SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision is anti-Obamacare, not anti-women


LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014—We all knew that the Supreme Court’s ruling on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell would engender strong reactions, no matter which way the decision went. Both sides are guilty of hyperbole, but the Left has gone on a tear and a campaign to paint this as a women’s rights issue, when it is anything but.

On the conservative side, you have some interesting extremes. Republican strategist and former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove—who many staunch conservatives do not feel even deserves the label “conservative”—gleefully stated on Fox’s America’s Newsroom that “This is a great victory for religious liberty. In parts of the country where traditional values are strong, and parts of the country where, for example, the Catholic Church is strong, this will be well received.”

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On the opposite end of the conservative spectrum, John Hinderaker of the Powerline Blog pulled a quote from an appellate lawyer Mark Arnold:

A meaningless decision. The less restrictive alternative that the majority settled on is a certification by Hobby Lobby that it opposes contraceptive coverage, after which the insurance company must provide that coverage for free. Meaning that the premium charged to Hobby Lobby will necessarily include the cost of the free contraception. All smoke and mirrors. (emphasis mine)

So Mr. Arnold dismisses the victory as a non-starter, while Mr. Rove renders great significance to it. While both of these men are entitled to their opinion, both of them have missed the mark.

The favorable ruling in this lawsuit, as well as a potentially favorable ruling in suits lodged by non-profits like Little Sisters of the Poor could do the work of further eroding the mandates imposed under the law. Obamacare cannot survive without its mandates—get rid of the mandates, and you dismantle the law piece by piece.

However, the problem with supposed sweeping victories is that people get complacent, drop their guard, and rest on their laurels. While one aspect of the already troubled Obamacare law was dealt a blow by the Supreme Court, this same Court upheld the same law as Constitutional. So while conservatives are thankful religious liberties are no longer on the chopping block, it will still require vigilance, as well as a Congress that bothers to take lawful action through the power of the purse, to see the Obamacare law dispatched.

On the left side of things, Think Progress blog penned the headline: Hobby Lobby Wins Right To Refuse To Cover Birth Control.

This completely deceptive headline is meant to stoke the “War on Women” narrative. Hobby Lobby was not fighting to disregard the entire contraceptive mandate—their insurance plans before Obamacare already covered over 30 different forms of contraception. What the Greens balked at were four different “treatments” commonly known as abortifacients (Plan “B” and the Morning-after pill). These pills are clearly meant to terminate an already conceived life, and the Greens felt supplying these four abortifacients would violate their evangelical Christian religious beliefs.

Political figures like Texas Senator (and Texas gubernatorial candidate) Wendy Davis and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi decided to weigh in with their two cents.

Does Ms. Davis mean the way the Obamacare law puts the government between people and their doctors? Holly Fisher is the mother of six-month-old Norah. Norah was diagnosed with a hole in her heart and Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. While the Fisher family had found a pediatric cardiologist they fully trusted, because the husband’s employer changed coverage to a different plan (the second insurance change the company has made in a year) Norah can no longer see this cardiologist because the new plan does not cover this doctor, or any of Norah’s doctors.

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Then there is Edie Littlefield Sundby, who is battling Stage 4 gallbladder cancer. Ms. Sundby took to the Wall Street Journal last year to proclaim that her insurance policy which covered all her doctors and life-sustaining treatments had been cancelled due to Obamacare.

Bill Elliott, another cancer sufferer, spoke out on Fox’s The Kelly File about the increase in insurance premiums which caused him to lose his insurance. In the fashion of this administration, Mr. Elliott is being audited by the IRS.

The Fishers, Edie Sundby, and Bill Elliott have lost access to the doctors who have been pivotal in keeping them alive because of Obamacare’s insurance mandates and its limited networks that are supposed to help control cost. Thanks to Obamacare, these people are fighting for their lives—if they are even still alive.

Yet, Wendy Davis is “disappointed” the Supreme Court ruled in favor of two employers who don’t want to pay for three pharmaceuticals that terminate life in the womb. Like any crafty politician, she is using this to stoke her fundraising goals. The mind boggles.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi goes full bore into hyperbole:

Rep. Pelosi has problems with corporations doing this, but obviously has no problem with President Obama doing the same. The Obama administration has set a dangerous precedent of not only choosing which laws to obey (Immigration, The 20-plus changes to Obamacare without Congressional approval), but continues to use executive orders to rewrite laws when he chooses. Despite a slap on the wrist from the 9-0 Supreme Court ruling regarding recess appointments, the President announced today that he will bypass a stalled Congress and use his executive power to start fixing the nation’s immigration system.

But we can’t permit awful corporations to pick and choose laws—what type of precedent would that set?

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ Twitter comments are the icing on the progressive cake:


What exactly does Cecile Richards think is a fight? Basic health care? Birth control? Both are privileges that women across America have without restriction. Even if insurance does not cover contraception, it can still be obtained fairly cheaply (as little as $9 a month), if not for free.

No government intervention was required, and this is why we are where we are—because the government, and activists like Cecile Richards have inserted themselves where they do not belong.

My young-adult niece would go to parties and raves in Hollywood where they passed out free contraceptive samples and free condoms. If you went to these parties two or three nights a week, you’d be stocked up on birth control for half a month without paying a penny. When this writer was taking birth control, I could get free samples from my doctor if I was in between; there were also a variety of discount programs at my disposal for women without insurance. So despite Ms. Richards’ outraged tweet, no one is fighting for women’s rights or birth control. This is yet another ploy to create a fallacious narrative.

The hashtag “#NotMyBossBusiness” is rather ironic. If it’s not your boss’ business, then stop demanding your boss’ business pay for it.

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    Take religion out of politics and politics out of religion. Todays decision by the Supreme Court set women’s issues back 50 years! Time to change the Constitution. and get rid of tenure for the judges on the Supreme Court. Women remember this when voting. BOYCOTT ALL HOBBY LOBBYS