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Simon Parkes: How do you tell the inside story from fake news?

Written By | Jan 15, 2021
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My conservative friends keep sending me links to daily videos by Simon Parkes from Whitby, Great Britain. He claims to have a wealth of secret inside information and Monday said he had a conversation with “the real Q.” His videos promise that everything is in place for Trump to pull the plug on the Deep State. Troops are massing, indictments have been written, secret arrests have already been made.

Very reassuring. He has 1.3 million views of his video just from 1/11, and 569,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

I spent some time trying to figure out who Simon Parkes is.

Here’s a very convincing interview with him on a different topic from 2011 and a story about him in the UK publication, The Guardian, in which he claims “that he was adopted as a baby by a 9ft tall, green alien which explained that she was his ‘real, more important’ mother. Later, when he was 11, she took him on board her spacecraft and a deal was struck about contact between the two worlds.”

Simon has done scores of videos with Dr. Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele and Nicholas Veniamin from the UK, and Danielle Stotijn from the Netherlands, among others.

Forget security: Joe Biden’s inauguration is as irrelevant as he is

“Dr.” Ward is involved with the “Nesara Gesara Club” which seems to be a combination health tonic and opportunity for you to invest in silver bullion. In July of last year, he was claiming that the Queen and the Pope were just arrested.

Danielle Stotjin says she’s a trainer and a coach.

Robert David Steele is a former Marine and former case officer with the CIA.

His website is “The Steele Report – Intelligence with Integrity.” He claims to be a Q Anon expert and also a member of the Nesara Gesara Club. Nicholas Veniamin has his own BitChute channel and discusses, among other things, “Clones, Reptilians, and Fake Deaths.” He’s a member of the Nesara Gesara Club, too.

There are hundreds of videos that have been produced by these five people, often interviewing each other. Perhaps the foreign accents lend an air of credibility.

My questions are – “If this is true, why is it good for the patriot cause to tell our enemies that we’re getting ready to strike?” And “If this was “fake news” or was dangerous to the Deep State, why would they permit them to keep sharing their videos?”

The lack of reliable news opens doors for persons like Simon Parkes

In the midst of the most extreme censorship the United States has ever experienced, and the most corrupt media clearly “reporting” blatant lies, the thirst for knowledge by a fearful public is immense. There is a psyops war on America, where propaganda techniques developed for military purposes are now being applied on the United States.

Disinformation is one of the main tools, where “the enemy” is confused and demoralized by rumors, and planted stories in the media are designed to make them distrust their own leaders and capitulate without a fight.

Democrats’ Wall of Jericho is falling: Trump declasses Obamagate, promises further revelations

To make their videos seem more credible, and to add immediacy to their day’s claim, Simon Parkes and his friends often say “I have been sworn to secrecy about this information, but have just been told I have permission to share it with you today.” It may be that Trump has secretly called up National Guard, or Army forces are massing in Texas, or the Pope has just been arrested.

The result is that thousands of conservatives watch Simon Parkes videos, sharing them with everyone they know.

The “experts” end up with millions of hits to their websites where people buy their books, silver, and health tonics. And they get royalties from YouTube. What is going on in their minds while they perpetrate these hoaxes and scare millions of people, I don’t know.

Another series of “inside news articles” warns about Chinese nationals buying up land in Texas, or landing troops in Jamaica. “An attack is imminent, stock up on food and water, be prepared to be without power and communications for two to four weeks!”

Panicked readers share these articles to their friends just before they head to Walmart to buy all the water bottles and toilet paper they can fit into their cars.

The problem is that we don’t trust the media people who are supposed to be “reporting” the news

Furthermore, Big Tech has censored and canceled the people who know the truth about what’s going on. There are so many confusing issues swirling around that you’d have to be an expert on each topic and sift through the real and fake news 24/7 to even have a clue about what’s really happening.

The good news is that once you know you are under attack from people who want to destroy our country, it’s easy to realize what you’re hearing has been specially designed for deception. By seeing which stories are promoted and which are stifled, you can reach some very accurate conclusions…

The election was 100% rigged. If it was honest, then there would have been no need to prevent observers from watching the ballot counting and no need for the most extreme Big Tech censorship in American history.

The January 6th protest in Washington was attended by a huge number of peaceful patriots.

It was infiltrated by Antifa members, who led the attack on the Capitol Building, which was left wide open by Capitol police. NPR has reported that an investigation is already underway to determine why security was so lax considering the size of the crowd that day and the officer in charge have been fired.

The American Patriots 2021 cry for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Anyone daring to show images or videos of Antifa members in the building is immediately subject to the digital assassination and the platforms that present the information are “disappeared.”

The January 6th “terrorist attack” on the Capitol was instantly seized upon as the reason to brand President Trump as a monster for “inciting a riot” and “starting an insurrection” and, guess what? – his speech telling his supporters to be peaceful and go home has been “erased” so nothing can interfere with the next impeachment.

The best way to combat psyops misinformation campaigns is to be as skeptical as Hell.

Think about what you’re seeing. Is your source well-known and reliable? Does it make sense? Does it fit with other information you’ve seen from other, un-related sources? Look for the warning signs such as “please share this with everyone you know so they can be prepared.”

If the information is censored, it’s probably true, and if it’s being widely distributed, it’s probably false.

Do some research. Watch the video. Look for other videos of the same event from different sources. It is authentic or could it have been staged? The Left has been lying about Trump and his agenda for the last four years. When one series of lies is exposed, the media simply ignores the fact that they’ve been caught and immediately moves on to the next big lie.

I don’t know if President Trump is about to “release the Kraken” and arrest the traitors or activate the 2018 executive order on foreign election interference – I sure hope he does. If not, our country is in for an extremely dark future.









Don Rosenberg

Don Rosenberg is a political consultant for conservative groups and congressional candidates. In 2015 he worked at the national level for the Ben Carson campaign.