TAYLOR: Six similarities between Obama’s presidency and Islam

Leader of Boko haram and President Obama

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 13, 2014 — How is the Obama Administration like Islam?

Much of the world finally doubts that Islam is as peaceful as it claims to be. Even liberal analyst Bob Beckel of Fox News is starting to doubt that moderate Muslims exist. The most glaring recent example is Boko Haram’s photograph of approximately 100 of their captive schoolgirls shouting “Allah Akbar” after supposedly converting to Islam.

Does anyone believe these Christian girls really converted to Islam overnight? Or given the choice between being raped, beheaded, stoned or converting, did they take the safest option?

Carry that idea back 1,400 years and it’s clear that there are millions of people who call themselves Muslims who have no idea what that means. Much of that family heritage has been handed down from century to century to the point that the simplest choice when living in the Muslim world is to go along to get along.

Most of those people are among the so-called “moderate” Muslims who cannot or dare not speak out, first because they have no idea of what they are speaking against, and second because they are afraid to say anything.

With this in mind, it might be interesting to compare Islam to Barack Obama’s presidency.

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There are at least six areas in which Obama’s policies and Islam are almost identical.

Obama’s formative years were heavily influenced by Islamic teachings and concepts. Obama himself has spoken with great pride about his Muslim heritage. It is undeniable that ideas that have that much impact on a man’s life at such a young age play a key role in shaping the man as an adult.

Lying: It took a long time for the media to use the “L” word with reference to Obama. Now it is commonplace. The reasons are obvious thanks to a laundry list of falsehoods that almost everyone can repeat verbatim.

Lying is a common practice in Islam, provided it is intended to protect a “victim” or preserve the religion. Prevarication comes naturally to Obama and his regime, especially when they are in CYA mode, which is most of the time.

Victimization: Muslims are the ultimate victims. It is part of their heritage. The world is against them and they take every opportunity to make their plight known.

It was at least three years into Obama’s presidency before he stopped blaming George Bush for everything wrong in Washington. That argument has faded, but when in the past five years has Obama accepted responsibility for anything? He, like his Muslim counterparts, is a victim of forces beyond his control, even though as a candidate he assured us he had all the answers.

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Denial: Even when the truth stares him in the face, Obama blandly denies anything that might cast him in a negative light: It wasn’t a terrorist attack in Benghazi, it was a YouTube video; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; al-Qaeda is dead.

Islam is the same. If a woman is raped, she must have four male witnesses who can vouch for her claim. If not, it didn’t happen. Her word is nothing against her rapist. If she is married, she can be charged with adultery and stoned to death. All a man has to do is deny that it happened.

Paranoia: No group of people on the face of the earth is more paranoid than the Saudis. A Saudi looks over his shoulder so often that he would be better served if his head faced behind him.

It is desert tradition to trust no one. That is a deeply ingrained part of Arabian culture and a key aspect of Islam. Remember: Islam was born in the Arabian city of Mecca.

Obama has similar proclivities: Fox News and other conservative groups are out to get him; Christians are a terror menace; returned vets shouldn’t have guns; the Tea Party is driven by greed and racism. Never has a U.S. president displayed so much paranoia.

Retaliation: You don’t have to look hard at Islamic history to find acts of revenge, even for things that happened centuries ago. Look up 9/11/1683 in your history book; that’s when the Muslim expansion was stopped at the gates of Vienna. The West may have A.D.D., but Islam has a very long memory.

So does Obama; retaliation is as natural to him as breath. Ask Tea Party groups that were targeted by the IRS. And while you’re at it, read the paragraphs above about denial.

Blind Obedience: “Islam” means “submission.” That sums up blind obedience. If the Prophet Muhammad said it, then in Islam it is true, no questions asked.

There is a huge difference between loyalty and unquestioned obedience. A loyal person may see faults and accept them; obedience challenges nothing. Ask Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Susan Rice or Lois Lerner. Rice and Lerner became scapegoats.

Obama came into office believing he was a messiah. It is now obvious he is more like the Islamic counterpart, Muhammad.

While the world is slowly becoming more aware of what is happening in Washington and the Middle East, the sad thing is there are far too many believers who still fail to recognize the parallels between Obama and his Islamic background.


About the Author: Bob Taylor is a veteran writer who has traveled throughout the world. Taylor was an award winning television producer/reporter/anchor before focusing on writing about international events, people and cultures around the globe. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com).

His goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime. Read more of Travels with Peabod and Bob Taylor at Communities Digital News. Follow Bob on Twitter @MrPeabod

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  • Dcreighton

    I agree , but I do believe he is a Muslim period!

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    The one thing he isn’t is an all American kid and you can bet on that.

  • Ed Thornton

    Obama sucks period!

  • hawkins455054

    it will be like JFK, 30 yrs from now people will be saying, Why weren’t we told about that!

    • Gary Iampaglia

      However, 30 years from now idiots will still say obama was a great president. Believe me, I know people today that think JFK was the best—after FDR of course. There is a very important lesson to be learned. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE STUPID!!!!!

      • DublinIreland

        We must live in the same neighborhood or be related to the same people. 🙂

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        l will be plagiarizing your last statement if you don’t mind. lol!!

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  • David Langley

    Mr. Taylor, you forgot to mention that he hates America, Americans, and the American way.

    • Pat Nash

      Don’t forget to remember that his Administration just released over 64,000 illegal criminals on his own people (US citizens). People he swore to protect.

  • jeanne40

    He is a Muslim. You have to dead not to know that.

  • Darla Buckland

    I sure hope Bob Taylor is a better travel agent than journalist the audacity of writing that article under a line that says truth is astounding.
    Worse are the minions who are commenting like anything could be substantiated as truth.
    Don’t believe me, show me proof of truth.

    • jkubin

      You don’t think he supports his opinion? Whether you agree or not is not the issue; you both have the right to your opinion. But he does support his opinion. And it is his opinion. Supported. But opinion.

    • Juliet Amy

      You’ve chosen a blind eye if you do not SEE the truth for yourself

  • Meech204

    Great article.

  • Pat Nash

    It was a source of great frustration for me that Americans thought little of voting a kid that grew up in Indonesia as president of the United States.

    • Marie

      And Indonesia is most famous for what? Peddling children to Pedophiles.

      • Pat Nash

        That and Muslims calls to prayer which the president thinks is the most beautiful sound on earth. Not good for an American president to quote, especially one claiming Christianity.

      • rdlynn

        97.5% FGM rate.

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    A child born to a Muz father will always be Muz

  • Blaine Smith

    Love it. Great article.

  • Mike H1776

    1: I do not believe he is a Natural Born Citizen 2: I do believe he was born in Kenya and is most definitely a muslim socialist commie 3: I would like to understand why he still has not been properly vetted as president.

    • jy kelly

      Because he’s a KNEEGROW demorat….. The affirmative action president.. If he was a white male there is NO way he would have been elected….

  • rdlynn

    I don’t believe that any of the girls were given a choice concerning rape.

  • Shalom

    Whether it’s murdering the unborn or attempting to deny care to the born, like Sarah Murnaghan, today’s liberalism is basically a death cult.