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Socialist Bernie Sanders on the rise as Leftist Elizabeth Warren fades

Written By | Jan 17, 2020
Socialist, Bernie Sanders, Leftist, Elizabeth Warren, Democrats

WASHINGTON. If last Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate is any indication, it seems democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is his party’s candidate of choice. In a move that smelled of panicked desperation, Elizabeth Warren accused Sanders of telling her a woman could not be elected president of the United States. A Charge Sanders vehemently denies.

Elizabeth Warren, Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sanders, Democrats

Elizabeth Warren. Photo: Kathy Bell via flickr,

But when it came time for CNN debate moderator Abby Phillips to question Warren, it was clear she chose a side.

“What did you think when Sen. Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?”

Warren attack backfires

Michael Moore, Moore, Elizabeth Warren, Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sanders, Democrats

Director Michael Moore. Photo: 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra), via Wikipedia,

Warren and CNN’s talking head were roundly criticized by members of the left. In fact, dejected left-wing director Michael Moore tweeted:

“Why Elizabeth [Warren] chose to stick a knife in Bernie’s back is beyond me. At a time when job #1 is to remove Trump, how did this help?”

Moore later added:

“My first thought was they will mark this day, January 13th, as the day Donald Trump was re-elected.”
President, President Trump, Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sanders, Democrats

President Trump at campaign rally. Fox News screen capture.

Actually, that happened on the evening of June 18, 2017. That’s when President Trump announced he’d seek a second term as the nation’s chief executive at a Florida rally.

“Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable. It’s not going to happen.”
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Bernie’s Bros on the march
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Sexist

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during 2015 Democratic primaries. CNN screen capture.

With the Democratic Party having changed its rules regarding superdelegates, there’s little preventing the party’s ignorant, millennial, hard-left base from having their way. Bernie’s Bros remember what happened to Sanders at the hands of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries of 2015. And they are out for blood.

And with Warren falling behind in the polls and in campaign financing, Sanders now stands neck and neck with former Vice President Joe Biden in the Iowa polls.

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Biden’s stock can only fall as his efforts to help his son Hunter in Ukraine ironically becomes the focus of Trump’s impending Senate impeachment trial.

In other words, there has never been a better chance for the Democratic Party’s radical-left to nominate a high-octane socialist as its presidential nominee.

Decaying Socialism’s last hurrah

Lenin, Vladimir Lenin, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Sanders

Vladimir Lenin arrives by train. Painting by Mikhail G. Sokolov.

The socialist movement hasn’t been this energized since Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin stepped off his sealed train in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1917.

It’s truly strange to see modern millennials so romantically invested in a decrepit 19th-century relic – by which I mean socialism, not septuagenarian Bernie. Chalk it up to their expensive University educations. Such muddled thinking should be expected of those trapped inside the bubble of the academy, where challenges to failed ideas never breach the walls of blissful ignorance provided by the “safe space.”

It’s reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ observation in his book “The Island of Dr. Moreau”:

“I became habituated to the Beast People, that a thousand things which had seemed unnatural and repulsive speedily became natural and ordinary to me. I suppose everything in existence takes its color from the average hue of our surroundings.”

With that in mind, expect our discredited media to sell “unnatural and repulsive” socialism with as much passion and combativeness as they did their discredited Trump/Russia collusion narrative.

The game’s afoot!
President Roosevelt, Big Game Hunting

President Theodore Roosevelt bags an African elephant in 1909.

Back in 2018, President Trump came under intense criticism over his appointees to a government advisory board. The body is tasked with re-writing federal regulations governing the importation of elephant, rhino, and lion heads and hides. It seems the majority of Trump’s picks are big-game hunters.

If Bernie Sanders is the Dem’s presidential standard bearer in 2020, President Trump will have the opportunity to bag his first empty-headed Vetus Parasitus Americanus, making for a nifty mounted display in his trophy room at Mar-a-Lago.


Top Images: Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders square off at CNN’ debate.
Inset, President Trump hugs the American flag at CPAC convention. CNN screenshots.

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