Striking food workers create job for NYT ex-editor Jill Abramson


ATLANTIC CITY, May 16, 2014 — In a nation where many Americans have given up looking for work, American leftists remain determined to treat jobs they have as launching pads for protests. Demanding more money and free stuff is at the heart of a movement that celebrates entitlement over merit and accomplishment. From McDonalds to the New York Times, workers who considered themselves indispensable found out how little they mattered.

Fast food workers have gone on strike to demand a $15 minimum wage. This is more than double the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.

For those who have never taken an economics course, the results of this minimum wage hike would be catastrophic. Companies would be forced to either cut costs or raise prices. Fewer workers would be hired, and some would have to be fired. The cost of a hamburger, french fries and soda will rise.

These striking workers fail to understand that nobody is entitled to a job. They can be fired and replaced with other workers eager to show up, work hard, and get the job done. Professional community organizers need not apply.

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Liberal agitating is not confined to the blue collar workforce. The New York Times fired Executive Editor Jill Abramson. The allegation against Abramson was that she demanded more money. Now she has less money, while her replacement Dean Baquet still has his job.

Abramson supporters can scream until they are blue in the face that she was a victim of sexism. If true, it would not be the first time a wealthy lear jet liberal boss engaged in hypocrisy. The problem is that the hypocrisy does not matter. Abramson knew what the job was when she took it. She thought she was irreplaceable. Now she knows there are plenty of untalented people capable of doing a lousy job at a newspaper known for shoddy reporting and substandard quality. The New York Times is all about tokenism. Like life on the subway, she was just replaced through the turnstile with another token.

The New York Times is not an entity. It is one man, Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, Jr. Sulzberger is obsessed with every kind of diversity except intellectual ideological diversity. Pinch will hire people of all stripes provided they are leftist shills willing to substitute hard left opinion for actual news.

Pinch promoted Jayson Blair in 2003 solely because Blair was black. When Blair turned out to be a complete fraud, Executive Editor Howell Raines was fired. Yet Sulzberger learned nothing. Raines had an abrasive management style, but he was a man. Eventually Pinch would have to hire an abrasive female with a leftist tilt. Along came token Abramson. This was not good enough. Sulzberger remained obsessed with hiring a black Executive Editor. Now he has one in Dean Baquet, who will tow the liberal line.

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While no job is guaranteed, the best way to have job security is to focus on the job and just do the job. Somewhere along the line, the left became an entire ideology of complainers. The concept of just shutting up and going to work is lost on these people.

Fast food workers need to come to grips with a sad fact. They can be replaced in a heartbeat. So can executive editors at newspapers lightly regarded by everybody except the elitists nobody respects anyway.

Rather than demand more money in exchange for substandard quality and production, more people need to be grateful they have a job to begin with when so many others will accept any work they can get.

When so many people are hurting, Americans have zero patience for professional agitators. This is especially true for agitators delivering anything less than stellar results.

Nothing the New York Times says or does ever matters, so perhaps Jill Abramson can get a job at McDonalds. They may have some openings available soon for people willing to show up and work without constantly complaining. If McDonalds rejected her, the Obama administration is always looking for leftists confusing their ideology with employable skills. The pay is good, and the boss repeatedly complains on behalf of his failed employees.

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  • jb80538

    Want a livable wage? Get a better job! Min wage jobs are only stepping stones, not career choices!

  • DublinIreland

    I worked thirty years in office jobs and never made 15.00 an hour. Was on my way until the economy took a nosedive and the company I worked for went out of business. I was thrilled to find a job within a month to get off unemployment compensation and took at 1.50 cut to get it. Those people need to get a dose of realitly.

  • zenmaster350

    Since 2008, the U.S. has become a “gimmee” nation. If you don’t want to work, no problem. Government will take care of you. Have a job, but, you feel you are “entitled” to more? No sweat, just go on strike for double your wage. Of course, when you come back to work, you will be either fired or have your hours slashed. “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance……..”. These people are nothing but retarded sheep following a false prophet. Cannot wait until 2016 so we can get this 8 year nightmare out of the way.

  • Conservative Mark

    Republicans need to realize that when the top 1% of Americans hold 52% of the wealth, this country is back to 1929 and a depression is inevitable. Democrats need to learn that taxing and spending your way to bigger government to create jobs is a smoke and mirrors approach to fixing a problem. I believe inflation of basic necessities is making it hard for people to get by on less than $10 an hour. I go to the grocery store for just a few things and the bill is $50 and I can carry it all out in one hand in two bags.

  • These jokers are totally content in thinking that they’ve achieved something if they can get 15 bucks an hour to flip burgers in 2014.
    In 1974 I was 16 and earned 15 bucks an hour to do the same thing.
    Because I was good at it !
    We had 2 broiler men with a work ethic and determination that produced as much as any twenty of these pompous little zombies we see today.
    People would come to have a coffee just so they could watch us.
    The whole point behind my little rant is that because of the work ethic resulting in less hires we were able to get 15 bucks an hour.
    Which was pretty good money back then for a 17 year old broiler man.