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President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address: 10 key moments

Written By | Feb 6, 2019
State of the Union

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. See link at end of article.*

LOS ANGELES, February 5, 2019.  The State of the Union is strong, and President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address was magnificent. There is no way around it. President Trump was disciplined. He stayed on message. He spoke in the calm voice that Kelly Anne Conway insisted would win him the White House. When he sticks to the teleprompter, he is fantastic. In short, his second SOTU may have been his finest speech.

Here are 10 great moments from the President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address.

A socialist America?

1) “America will never be a socialist country.” The Tide Pod-eating leftist millennials scowled. Normal America applauded. The President’s rebuke of socialism was a direct attack on (AOC) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, and it brought loud cheers from the Republicans in the room.

Illegal aliens and the female connection

2) Finally, a president used his State of the Union address to connect the dots between illegal immigration and female victims of sexual assault and human trafficking. Sexual assault and human trafficking are now partisan issues. Republicans are against it. AOC Democrats were unsure whether to sit, stand or scowl.

The horrific political drift toward legalized infanticide

3) Democrats have shifted the abortion issue from choice to infanticide, and Trump condemned their new stance. In a brilliant move, Trump invoked embattled Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s support for infanticide without mentioning Northam’s yearbook blackface scandal. Merely mentioning Northam reminded everyone his horrendous yearbook troubles without Trump having to say a word. It also allowed Trump to hammer the issue of third trimester abortions. Polls show the public is against this hideous practice by an 81% to 13% margin.

Women’s issues: The right ones

4) Democrat women were totally confused as to whether to cheer the record numbers of women with jobs that Trump reported. Speaker Nancy Pelosi frequently had no idea whether to stand or sit. Since she apparently served as the Democrat’s “conductor,” her indecision left her entire caucus confused. The section of women-Democrats were whispering to each other for guidance. People who know what they believe and what they stand for know when to stand and when to sit. Thus, these women exposed themselves as craven politicians desperate to see poll results before acting. One could picture AOC asking them all, “What’s a job?”

5) While women scream sexism when men focus on their clothing, whoever coordinated the wardrobes of the Democrats’ large contingent of female US Representatives should be fired. The Democrat Party that supported slavery and Ku Klux Klan (KKK) should not have instructed their women dress in all-Klan white. On a less serious note, the Democrats’ wardrobe designers deserved the fashion equivalent of the death penalty. Women of all stripes know that it is a fashion capital crime to wear white after Labor Day. Perhaps the reason those white-attired Representatives refused to stand or applaud  at appropriate times was because it was tough for them to move in their appropriately tight-fitting white straitjackets.

National unity vs the #Resistance

6) Trump called out those who stubbornly insist on practicing the politics of “revenge, resistance and retribution.” He was basically attacking Democrats for acting like Democrats. His message was a simple one. He was for unity. But his opponents were angry and hostile for anger and hostility’s sake. The Democrats’ constant scowling did them no favors. The optics were memorably bad.

The Holocaust, Israel, and the virulent anti-Semitism of Iran and the left

7) President Trump’s recognition of two Holocaust survivors in the gallery was sheer beauty. He took the emotionally charged issue and showed Amewricans why it matters today. Those two Holocaust survivors were saved by American power and steel. It gave Trump more ammunition to promote and project American power around the world, even as he brings troops home. These moments also showed Trump’s personal affinity for Jews. This created a contrast to a Democrat Party that has become increasingly hostile to Jews. It was also clear that Trump’s recognition of another Jewish hero was heartfelt. He invoked the evil shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh.

8) Trump forcefully condemned Iran for its virulent Jew-hatred. Past presidents have given token mention to supporting Israel, but Trump went beyond Israel. He focused on what Israel’s enemies focus on. He went past the country of Israel and understood that anti-Semitism is about the hatred of the very existence of the Jew. During this portion of the speech, Pelosi sat unmoved. Her unintentional honesty should give liberal Jews cause for concern. Those who hate Jews have hijacked the once pro-Israel Democrat Party.

The problem of Venezuela and its murderous Communist overlords

9) South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham after the speech declared that “The road to the Democratic Party nomination runs through Venezuela.” This was a great corollary to Trump’s mention of Venezuela. Democrats are supporting Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro, who has destroyed his nation. Trump is backing Juan Guaidó, who vows to bring freedom back to the once proud, oil-rich South American nation. One wondered if AOC Millennial Democrats thought Guaidó was Snooki’s boyfriend from the Jersey Shore. Trump again offered a stark contrast between Venezuela’s failed socialism and its Democrat backers and successful freedom of America and its Republican supporters.

Postscript: Stacey Abrams’ pathetic rebuttal of Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address

10) Democrats surrendered the rebuttal before the night even started. In choosing failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, the Democrats clearly offered her up as a sacrificial lamb. Since most SOTU rebuttals fail, the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates wanted no part of the rebuttal. Abrams spoke in an angry tone that was visually unflattering and mostly self-serving. She spent far too much time talking about herself. For all Americans knew, she could have been the Atlanta Falcons backup left tackle who heard “Blue 80” and vowed to protect quarterback Matt Ryan’s blind side.


Disappointed Dems mourn a missing mention of fake science

Democrats were angry that Trump did not mention the least important issues of our lifetime. There were no hysterical rantings about how all seven billion of us including Jimmy Kimmel’s son were going to die because of climate change. There was no mention of government workers and the government shutdown, because this president is more concerned about the tens of millions of private sector workers. He will not pay a political price for the shutdown, so there is no need to mention it. If Democrats want to focus on nonsense, they need to win a presidential election.

Trump’s speech was so widely praised that Democrats were put on the defensive. Democrat Brad Sherman insisted on Fox News that he cheered the speech more frequently than he does “at a (Los Angeles) Dodgers game.” If the speech was terrible, he would not be crouched in that reactive posture. AOC, without a hint of irony, attacked Trump’s speech by saying it “lacked substance.” This is as meaningful as Charles Manson declaring Bob Newhart to be a hothead.

What’s next?

There is always the worry among Republicans that Trump will step on his message in the coming days. If he can somehow stay silent (a big if) and let this speech breathe for a couple days, it will prove a major victory for him.

Democrats are praying he trips up his own success, because they have no answers. Trump has always had the people on his side on the major issues. On crime, drugs, immigration, taxes and a host of other policies, Americans agree with him. His problem has been one that has plagued the Republican Party for far too long. His marketing, framing, and delivery of the issues has not been as successful as the substance of the issues themselves.

But on this night, during this State of the Union, Trump’s message was ruthlessly effective. It was his finest hour. Time will tell if he can keep the momentum going.

For those who may have missed it, here is the complete White House video of President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.


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