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Sex vs Gender to Global Warming, misguided politics of Science Deniers

Written By | Apr 13, 2020
Science Deniers, Sex, Gender, Global Warming

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WASHINGTON: In an essay on criticism written in 1709, Alexander Pope, a British philosopher and university professor, wrote, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Whether he coined the phrase or not, the truth of those words has been proven over and over again. Today’s progressive movement has weaponized people’s lack of knowledge.  Moving “a little learning“, into a cottage industry aimed at discrediting their opponents.  Armed with half-truths and complete falsehoods, from the argument of sex vs. gender to global warming, the left denies science every day. Then calls those who believe in the scientific method, science deniers.

Adam & Eve, Versus man crawling out of the sea

In creation science versus Darwinism debates, the left likes to portray anyone who questions the theory of evolution as stupid, bible clutching, science deniers. The truth is that Darwinism is simply a theory. As in all theories, it is not proven science; nor is it provable.

A proven scientific theory, after considerable investigation, becomes a hypothesis. Then after exhaustive testing and retesting, that hypothesis becomes a law of science. To become a law, like the law of gravity, the theory must meet the scientific method meaning that the theory is provable, re-creatable, and predictable.

No one has yet been able to meet these standards with either Darwinism or creationism.

Parts of Darwin’s theory are proven, like natural selection.

That is directly traceable through scientific research and observation. But so are parts of creationism. Everyone knows the adage that there are only seven parts of separation between humans. That is proven science through DNA testing and research.

In order for all humanity to be so interconnected, we had to have all had the same forebearers at some point.

That makes the story of Adam and Eve feasible. How Adam and Eve came to be is debatable. However, at some point, two humans, one male, and one female came together, procreated, bearing offspring. This leading to the humanity we have today is undeniable.

So the question of whether Darwinism or creationism is right is as meaningless as to whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Neither side is right or wrong.

Yet anyone who dares suggest that creationism is as much a viable theory as Darwinism is slapped down as dumb, illiterate or worse. In reality, it is those who are refusing to investigate with an open mind who are the true illiterates. They are science deniers, usually leftist, trying to bully us into accepting junk theory for, political reasons.

Then there is global warming

To be correct, the global warming debate has morphed into the man-made climate change dissension. Leftist batter us with global warming like Mike Tyson battered Michael Spinks. Anyone who disagrees with their premise that the earth is in imminent danger due to man changing the environment, with disastrous consequences, is considered a science denier.

The truth is that threat of global warming argument was changed to man-made climate change because the earth has stopped warming for more than ten years. Climate scientists hid this fact for years, and in fact continue to hide evidence contrary to their proclamation to this day.

Mother Nature shrugs: The Coronavirus impact on the environment

It doesn’t take too much inquiry to learn that there is an equal number of highly-regarded scientists who disagree with the climate change propaganda as those who support it.

There is real science on both sides of the issue. But the left uses global warming not for scientific reasons,  but rather to further their radical political agenda. They call us science deniers, when they are the ones denying the scientific facts.

One fact that needs to be addressed is that in our global COVID-Quarantine, we are seeing the canals in Venice heal, the air over China clear, and seismic activity leading to earthquakes is lessening as the constant assault of machines – trains, planes and ships, not to mention underground metros, has lessened as people stay home.

Adam & Steve becoming Amy & Eve

The most obviously denied science is when the left try to convince us that a man and woman are interchangeable. Just snip here and add there and you have turned Adam into Amy or Eve into Steve. The truth is that you can package a watermelon to make it look like a pig, but it is still a watermelon dressed up like a pig.

It is the same with transgenders.

Transgendering America: Confusing equality with privilege

While on the outside they may look the opposite sex, inside they remain what they were born. It isn’t hard to prove it scientifically. The Olympic committee has been doing this for years with a simple cheek swab that checks the chromosomes. XX if you’re female, and XY for men.

Men and women are as different as night and day.

No reason to delineate the differences, simply understand that men are more athletic and stronger than women, while woman are more detailed, organized, and dextrous. While there are exceptions to these general terms, it is basically correct. Dressing Sue in John’s clothes doesn’t make Sue a man, even if she identifies as one.

LGBTQ+ people like to throw all kinds of chaff at us to mask the truth, usually talking about hermaphrodites. They are a person born with both male and female body parts. Today it is easy to tell which sex the child is, using the cheek swab mentioned above.

While years ago it was a problem, today it is not. It is used as a smoke-screen.

Speaking of smoke screens, the biggest one is sex versus gender.

A cute trick of words. Most people cannot tell you the difference between the meaning of the two words, but there is a huge one. Sex is female and male. There are no others. So as to camouflage the definition they use gender. The difference is that when leftist talk gender they are not talking about sex.

The word has been misused so much that when Title IX protections were enacted to protect women’s sports, the word gender was used. Today that word has been bastardized to include those who identify as the opposite sex. In their tormented brain they say that those who simply want to be the opposite sex must be included.

As stated earlier, men are stronger and more athletic. Boys, pretending to be girls, are crushing females in sports across the country. This is preventing these young ladies from receiving college scholarships they otherwise would have had. Crushing dreams in their wake. All because the left denies science.
Right versus wrong

We are in a culture war against an immoral enemy, the progressives. They would have us believe that criminals are victims and those who actually protect victims are criminals. Progressive science denial goes beyond simply refusing to listen to reason.

It goes into the realm of making up science.

They have been giving us false science through sociologists for 60 years. As their chosen scientists, sociologists have moved scientific evidence in their favor since the science of sociology was invented in the 1970s.

Most sociologists were women with children, so they set out to prove that working mothers did their offspring no harm. The children were given the name “latchkey kids” as part of their daily arsenal includes keys to the front door.

St Greta Thunberg and the fake Climate Change Children’s Crusade

The fact that children raised by working mothers are 50% more likely to use drugs, get into trouble, or go to jail is ignored. Sociologists also tried to prove that divorced or single mothers present no problems to their children. Yet empirical evidence demonstrates that the children of single mothers, whether divorced or unwed, have an 80% chance of drug or alcohol addiction, a better chance of going to jail and not completing high school than those with both parents in the home.

In the article, The Effects and Behaviours of Home Alone Situation by Latchkey Children, American Journal of Nursing Science, the conclusion is:

The effects of being a latchkey child differ with age. Loneliness, boredom and fear are most common for those younger than 10 years of age. In the early teens, there is a greater susceptibility to peer pressure, such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and smoking, adaptation to difficult situations, Socioeconomic status and length of time left alone can bring forth other negative effects. In one study, middle school students left home alone for more than three hours a day reported higher levels of behavioral problems, higher rates of depression and lower levels of self-esteem than other students.
Children from lower income families are associated with greater externalizing issues (such as conduct disorders and hyperactivity) and academic problems, while children from middle class and upper class income families are no different to their supervised peers.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence, reams of sociological papers are saying just the opposite.

It is a complete corruption of science, yet the left holds up those worthless studies as evidence that they are right. They try to convince us that destroying the family has no consequence.

Science deniers on the left live in this fantasy land where they can call those of us who consume scientific research and use it to form our thoughts, as science deniers, when in fact they use it to complete their political ends.

What they really want is communism, which means everyone, except them, suffer equally. It is the politics of science denial.



Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.