes, it appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act,’ Binnall and Powell wrote in Wednesday’s court filing.
‘That became an admitted pretext to investigate General Flynn.’

Brennan, Strzok, Obama, Rice, Page, Durham, Russia, Steele, Dossier

This was the same meeting  where Barack Obama’s direction was to have “the right people” investigate General Flynn.  Where Susan Rice swore everything was done “by the book”.

It was Strzok that personally ambushed Michael Flynn in the White House.

Irregularities of the investigation include the aftermath of the January 24, 2017 interview with Flynn by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka on January 24, 2017. In this interview, the 302 asserts,  Flynn was alleged to have lied about a December phone call with the Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak.

Only Strzok tells Page on February 10 he is heavily editing Pientka’s FD-302 form to the point he’s “trying not to completely re-write” it. Additionally, it appears from reports that Page also reviewed the FD-302 forms, providing editing.  However,  Page was not present in the interview, offering a further indication as to how the 302 was re-formed by Strzok to meet the directives of the Obama administration.

On February 14, Page texts Strzok, “Is Andy (FBI Director McCabe) good with the 302?” – The next day, the Flynn FD-302 was officially submitted and filed with the FBI. The process which, as a matter of protocol, should have an immediate turn around of less than five days.  The Flynn FD-302 filing, however, took over a month from the January 5 meeting.  Why?  To ensure that it held the information necessary to obtain the warrants to spy on Flynn and the Trump administration.

Important to remember is that interviewing agents, other than Strzok, did not believe Flynn had lied. This, of course, was not included in the edited FD-302s submitted.

FBI agents James Gagliano and Special Agent Thomas J. Baker both expressing concerns about the FD-302’s that were heavily edited, something that is never to be done, or that Page had any hand in re-writing the FD-302 that led to the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump administration.

“For [Strzok] to send that 302 to Lisa Page, a non-badge wearing, non-credential-having FBI agent, is unconscionable,” says Gagliano.

Who morphed the famous “insurance policy” into the Mueller inquisition.

 “The FBI set up General Flynn — that is clear as day,” Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, tells RealClearInvestigations. “There is FBI leadership ordering the case kept open when agents wanted to close it for lack of evidence, the discussion of getting Flynn to lie or trying to get him fired, the ambush interview, the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and many other acts of blatant malfeasance. None of this is standard procedure. It’s a naked abuse of authority.”
Peter Strzok has some answering to do

Until his texts and emails with Lisa Page were exposed by Inspector General Horowitz.

Brennan, Strzok, Obama, Rice, Page, Durham, Russia, Steele, Dossier

Brennan, Strzok, Obama, Rice, Page, Durham, Russia, Steele, Dossier

Exposing the rot in the Russia Hoax. Blowing a hole on the coup d’état of a duly elected President. Costing Strzok and lover Lisa Page their anonymity. While making clear the unconstitutional abuse of the intelligence agencies. Exposing the widespread conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States.

So Peter Strzok surely has some answering to do and if Adam Housley and his sources are right then higher-ups throughout the Obama White House should be more than a little nervous. Because if Strzok is talking, then he is flipping on them.

Obama White House in the crosshairs

That would include Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestrap, and James Comey at the FBI. Strzok would have a lot to tell Durham about John Brennan and James Clapper. The bulk of the ICA was literally written by Strzok and Brennen. Not by 17 intelligence agencies. Time for John Brennan to lawyer up if he hasn’t already.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

Brennan is clearly one of the principal targets of the Durham probe. But Susan Rice does not escape scrutiny. Nor does Ben Rhodes, Samantha Powers, or Vice President Joe Biden. It goes all the way to the Oval Office.

“POTUS wants to Know everything we are doing” Strzok texted Lisa Page on one occasion. “The White House is running this” on another.

Peter Strzok can shed crucial light on what Obama knew and when he knew it. Or more precisely, what did Obama order, and when did he order it?

Obama’s systemic abuse of NSA surveillance systems

It is not just the campaign to destroy Donald Trump that is concerning. Barack Obama and his illegal Oval Office spying operation under Brennan and Rice had been using NSA surveillance technology to systematically spy on American citizens for years. They were unmasking people routinely.

As Adam Housley continued on Twitter in discussing Obamagate on July 23rd:

“My opinion here….as I’ve said from day one…this crosses party lines. I know the MAGA crowd focuses on the President, but this started waaaaay before he ever came down the golden escalator”

“Again…someone needs to ask Bernie Sanders whether he was unmasked. Also someone needs to contact Jane Harman. Just a thought.”

Obama White House: Unmasking political opponents

Unmasking isn’t just revealing your name. It is allowing access to all of your personal communications. Emails. Texts. Contacts. Your contacts contacts.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

Unmasking is a chain of espionage reserved for terrorists and enemies, not political opponents. Samantha Powers unmasked American citizens, most of them associated with Trump, over 300 times in 2016. (Samantha Power allegedly tried to ‘unmask’ Americans on a daily basis)

But Powers denies she did it. She blames her staff. Really. I don’t know what is scarier.

Obama was spying on everyone, including Journalists

Barack Obama did not just spy on Trump and Republicans. They were spying on Bernie Sanders. They were spying on Jane Harman. They were spying on journalists. Supreme Court justices. The tools of NSA surveillance were turned illegally against domestic political opponents more than 34,000 times between 2012 and 2016.

FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled in April 2017 that the DOJ was “institutionally dishonest”. That the illegal NSA surveillance searches violated the 4th amendment and the civil rights of all the victims.

Obama seeks a third term to stop Durham prosecutions of Deep State coup plotters

The whistle was blown by NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers in March 2016.   Immediately after, the DNC and Hillary Clinton hired Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS to produce the Steele Dossier. At the same time, John Brennan coordinated with Joseph Mifsud and Stefan Halper to set up George Papadopoulos with the help of Italian and British intelligence agencies. All those meetings were taped and filmed. Enter Peter Strzok to launch Crossfire Hurricane.

What other crimes does Strzok have knowledge of

But what did Strzok know about the illegal use of NSA surveillance? He was head of counterintelligence. Strzok must know who the three contractors who carried out the surveillance operation for Brennan and Clapper for over 4 years were. This was their central political surveillance system. It is rumored that Nellie Ohr, later at Fusion GPS, was involved.

Attorney Barr targets Soros funded Antifa as domestic terrorists

And who else, other than Strzok is cooperating with Durham?  Lisa Page. Bill Preistep. Sally Yates. Certainly, they won’t want to sacrifice the remaining years of their lives to protect higher-ups in the Obama Biden White House.

Meadows expects indictments

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said last week that he firmly expects indictments to come in the Durham probe. Meadows told Fox News “Its time for people to go to jail”.

“I think the American people are expecting indictments,” Meadows told “Sunday Morning Futures anchor Maria Bartiromo. “I expect indictments based on the evidence I’ve seen. Lindsey Graham did a good job in getting that out. We know that they not only knew that there wasn’t a case, but they continued to investigate and spy.”

George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 Million dollars

“And yes, I use the word spy on Trump campaign officials and actually even doing things when this president was sworn in,” Meadows continued. “And after that and doing in an inappropriate manner, you’re going to see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately as they were investigating. It’s all starting to come unraveled. And I tell you, it’s time that people go to jail and people are indicted.”
Adam Housley is more circumspect, but just as firm:

“Durham and Barr do not want this investigation to be used for political points, which is the way it should be. There are major rumors that there are already indictments. There are some indictments in the pipeline also for sure. The scope of this investigation is huge. Massive.”

That is an understatement. If Peter Strzok is working with John Durham that can only portend earth shattering events to come in the unraveling of the Russia Hoax.

A reckoning is coming, and not soon enough

Adam Housley is a fine journalist who like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald, follows the truth wherever it takes them. Every American should be outraged that any President uses the intelligence agencies against domestic political opponents. Even if the victim is Donald Trump. Those of us who lived through Watergate thought the rules were indelible. Clear. Uncontroverted.

You did not spy on Americans.

You did use the intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents. Above all, you don’t destroy the peaceful transition of power to overthrow the government of the United States. You would think that would be self-evident.

Apparently not to Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.