Sochi, Putin, and the racist Left: Putin’s contempt for President Obama

Irina Rodnina - Wikipedia
Irina Rodnina - Wikipedia

WASHINGTON, February 10, 2014 — Make no mistake, Irina Rodnina, this year’s Olympic torchbearer, is a symbol, a not so subtle indication of Putin’s contempt for Barack Hussein Obama.

Rodnina is a three time gold medalist and now functions as an MP in Russia’s Duma. And, she has a twitter account. Last year, she flippantly shared a photographic caricature which portrayed Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama in a racist fashion. Anyone remotely familiar with the common euphemisms indulged in when engaging in racist comments clearly understands the iconography in the photo.

Everything in Russia is planned—the economy, society, thought. Russia is a history, written in blood, of man seeking godhood, a utopian dream erupting into a hell on earth. It is the gilded dream of the Leftist everywhere, a centralized utopia in which the elitists call the shots for the rest of us. Socialism, in its many forms, is the modern day Tower of Babel and seeks to harness the labor of the collective for the enrichment of the ruling class. It perverts and transforms the meaning of equality into a distorted euphemism for a race-obsessed bigotry. And, ironically, its’ dupes ardently militate for a less intrusive government while all the while facilitating a centralized tyranny.

Want the government out of your bedroom? Then why would you agitate for a form of government removed only a few degrees from Putin’s Russia, which openly oppress an individual’s sexual choices? Do you strive to bring Martin Luther King’s dream of a color blind society to fruition? Then why support the Left in their devious attempts to make political merchandise of race baiting and hate mongering?

The irony of Leftist ideology is that it is patently racist. Its’ modus operandi is to manufacture conflict where there is none or to facilitate it where there is an indigenous discontent. The Left’s social paradigm is one of class. This is a Marxist world view, pitting economic, political, and ethnic classes one against the other to develop a self-sustaining discontent with the current order.

In America, the Leftist racism industry feeds and sustains itself on a manufactured conflict in a post-racial America. Equality is used as a bludgeon to inflame natural differences and to dupe weaker minds into a subservience to a messianic ruler or mastermind who promises to bring all things into equilibrium but, as the Soviet experience proves, only succeeds in clutching the reins of power and enslaving the masses under an equality of poverty, ignorance, and fear. Its’ structure is elitist and oppressive to minority groups which must be either purged from or assimilated into the collective. The Leftist mastermind determines which classes are favored and forms a political hegemony of race and culture.

Practically speaking, if you’re of African decent in Putin’s white Russia, you’re out of luck.

The Left in America are cut from the same cloth as the Bolsheviks. They pander to the Russians and Chinese but fail to understand that they lack the cache of the purer Marxists and Maoists. And so, Barack Hussein Obama bows and scrapes before the titans of the Left while they snicker and guffaw. That’s what Rodnina represents, an enormous LMAO from Putin. Every brand of Leftism possesses a racial component and this applies equally to American Leftism embodied in the Democrat party. It is the party of Dred Scott in which the majority opinion held that black Americans were less than human; Jim Crow, the Dixiecrats, the KKK “Exalted  Cyclops” Senator Bryd, and Joe Biden who opined that Obama was “clean” and “well spoken” for an African American. Apparently, the Dixiecrats are alive and well today in the Democrat party. They’ve done a masterful job of keeping unsuspecting people on the plantation.

The Left is inherently racist because it is humanistic and is unmoored from the ideas that developed into the political theory that is engrossed in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. Supplant the idea of man created in God’s image with the humanist philosophy and man is stripped of his inalienable rights and is reduced to a mere draft animal, subservient to the state from which his rights devolve. What man gives, man can take away. And, history shows that man takes with brutality and with great frequency. The brilliance of our founders was in their understanding of one principle, that man is a creation of God, and that, therefore, rights are inherent in man, not derived from a political system but derived from the specific grant of God.

Putin and Rodnina are probably swilling vodka in the Kremlin, throwing around the “N” word with reckless abandon, and laughing until they soil themselves. What isn’t so funny is the diminishment of American power and influence under the socialist dupe Barack Hussein Obama. There is a price to pay when America’s enemies hold us in contempt. The cost has always been steep in American blood and treasure. Arlington is filled with the remains of men and women who have been called upon to pay the price of political weakness and ineptitude.

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  • ed leicht

    Even the ruskies know hes a loser!…: P

  • Tony Stark

    Mr. Nantz takes the
    position in the second paragraph that the photo’s racist perspective is
    obvious, as though a photo lampooning the president must reasonably be
    interpreted as an attack on all people of the president’s race, which is
    absurd. He also seems to think it’s still 1987:

    “Everything in Russia is planned—the economy, society, thought. Russia is
    a history, written in blood, of man seeking godhood, a utopian dream
    erupting into a hell on earth. It is the gilded dream of the Leftist
    everywhere, a centralized utopia in which the elitists call the shots
    for the rest of us.”

    probably my least favorite line is the one condemning “Putin’s Russia,
    which openly oppress [sic] an individual’s sexual choices.” Is Nantz
    seriously suggesting that the United States, where “transgendered” men
    land jobs as teachers in public elementary schools, has a better model?