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Stealing an election is not the same as winning an election.

Written By | Dec 21, 2020
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WASHINGTON, DC: Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.  The number of Americans that believe the 2020 election was a fraud is growing. More than 80 million Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen. Rife with voter fraud. That is is just another Coup d’état attempt by Democrats to oust President Trump. (The Coup of America: Navarro says election was theft by a thousand cuts)

The list of fraudulent actions is long, and growing longer. Unconstitutional changes in State election laws. A complete abrogation of Republicans’ right to observe the counting process. Bullying tactics. Thuggish behavior. Official misconduct. Deliberate and illegal ignoring of signature match requirements. Dominion voting systems are questionable,  compromised, and somehow unable to be examined by neutral parties. Broken chains of custody on the ballots. Videos of the same ballots pulled out from hiding spaces, counted multiple times.  The odd increases in Biden vote totals, while Trump’s decrease.  Remember, voting is additive, as the video points out.  Numbers never go down.

Then there is election interference, both domestic and foreign.  There are $500 million dollars in dark Mark Zuckerberg money deployed like partisan bribes to municipal governments to target and turn out Biden voters. Allegations of machine copied ballots, not on official state paper.  Every ballot with one vote – for Biden/Harris.

There is proven unprecedented election fraud

In mail-in ballots, ballots harvested, and drop boxes that were not protected. Thousands of affidavits completely ignored by our courts and civil authorities. Including the Supreme Court which has an oath duty to at least review the evidence.

Then there is the coordinated assault on free speech by Big Tech and media giants. An assault that censors the conservative method while failing to report on the Hunter Biden investigation, also hidden by AG William Barr.

Censorship. Suppression polls. A rigged debate commission. Joe Biden never taking a serious question. A complete news blackout on the Hunter Biden story that turned out to be true. Then a coordinated stop in the counting on election night as vote totals were adjusted to ensure an apparent Biden “victory”.  Democrats knowing full well that voting tabulation machines could be easily hacked to switch votes.  The use of these machines allowing the vote switching, and election steal, being knowingly made by Democrat leadership, and the Biden Campaign .(Knowing software would swap votes, did Dems choose Dominion?)

The fix was in. Right in front of our eyes.

Biden, if he is able to steal this election, will be an illegitimate puppet for Obama

There are no circumstances under which the election of Joe Biden can possibly be seen as legitimate. Yet the parade of condemnation and media fire directed at anyone who dares to question the integrity of the election is both withering and fierce. From the same people who worked in coordination to create the greatest election fraud in the country.

The same people who brought you the Russia Hoax, the Mueller Inquisition, and the Impeachment Farce. From the same politicians who have denied the Trump Presidency. Called him illegitimate. Boycotted his inauguration. Then attacked, undermined, and denigrated the President and the Presidency for 4 years. Then we learn that Hunter Biden has actually been under a two-year Federal investigation, 4 weeks after the election. (From war policy, to China, to Hunter, Biden proves he is unfit for command)

We already have had no justice from the Durham investigation. Does anyone on the planet not believe that the American people should have had this information prior to the election? Anyone besides Bill Barr, Big Tech, and the giant Media conglomerates, the Democrats and Bidens, that is.  More than 10% of Biden voters said after the election they would not have voted for him if they had heard about the Hunter Biden scandal.

Most Americans know the election was stolen

More than 75% of Republicans feel the election was stolen, putting America at the top of the “banana republic” list. 46% of Independents have come to see that the election was stolen. Even 30% of Democrats think the election was stolen.  In polls taken this month by Marist College, Quinnipiac University, and Fox News, 77 percent of Republicans said there was “widespread voter fraud,” 72 percent said they didn’t trust the results, 68 percent said the election “was stolen” from Trump, and 70 percent said Biden’s victory was “not legitimate.”

Even in a YouGov survey taken from Sunday to Tuesday—in part, after the Electoral College had voted on Monday—nearly two-thirds of Republicans still said Trump shouldn’t “concede the election.”

When the Supreme Court declining to even hear the Texas case, the fix is in.  Joe Biden saying over the weekend that the SCOTUS dismissal is determinative.  Mitch McConnell saying the elector’s votes are determinative. The only element of this election that is determinative is that Trump won in a red wave landslide.  And Joe Biden is attempting to steal not only the votes of 75 million Americans but to steal the very foundation of America from beneath us.

Hearing the truth from the “horse’s mouth”

A Chinese Professor, Di Dongsheng was caught telling the truth on tape about Chinese and CCP influence on American power centers including Biden. Biden’s electoral theft was a convergence of Wall Street, the Deep State Establishment, and the globalist Oligarch class stealing the election from the American people. By any means necessary.

But stealing an election is not the same as winning an election.

Cheating to win is not the same as winning. The same people who spent four years trying to destroy the Trump Presidency and lying to the American public at every turn are now saying Joe Biden won the election fairly. Don’t believe your eyes. Or the thousands of witnesses. Don’t even give a fair hearing to the issues in court. Ignore election laws. Ignore the Constitution.

That is why every effort to challenge the results must be made. On January 6th the Congress will meet to confirm the electoral college. The delegations from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada can and should be challenged. At that point, the House and Senate must allow two hours of debate for each States delegation challenged. Alternate slates have been picked and can be chosen by a vote of Congress. (Election Integrity 2020: Where Trump’s fight is now)

January 6th needs to more than just a ceremony

The Constitution gives Congress this power, when recognizing election fraud and/or foreign interference, to act via the Constitution, Article 12. It is explicitly discussed by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist paper 68. There can be no question that these elections were neither free nor fair.

The United Nations has criteria for determining whether an election has been fair. One of the clearest signals of fraud are the stopping of the vote count, the widespread use of absentee or mail-in ballots, and the lack of signature verification and voter ID. All front and present in the 2020 Election.  All for the benefit of Biden/Harris. (We must refuse to go to the funeral of our independence – Gen. Flynn)

When an Afghan villager votes they have their thumb dropped in ink to indicate they have voted. They are more secure in their vote than anything that happened in Michigan or Philadelphia. Canada uses hand-counted paper ballots in all its elections. They specifically ban voting machines. America should too.

I will probably never vote again until the paper ballot is again the standard. It needs to be.

Because the repercussions for America from this rigged election are incalculable. More than 80 million Americans now know that Democrats have devalued the Constitution to being paper. The Supreme Court will not uphold their oaths, and the GOP is being forced to either act decisively under Article 12, or be the cowards history tells us they are.

Biden should not be allowed near the Oval Office. If they somehow pull the coup off on American, he will be as illegitimate President as Maduro in Venezuela.

Not just in my eyes, but in the eyes of the American public and the world at large.

Hunter Biden and John Durham are huge problems for Joe Biden

The Hunter Biden scandal is not going away. There will have to be a special counsel appointed, almost certainly. Just as there should be a special counsel for Election Fraud. The Durham investigation may finally indict the criminal mafia who tried to overthrow the Trump Presidency, though not all of them. Even John Durham seems to have picked his accepted scapegoats.

Remember it was Biden and Susan Rice who ran the operation against Trump from inside the Obama White House. (Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile)

And don’t think for a moment that just because our media won’t cover Joe Biden’s corruption that other countries don’t know about it. Joe Biden is completely compromised by China. He is compromised by Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and Russia. It’s insane that the Chinese can wire millions of dollars to the Biden family and the media ignores it. Big tech censors it for America. (Hunter Biden Offered $10 Million Annually by Chinese Energy Firm for ‘Introductions Alone,’ Email Shows)

Well, China knows that Joe Biden is corrupt. They are the ones paying him.

Joe Biden as President is a gift to our enemies and a sign that America is corrupt to the core. I agree with Michelle Obama, for once. I am not proud of my country and what it stands for anymore. It disgusts me. We have to fight to get it back.

The sense of injustice and double standards is overwhelming.

People see the hypocrisy. The blatant double standards. Not just regarding the rule of law. Or the disregarding of the constitution. Or the overwhelming media and Big Tech censorship that has all the subtlety of East Germany or North Korea. The election is over, they scream.  Bow down to your Chinese masters. It’s more than disturbing.

Most galling is that the entire Democrat establishment is hysterical with joy. By any means necessary. Decency, honesty, integrity,  and free elections are damned. They know they cheated. They don’t care. Cheating was the only way they could win. And the Republican Governors of Georgia and Arizona were clearly involved. Follow the money there. Just like with Zuckerberg.

The Democrat Party power structure knows Biden “won” illegitimately and by theft. They don’t care. They’re the ones who planned and executed it. They achieved their purpose. The Obama restoration will occur. All those who conducted documented crimes against our country and the Trump Presidency will now never be punished. (My Prediction Came True: Obama Stayed in Washington to Undermine His Successor)

A Biden Presidency: The Return of the Coup Plotters

A Biden Presidency is the return of the Coup Plotters and a victory for China above all. It’s a win for Zuckerberg and the globalist shadow government. For George Soros and the vicious, violent brown shirt tactics and destructive efforts of the Antifa, BLM fascist convergence. It is a devastating blow to democracy in America.

When no one trusts the electoral process they will seek other means to voice their discontent. More than 80 million Americans know the electoral process was grossly corrupted. They are even more astonished that no one in authority is doing anything about it. That is not the kind of country anyone wants to live in. We don’t have to worry about turning into Venezuela anymore because we are already there. It’s a disgrace.

Joe Biden is a puppet President of an illegitimate process. Stealing an election is not the same as winning an election. Cheating is not the same as winning. We’ll see how that all works out for him. But he has destroyed the faith of the American people in the basic tenets of the Constitution and free and fair elections in the process.

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