Selma, Alabama is now meaningless


LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2014 — Fifty years ago, Selma, Ala., properly became a national symbol of the black struggle for freedom and equality. Blacks and whites marched together, sang “We shall overcome” and came together in true acts of healing.

Fifty years later, Selma has been rendered utterly meaningless. Those wrapping themselves in the Selma flag have just substituted one form of bigotry for another. It is still wrong to hate somebody because of their skin color, but ideological bigotry is perfectly acceptable. Liberal blacks and whites are united in declaring open season on conservatives.

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The New York Times remains the paper of record for leftist anti-conservative bigots everywhere. A photo of the 2015 march on Selma excluded President George W. and First Lady Laura Bush. The Times is insisting that this was an issue of lighting and not ideology. Their credibility was shot long before they turned into the Jayson Blair Times over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, a supposed civil rights hero named Diane Nash refused to march with President Bush. Any heroic deeds she may have been involved with in the 1960s are now null and void. Hatred filled the void and crowded out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of love and acceptance.

President Barack Obama has spent his entire presidency demonizing anybody who disagrees with him. On more than one occasion he has explicitly stated that his critics object to him because he is black.

Attorney General Holder has used the full weight and power of his office to harass innocent citizens. The victims have been guilty of nothing but having different political views from President Obama. In some cases, the harassment victims were political activists. Others. such as the owners of Gibson Guitar, were private people engaged in the non-controversial practice of making musical instruments. The owners privately donated money to political opponents of Obama. How Holder learned about private taxpayer information of anybody has never been revealed.

One can almost forgive Nash for turning hard-hearted in her old age. She did witness true horrors as a youth. Obama spent the civil rights years as a child of privilege in Hawaii followed by more privilege in Indonesia. His black experience consisted of using the Chicago black community to build a political career. Holder was barely a teenager during the Selma March and was living in Queens, N.Y. There was no slavery in New York. It was a free state where Holder was able to pursue an elite Ivy League education without interference. His struggle consisted of deciding on which jacket with elbow patches to wear to which dinner. Like Obama, he adopted the black Selma experience for personal gain.

Obama and Holder made a key decision when they came into power. Rather than pursue justice, they chose vengeance. Those they could not financially bankrupt, they just jailed. One conservative film-maker, Dinesh D’Souza, was targeted for making a film critical of Obama. Another film-maker remains in prison under trumped-up charges for possibly being a threat to Obama’s re-election in the wake of the Benghazi debacle.

Before Selma, one way whites kept blacks down was by restricting their access to guns. Now it is fast and furious leader Eric Holder trying to restrict gun access for those deemed threatening to the Obama power structure. Holder’s ideological zealotry led to the murders of an American border guard and over 200 innocent Mexicans.

This is before getting to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Jackson rose to fame when he raced across a room in 1968, knocking over several people in his way. He managed to cradle a bleeding Dr. King in his arms just in time for the cameras. Jackson’s civil rights heroism began with a self-serving photo opportunity and got worse as time went by.

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Sharpton leads race riots that get innocent people killed. He led the black mob that killed Yeshiva student Yankel Rosenbaum. Now he is a top adviser to New York Mayor Bill Deblasio and President Obama.

This is the Selma legacy. A movement that started out righteous is now nothing more than a slogan for political opportunists. Selma is a cudgel for those wanting to punish political opponents. Rallying cries such as “Hands up, don’t shoot” are given iconic status despite never happening. Meanwhile, blacks are arrested in a greater percentage than whites without anyone having the courage to point out black guilt in actually committing crimes. The only whites deserving blame are the liberals who brought about policies that destroyed black families and replaced them with government power.

For those of us who were not even born in 1965, enough is enough. Minority Sympathy Fatigue (MSF) has set in. Hearing about the struggle for equality is boring. Those pushing Selma the hardest are the ones who benefit the most from never-ending conflict. Listening to songs about overcoming are useless when endless complaining is the means and the ends.

For many in the 2015 crowd, Selma does not even relate to racial issues. Justice has been expanded to cover environmental justice, animal rights justice, and justice for every other leftist social cause. Any day now Common Core textbooks will teach that Dr. King marched to Selma to combat climate change. Those doubting this can read the signs in the crowd from rich, white liberal Millennials unable to spell the word “struggle” much less identify with one.

Selma mattered until those with a leftist ideological agenda deliberately decided to corrupt its meaning.

The real point of Selma is that all people should be treated with dignity. All human beings were created by God and deserve respect. Nowhere was it written that only liberals deserve to be extended hands of compassion and humanity.

Nowhere does it say that South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is any less black just because he is conservative. Only a liberal perverting the very meaning of Selma would say such vile things.

The Southern white power in the 1960s deserved to be destroyed. So does the corrupt leftist power structure of ideologically bigoted grievance mongers.

Until everybody is free, nobody is free. Unless everybody has God-given rights, we are all enslaved.

White liberals are stoking resentment with help from corrupt black self-appointed leaders wanting division and turmoil. The last thing they want is progress and unity of any kind. They wanted the true memory of Selma destroyed and erased.

They succeeded. A plague on their bigoted houses.

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