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Serious questions for Joe Biden’s potential Vice President

Written By | Apr 29, 2020
Joe Biden, Vice President, Woman, Abrams, Harris, Whitmer, Warren, Klobuchar

LOS ANGELES:  During the debates, a desperate former Vice President Joe Biden backed himself into a corner. He vowed that he would pick a woman as his choice for his own Vice President. The putative head of the party of identity politics excluded over 45% of Americans from consideration based on gender. Attention has centered on five women in particular: Senators Kamala Harris of California, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Liz Warren of Massachusetts, former Georgia State Senator Stacey Abrams, and first-term Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

While none of these five women are remotely qualified for the job, Biden needs to shore up his base. He also knows that a female choice for the job would be given a free pass from the liberal media. Any scrutiny of their record or qualifications would be dismissed as sexism. Two of these five women are black or partially black, and they have both played the racism and sexism cards to great effect.

To avoid these ladies getting a free ride, it is time to ask the questions that the liberal media will not dare ask. They should all be forced to go on the record and answer questions about Tara Reade, the former Biden staffer who has accused him of sexual assault. They should also be asked why they passionately believed Jussie Smollett and attacked the Covington kids. Beyond that, there are different questions that deserve to be asked of these women individually.


Senator Abrams, the presidency is a grueling job. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have both been ridiculed for being overweight. If elected, you would be the heaviest Vice President or President since Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. Are you too fat to be President? Given that black women have a disproportionate amount of health issues, are you willing to release your entire medical records? Does your family have a history of diabetes or heart disease? Are you qualified to be Vice President?

Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Vice PresidentBarack Obama was only a first-term senator when he began running for President. Donald Trump had never held elected office, but he did run a business empire.

Saving the Republic from the lunatic left

You have never held any elected office or run any large organization of any kind. You have never managed a bureaucracy. What makes you qualified to hold the highest office in the land?

You blamed your loss in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race on voter fraud and racism but have yet to provide any hard evidence that these were factors. How can you hope to unite Americans when you called the voters who knew you best racist?

You owed the IRS over $220,000 in back taxes, paying the IRS only after being called out on your delinquency. You raised money from several groups that are political in nature. Would you be willing to open up your financial records so Americans can see that you are not being paid by a slush fund?

KAMALA HARRIS (Senator California ):

Senator Harris, in the first Democrat debate, you basically called Joe Biden a racist. How can you campaign as the running mate of a man you labeled as a bigot? How could you serve as his Vice President?

You engaged in a two-year sexual affair with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown when he was a married man in his fifties and you were in your twenties. Mayor Brown admitted that your career benefitted from this relationship in the form of a pair of six-figure jobs.

Joe Biden, Vice President, Woman, Abrams, Harris, Whitmer, Warren, Klobuchar

Kamala Harris

How can you be a role model for women when faced with the reality that you used your sexuality to gain political power? Was your behavior the exact opposite of what the feminist movement intended?

How Tulsi Gabbard dealt the final blow to Kamala Harris

Your fellow California Senator Dianne Feinstein endorsed Joe Biden over you very early in the race. What does it say about you that your closest colleague bypassed you?

You cavalierly joked about smoking marijuana in college while listening to Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre even though their first album did not come out until after you graduated. Musical tastes aside, do you think drug use is a joking matter or not? What is your attitude toward drugs?

Your campaign was heavily geared toward winning over black voters. Why did you resort to speaking in black slang in front of black South Carolina voters while being much more erudite in front of rich white San Francisco voters? Was this intentional? Why did nobody ever see your husband on the campaign trail with you? Is it because he is white?

LIZ WARREN (Senator Massachusetts):

You claimed American Indian ancestry based on your having high cheekbones. How is this different from stating that having a big nose makes someone Jewish or that having a large posterior makes a woman black? Do you understand that your comment on the matter was a racist stereotype? Can you be an effective Vice President with your background?

Joe Biden, Vice President, Woman, Abrams, Harris, Whitmer, Warren, Klobuchar

Even if one were to strain credulity and accept that you believed that you were American Indian, there were consequences for this fable. You benefitted from affirmative action by applying for jobs as a minority American Indian rather than as a caucasian. What do you say to the families of minorities who were passed over for jobs because you were hired? If minority candidates with equal qualifications who applied for the exact same job were passed over, should they receive reparations from you? You have advocated the government pay reparations for slavery. Shouldn’t you lead by example and give a significant portion of your own money to minorities directly wronged by you?

Elizabeth Warren’s liberal lying about gender identity and diversity

You have a habit of screaming in your speeches and attacking the motives of people who disagree with you. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean was criticized for these exact same character traits. Are you too hostile to be President? Why do you feel the need to scream in your speeches? How can you possibly get anything done when your reputation shows you as an antagonist? Is your plan to bully your political opponents into submission and pass laws against the will of a large segment of voters? Why are you so quick to label people who see the world differently from you as malevolent rather than just good people with different ideas?

Massachusetts is much more liberal than the nation as a whole. Even in an increasingly liberal Democrat Party, the left-wing of the party preferred a nearly 80-year-old man who suffered a heart attack during the campaign. How can you possibly appeal to the overall American electorate when you were never able to expand your primary appeal beyond upper-class white liberals?

From Michael Dukakis to John Kerry to Bill Weld, Massachusetts liberals have not fared well on the presidential trail in recent decades. Given that Biden is from Delaware, why should he take a Northeastern liberal over a swing state moderate?

AMY KLOBUCHAR (Senator Minnesota):

Senator Klobuchar, you have been accused of abusive behavior toward your staff. Have you ever thrown a stapler, a lamp, or any other physical object at anyone who worked with you or for you? Is this good grounds to be Vice President?

Staying on the subject of sexual and physical violence, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison recently faced a credible accusation of physically abusing his girlfriend. Why did you stay silent? Do you still agree with the decision to expel your home state colleague Al Franken from the Senate? If he runs again, will you support him?

NYT endorses Warren, Klobuchar declaring war on America’s deplorables

Joe Biden, Vice President, Woman, Abrams, Harris, Whitmer, Warren, KlobucharMinneapolis Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has made repeated anti-Semitic comments. She is also facing massive ethics clouds ranging from sexual improprieties to financial corruption to committing Visa fraud upon entering America. The fairly liberal Minneapolis Star has slowly investigated her, but you have remained silent. Why have you treated Congresswoman Omar with kid gloves? Do you endorse her for reelection to the House?

Are you holding Ellison and Omar to a lower standard because they are Muslims? Should Jews be worried about this?

You missed nearly 40% of Senate votes while running for President. Why should voters trust you to do the job when you ignore two out of every five votes in your current job?

GRETCHEN WHITMER (Michigan): Governor Whitmer, you were recently caught giving no-bid contracts to leftist political allies, a clear violation of law. You rescinded he contracts only after being caught. Why should voters trust you given this patronage?

You spoke openly in 2013 about being a victim of sexual assault. Do you believe that women who claim they were sexually assaulted must always be believed? Are you concerned that Brett Kavanaugh was not given due process of law? Did you believe the woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse players? What do you say to people who see your liberal ideology getting in the way of the truth?

Other states such as Texas and Florida have many more people than Michigan. Florida, in particular, has many elderly people who are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus illness.

For America, the tyranny of government is more dangerous than COVID-19

Why does Michigan require stiffer lockdown measures? Why is Michigan having so many problems dealing with the COVID-19 virus? Do you take any responsibility for these problems that other governors seem to have successfully handled?

Joe Biden, Vice President, Woman, Abrams, Harris, Whitmer, Warren, KlobucharYou took draconian measures such as banning people from planting their own vegetable gardens or traveling between two homes that a person rightfully owns. Given that governors in the other 49 states did not take these measures, do you even question that maybe you went too far? Should voters be concerned that perhaps you have authoritarian tendencies?

Detroit Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has a history of incendiary comments toward Jews in addition to profanity-laced tirades. She became famous for getting thrown out of a town hall meeting, as she belligerently screamed while being hauled away. Do you endorse Congresswoman Tlaib’s reelection? Do you treat her to a lower standard of behavior because of the influence of Michigan’s Arab Muslim community? Should Jews be worried about you obtaining power?

Eric Golub

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