Soros, Friedman, Krugman, Stewart, Perry: Demigods of liberalism.

George Soros, Katy Perry, Paul Krugman, Jon Stewert, Thos. Friedman and a donkey
George Soros, Katy Perry, Paul Krugman, Jon Stewert, Thos. Friedman and a donkey

LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2014 — Whenever conservatives try to explain ideas to liberals, the inevitable tart replies come back in spades. Conservatives are supposedly incapable of thought. Every conservative is told what to say by Rush Limbaugh and funded by the Koch Brothers. While this line of thought is idiocy, American liberals have never been guilty of differentiating smugness from actual knowledge.

What if conservatives acted like liberals? What if most people spouting gibberish about everything from climate change to the war on women were robots with liberal microchips planted in their posteriors?

Conservatives are constantly hearing about a Republican civil war, as if that is a bad thing. Paleocons fight Neocons. Supply-siders argue against flat tax and fair tax advocates on how to stimulate growth. The Wall Street Journal and National Review disagree on illegal immigration. Social conservatives and libertarians sharply diverge on abortion and gay rights. These passionate exchanges of ideas are what makes conservatism so vibrant. Everybody is allowed to speak. Nobody is censored. Outside of Ron Paul supporters, nobody even tries to banish opposing viewpoints.

Liberals claim to love diversity, but they drum anybody out of the Democratic Party if total obedience to liberalism fails to occur. Former Senator Joe Lieberman’s 92% liberal voting record was insufficient.

Liberals go out of their way to silence discussion, from the Fairness Doctrine to mandatory unionizing to having conservative film-makers like Dinesh D’Souza indicted. Who is in control? Certainly not President Obama, who appears to be more of a bystander taking orders from those with knowledge of issues than a true leader.

If one searches long and hard enough, there are five people telling liberals what to think, say, believe and feel. From chanting “Yes, we can” to righteous indignation over the mythical income inequality gap, these five individuals capture large segments of the liberal populace.

1.) George Soros — He is global liberalism now that Senator Ted Kennedy has departed to an alcohol-filled bubble bath in the sky. Soros funds every major leftist outfit. His tentacles reach David Brock’s Media Matters,, and of course Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. A convicted felon insider trader, Soros made his money destroying currencies and leaving millions of people in poverty. He also regaled his delight in helping send his fellow Jews to the gas chambers during the Holocaust. Leftists love him for his obsession with legalizing all drugs and his anti-war stance.

2.) Thomas Friedman — This New York Times writer is lightly regarded by many of his colleagues. For some reason, liberals treat his words on the Middle East as if they came down from on high. His expertise consists of having lived overseas and eaten foreign food. He is considered a demigod in the liberal Jewish community, as they gush over his columns advocating Israeli surrender and national suicide.  “Thomas Friedman said” is the eleventh commandment in liberal circles. Conservatives see Friedman as the overrated and frequently wrong columnist he is. Liberals refer to this as the very definition of an intellectual.

3.) Paul Krugman — This New York Times writer won a Nobel Prize in economics for his economic theory of hating President George W. Bush. Several years after running out of ways to offer the same bile, Krugman and his beard switched to hatred of Sarah Palin. He does occasionally write about things within six degrees of economics, but like Friedman, Krugman is an intellectual. He is virtually always wrong. The former Enron advisor predicted the Obama stimulus would succeed. When it failed he claimed it was not large enough, since one trillion dollars is chump change. Now he insists that $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities is a non-issue. If only America were more like Europe, everything would be fine. He types, and liberals rush to Twitter without correcting the errors. After all, recycling Krugman is fact-checking to leftists.

4.) Jon Stewart — He is a hero to all who confuse smugness and nastiness with comedy. Stewart makes his living videotaping people he dislikes and selectively editing the videos for maximum humiliation. Imagine if Sarah Palin said “We should eat healthier. We need to be a good influence on our children.” Stewart would splice the tape so Palin’s comment would read “We should eat children.” When not manipulating videos, he is dropping expletives on conservatives for disagreeing with him. He is a leftist’s dream, a Jew who made his living telling anti-Jewish jokes on the comedy circuit. Young people consider him hip and cool, a main reason why the current generation is growing up with inflated egos and zero meaningful matching accomplishments. A metrosexual, Stewart is the last thing  American boys ever should learn how to be.

5.) Katy Perry — She has 40 million followers on Twitter. She strutted around in 2012 wearing skin-tight dresses worshiping President Obama. This walking billboard felt the need to inspire an entire generation of Millennials to strive to become bimbos spouting gibberish. When not offending virtually every segment of society by her tasteless actions in her music videos, she is offering stupidity on current political issues. The scary part is not that her commentaries lack an ounce of depth. The truly dangerous part is kids look up to and listen to her.

Soros represents the dangerous liberals. Friedman speaks to the naive ones. Krugman handles the angry ones. Stewart speaks for the insufferable, weak, pompous ones. Perry handles the dumb ones. Together, these are the people who speak for the half of America that fails to grasp a world on fire and an economy in the doldrums. These are the people who control the automatons. These are the people who teach kids to care more about trees and bunny rabbits than human beings.

They are all rich and white, since rich white people run liberalism. They are also people so powerful that they are not subjected to the rules and regulations they advocate that strangle the rest of us.

George Soros, Thomas Friedman, Paul Krugman, Jon Stewart, Katy Perry: They are the demigods leading the heartless religion of liberalism.

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  • Michael Himell AKA “Micky” says;
    “Who’s in that sixth picture ?
    Could that Caucasian Donkey by any chance be both Clintons in the same Donkey suit ?

  • Persuasive

    I can’t say I am totally familiar with each and every one on the list, though I have heard all their names at one point or another. The major names not withstanding that makes me feel better to know I am not drawn in by all the hot air from this click. Funny thing as I was listening to a YouTube video by Noam Chomsky on “Controlling the Public Mind”, turns out that he rather convincingly understands that McCarthyism was a mislabeling of that period of the Red Scare, “…because it was actually initiated by the liberal democrats in the late 1940’s” with Joe McCarthy coming in at the tail end of it and only serving to “vulgarize[d]” it a little. Seems the democrats, my party, unfortunately, view their voters as “apathetic and passive” and only needing to be overcome with pretensions of being involved in the process. This has been most glaringly evident with President Obama, and the majority of the black voters though by no means with the substantial black voters who reserve the right to think outside any box.