Sandra Fluke and Marianne Williamson: Either win would be a loss for California

Marianne Williamson and Sandra Fluke
Marianne Williamson and Sandra Fluke

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2014— In California the candidacies easily getting the most press are those of Sandra Fluke and Marianne Williamson, running for Senate in District 26, and Congress in District 33, respectively. California’s primary elections will be held on June 3.

Most of the ballot is peppered with propositions, initiatives, and judicial seats needing to filled, while the rest is dedicated to State and County officials, congressional and senate seats.

Proof that money, good PR, and a patina of celebrity endorsements will get you everywhere in politics—especially in districts that are known for their support of progressive and liberal politics and causes.

Thirty-two-year-old Sandra Fluke gained national attention in 2012 when she testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on female students’ inability to receive free contraception at Georgetown, a Catholic university that, as far as one can tell, tries to adhere to Catholic teaching and doctrine.

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Thanks to disparaging remarks by Rush Limbaugh and actress Patricia Heaton, Ms. Fluke received more prominence than she deserved, and has gone on to milk it for all it’s worth. After getting a sympathetic phone call from President Barack Obama, Ms. Fluke gained national sympathy and political credentials simply because she was called out for demanding the government fund her sex life.

Since then, she has given a speech at the 2012 Democrat National Convention, and jumped on anything that gives the credence of women’s advocacy: from Sheryl Sanberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign, to speaking out against gender pay inequality. As far as her Twitter account and a web search could tell, she has not issued a statement on the firing of New York Times editor Jill Abramson—but give it time.

Ms. Fluke’s campaign website “Stand with Sandra dot org” is glossy and technologically savvy, wholly befitting a Millennials run for political office. Her biography is a glowing testament to her supposed advocacy: “[…] building coalitions, advocating for legislation, and securing the passage of bills that will change lives for the better. Now, Sandra wants to bring a fresh perspective and a new generation of leadership to the California State Senate. She has the legislative experience to hit the ground running but isn’t a career politician beholden to special interests.”

A bio full of all the buzzwords that make liberal hearts sing. However, two things stick out:

One, what in her short career reflects any actual legislative experience? I guess campaigning for President Obama’s re-election and fundraising for other Democrat candidates counts as legislative experience nowadays.

Second, “not a career politician beholden to special interest”? Since she has made her bones shilling for politicians and particular left-wing causes, this writer would beg to differ.

Ms. Fluke’s Twitter page is peppered with well-crafted tweets celebrating women’s health week, the academic career of her mother, thanking her 7th-grade teacher, and retweets from Nancy Pelosi and Democrat politicians and feminists. Well-honed, polished, soulless, and lacking in any heart or sincerity.

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Here is what is frightening about a Sandra Fluke candidacy: she is a partisan hack who cares more about being in the limelight than she actually cares about the causes for which she supposedly champions. There is nothing serious about her save that she wishes to remain a mouth piece for the Democrat party. We have a president who burst upon the scene with little business, legislative, or practical experience, and our country—and the world—is suffering because of it. Ms. Fluke should not be allowed anywhere near public office; whether she does or not will be something for the voters of District 26 to decide.

New York Times-bestselling author and motivational speaker Marianne Williamson is running for Rep. Henry Waxman’s seat. She’s up against other female candidates, like the egregious Los Angeles mayoral contender Wendy Gruel, and thanks to all that book royalty and Course in Miracles money, she appears to be the frontrunner. Like District 26, District 33 is another bastion of limousine liberals and progressives, who are already captivated by Ms. Williamson’s combination of New Age mumbo jumbo combined with typical progressive pabulum.

Ms. Williamson is saying all the right things: railing against corporate overlords and domestic surveillance, advocating for preventing climate change and encouraging demilitarization. She compellingly wraps her agendas in spiritually attractive packages, alluding to the abolitionist movement and women’s suffrage to paint a picture of her form of spiritual activism and the moral imperativeness of her cause.

Ms. Williamson tries to frame herself as non-partisan, but her endorsements tell a different story. Well-known elected progressives like Fla. Rep. Allan Grayson  and former Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich have video endorsements on her site. Entertainment and music industry heavyweights Alanis Morissette and Jane Lynch, both known for their endorsement of certain types of left-leaning candidates and causes, have campaigned for her.

Getting the picture? Despite running as an “Independent”, Ms. Williamson has said on her campaign announcement video that she has been a lifelong Democrat and will caucus with the Democrats; so how does aligning yourself with one party help to bring about “A New Conversation for a New America”?

There is real grassroots politics happening in America; the candidacies of Ben Sasse (Nebraska), Joni Ernst (Iowa), and Mia Love (Utah) prove this. Sad to say that we do not have much of this happening in California. These candidates from other states at least have some proven track record of either legislative achievement or business experience.

The same cannot be said of either Ms. Fluke or Ms. Williamson. With California hemorrhaging businesses and losing their middle-class tax base in droves, one would think citizens of the state would pause and look for candidates who actually have the background, experience, and fire in the belly to truly change the current state of affairs.

While playing popularity politics gets you a well-heeled audience, it does little for the average Joe who will be affected by your decisions—or lack thereof.

All politics is LOCAL. Who we allow into the ranks of the local system quickly move into national office. Despite some sound representatives from the Golden State, we have far too many who have little leadership or executive experience, and are simply lining their coffers and running personal agendas. Rep. Maxine Waters is but one example. A foundation of people management and personal integrity no longer seems to matter; if the candidate has a following that will launch him or her into office, that candidate enters the system, and continues to game it in their favor.

Both Sandra Fluke and Marianne Williamson are lacking in seriousness, legislative experience, and any proven track record of public service. The sad thing is, we have been electing these types of candidates for years, and the people of California continue to pay the consequences.

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  • liberalspokesmen

    She’s a whore, so she should fit right in to politics!

    • AlexisJaime

      “Whore(s)” don’t sell themselves for condoms and birth-control, they accept cash. Thus saying she is a “whore” is demeaning to working girls.

      • liberalspokesmen

        LOL, o.k. a SLUT then!!!

        • AlexisJaime

          Just because she wants birth control to be paid for by government or forced to be made available by government doesn’t mean she is a slut. The mere fact someone wants government to use force and the threat of fine and/or imprisonment to compel an employer to provide contraceptives doesn’t mean that person is a slut. She may want birth-control pills to make a little doll house for her barbies. You know, instead of using bricks and mortar she will use pills and glue. She might even want to make balloon animals with condoms or use dental-dams as thimbles. She could even want a large quantity of the morning after pill so she can sneak into minority neighborhoods and maliciously end the pregnancies in an effort to commit genocide, but it doesn’t make her a slut.

          Even if she wanted to have an abundant supply of contraception that someone else was forced to pay for, so that she could have as much sex as she chose without becoming impregnated, that STILL WOULD NOT MAKE HER A SLUT. It would make her VIRGINLY CHALLENGED.

          All that being said, what is she if she isn’t a slut or a whore? The answer is, she is a statist socialist propaganda artist who believes the violation of property rights is justified as long as it is deemed to be for the greater good. She is a person who claims to protect the rights of the individual by forcing other individuals to give up their profits for other individuals.

          She isn’t a slut or a whore, she is an oxymoron.

          • liberalspokesmen

            No, she is a slut…get married if you want to have sex any time you want….that way the consequences of her promiscuous filthy sex encounters are her’s and her husbands…not the tax payers!!!

          • AlexisJaime

            That comment makes no sense. Get married so that they can pay for contraceptives instead of tax payers? What? Why can’t they pay for contraceptives and the consequences of having sex if they aren’t married? Like I said, your comment doesn’t make sense. I doubt you actually read what I wrote in my last comment.

            But by all means, continue to call women sluts and push them away from the republican party. Lord know the republican party doesn’t need any of them slutty women(sarcasm).

          • liberalspokesmen

            Like I said, she is a whore!! If you don’t like it that is your problem it has no barring on what party you are affiliated with!! It is that mindset that got us where we are today….I see no difference in men or women who want to sleep around!! You changed the subject with your tax payer rant…I don’t want to pay for ANY of her sexual choices, she should not need birth control if she is not married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kk

      So I looked back on all of your comments, to look at the kind of woman you are…thinking maybe you are just having a bad day…using the language and reasoning you do, maybe you are just upset, sexually frustrated, perhaps. But wow, you are a MESS. Angry at God, the world and everyone in it- obviously including yourself. I’m sorry for you, and any person in contact or connection with you. Prayers.

      • liberalspokesmen

        Who says I am a woman….If you think it’s o.k. to front other peoples sexual escapades you are welcome to pay for them…Being a slut, incidentally male or female, will land you on the fast track to some kind of disease and I don’t want to pay for it with this monstrosity of a healthcare system!!! Your kind is just plain stupid!!

  • Marilyn

    Maybe she can hang out with Nancy !!!!! What a pair that would be.

  • nayrbgo

    Ben Allen is my choice for California State Senate District 26, and his campaign so far proves grassroots, real and local. Thanks for the perspective on Fluke and Williamson. I was looking for someone to poke the Brentwood bubble a bit.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      You’re welcome!

  • Ajackphd

    The author has strong opinions but it seems she didn’t do her homework very well. Characterizing them as “lacking seriousness” or lacking a “track record of public service” shows how little she knows about the backgrounds or personalities of these two women. And as for lacking legislative experience, it seems to me it is the career politicians who are creating the problems in Washington, and some out-of-the-box thinking along with some fresh new ideas about how to get things done would be a welcome experience.

  • kapow!

    Blah, blah, blah. Hey, guess what? I voted for Marianne today!!! 🙂

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