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Sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats: The sound of God’s Voice

Written By | Jun 18, 2018
Sonic Attack, God's Voice, Stephen Nemo

WASHINGTON: Are you suffering from a ringing in your ears or hearing loss? How about a loss of memory and concentration? Are you experiencing nausea, vertigo, brain swelling and damage to your central nervous system? What about the sudden onset of an unexplained blood disorder?  Are you the victim of a sonic attack? Hearing God’s Voice?

If so, you must be a proud member of America’s diplomatic corps.

Particularly one of those serving at posts in Havana, Cuba, and Guangzhou, China. Dozens of these Americans are believed to have been unwilling human guinea pigs in experiments involving some exotic, sonic weapon.

Cuban sound machine
Sonic Attack, God's Voice, Stephen Nemo

U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Photo: U.S. Department of State.

U.S. embassy staff in Havana were the first to experience an attack shortly after Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

Consider it the first symptom of what would become the sound and fury of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” In response to the attack, then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered the bulk of our embassy staff home, leaving only ten persons at the embassy.

When the Associated Press asked if he intended to return staff to full strength, Tillerson said,

“I’d be intentionally putting them back in harm’s way. Why in the world would I do that when I have no means whatsoever to protect them?”

Getting to the cause

A University of Michigan study, “On Cuba, Diplomats, Ultrasound, and Intermodulation Distortion,” states:

“It is well known that audible sounds typically propagate omnidirectionally (in all directions) and are difficult to confine to parts of a room. In contrast, ultrasound tends to propagate within a narrower beam than audible sound and can focus a beam towards a more specific area.”

Democrats’ phony virtue signaling and scorched earth impeachment gambit 

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), examinations of 22 injured U.S. Embassy staff from Havana showed a…

“… consistency of the clinical manifestations” and “raised concern for a novel mechanism for a possible acquired brain injury from a directional exposure of undetermined etiology (cause).”

Defending Cuban treachery

But researchers at the University of Edinburgh described the JAMA study as nothing more than an attack on the Caribbean socialist paradise, dismissing the research as “below par” and wondering if “a highly respected journal has been dictated by a political agenda.”

And the socialist scribblers at the Nation magazine couldn’t agree more. They tried to put as positive a spin on the sonic-attack story as possible, assuring their readers that even if Cuba was using such a weapon…

“… the key victims were CIA agents. Not a single tourist was affected, and the island remains among the safest countries in the world to visit.”

This claim is laughable in light of recent information indicating that at the time, members of America’s Deep State were too busy running covert operations against Donald Trump and his presidential campaign/transition team to bother destabilizing the imbecilic inheritors of Fidel Castro’s dying revolution.

Peking Duck reverberations
Sonic Attack, God's Voice, Stephen Nemo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies concerning possible sonic attack by China on U.S. diplomats. CBS News screen grab.

Then last week, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China, issued the following warning to American diplomatic staff scattered throughout that communist nation:

“A U.S. government employee in China recently reported subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure. The U.S. government is taking these reports seriously and has informed its official staff in China of this event. We do not currently know what caused the reported symptoms.”

Scare headlines, anti-Trump lies drive wobbly week for stocks and bonds

In testimony before Congress last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted the odd similarity between the Cuba and China attacks,

“The medical indications are very similar and entirely consistent with the medical indications that were taking place to Americans working in Cuba.”

A Sonic Attack or I think I hear God’s Voice  calling

Israeli military aircraft produce sonic booms over Gaza to rattle the teeth of their aggressive Palestinian neighbors.

And forget waterboarding, CIA interrogators employed the musical theme to “Barney & Friends,” as sung by the show’s insipid purple dinosaur, as a weapon. It turned stoic jihadi captives into compliant, singing canaries.

Is this how the CIA discovered the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden?

Stranger still, several U.S. military contractors are working on a “God Voice” device. This “Sonic Projector” is supposedly capable of shooting a narrow microwave message into the head of its intended human target, with those around them left unaware.

Sonic Attack, God's Voice, Stephen Nemo

God as painted by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel.

According to a DOCUMENT released by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 2007, the Sonic Projector “could be used to conceal communications for special operations forces and hostage rescue missions, and to disrupt enemy activities.”

Perhaps this “God’s Voice” device could, instead, be deployed as a weapon, using the sonorous tones of the late actor Charlton Heston to fire sound-wave messages directly into the craniums of Cuban and Chinese leaders.

And then tell these creeps: “Jump off a cliff.”


Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.