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Sanders supporters want to be taken seriously despite pot and profanity

Written By | Jun 5, 2016

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2016 — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders held another political Woodstock this weekend. The event featured loud music, glorification of marijuana, and calls for peace and unity.

The rally held positives and negatives for the candidate.

About 10,000 people, 9,800 more than Hillary Clinton had at her Los Angeles rally,  showed up at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to hear Sanders,. The crowd was peaceful. A heavy security presence including Secret Service ensured that the event went off without incident.

The event lasted five hours. Sanders spoke for well over an hour to a crowd that was far from bored. This was certainly a contrast to Clinton’s 12-minute effort earlier in the week.

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The main problems for Sanders and his supporters are Sanders and his supporters. These people want to be taken seriously, but their behavior does not lead to anyone’s taking them as anything more than naughty children.

Sanders’ supporters seem unable to express themselves in a civilized manner. Profanity is their preferred language. Popular T-shirts at the rally read, “F*ck politics, Vote Bernie.” Other T-shirt intellectuals bore the slogan, “Bernie, Because f*ck this sh*t.”

Sanders’ supporters love marijuana. Not all of them smoke it, but they certainly make it a major part of their movement. One popular button read, “Bernie 2016” with a marijuana leaf dotting the “i.” Rock band Iration concluded their set with Tom Petty’s ode to cannabis, “Last Chance with Mary Jane.”

Warmup speakers similarly offered anything but a reason to be taken seriously.

Josh Fox is a radical environmentalist behind the discredited documentary, “Gasland.” He attacked oil companies as “mother frackers” and offered the confused call to “stand up and fight climate change.” He raged about “climate apartheid” and thundered that “the revolution will not be solarized.”

The crowd cheered when Fox screamed a soundbite that Republicans should use in every one of their own campaign commercials. “Bernie Sanders stands for dismantling the fossil fuel industry.”

The young crowd wanting to return America to the stone age cheered wildly while taking selfies with smartphones made partly from petroleum products before driving home their fossil fuel-powered cars.

Rock group Best Coast screamed, “I cannot hear a goddamn thing we are doing” and “It’s f*cking about Bernie.” Rock group Local Natives summed up the Sanders revolution and its supporters with their song, “Who knows? Who cares?”

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Actress Susan Sarandon, who was a celebrity 30 years ago, bizarrely told the crowd, “You look like some kind of juicy Benetton ad.” They cheered, pretending to have the slightest idea what that even means.

Bernie supporters want to be seen as a serious movement, but their behavior makes it impossible to see them as anything but barbarians at the gate, America’s misfit dregs.

When Sanders gave the police the most tepid of compliments, the crowd response was even less enthusiastic than his faint praise. He followed that up with sharp criticism of law enforcement, and the crowd cheered wildly.

Sanders offered his anti-police rhetoric from within a security cocoon. The Secret Service was prepared to take a bullet for him as he attacked overreaching law enforcement.

The loudest applause for Sanders was for his vow to legalize marijuana nationwide. He lamented the drug use that has devastated many areas, including Vermont, but insisted that marijuana is not a gateway drug.

The crowd passionately cheered his contradictory nonsense.

Sanders delivered a poignant tribute to late boxing legend Muhammad Ali. He spoke of Ali’s devotion to civil rightsand human rights and his opposition to the Vietnam War. The eulogy took a partisan turn when Sanders accused Republicans of loving Ali while hating all other Muslims.

That was as untrue as it was unnecessary. Sanders neglected to mention that Ali voted for President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Also forgotten was President George W. Bush’s speech from a mosque in September 2001.

The rest of Sanders’ speech included his standard promises of free everything for everybody. He even insisted that he has a way to pay for his trillions of dollars in free goodies: Wall Street will pay for it with a tax on speculation.

That will work perfectly if we suspend the laws of supply and demand and calculate with things other than math and numbers. The Sanders approach is fact and evidence-free.

He spoke for nearly 75 minutes, but there was much that Sanders did not say. There was no mention of ISIS, Iran or any other foreign policy problem around the globe. Syria’s Bashar Assad and Russia’s Vladimir Putin are not stoned college students; they did not swoon over Sen. Barack Obama and will not be stopped by a 74-year-old socialist.

Once again Sanders left out any mention of Israel and Jews. He made full-throated promises to fight for blacks, gays, women and Hispanics. Every form of bigotry catches his attention, including the mythical Islamophobia. Anti-Semitism gets not one word.

His base is at best cool toward Israel and at worst hostile toward Jews. People in the crowd took delight in comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. When one leftist Jew was told that Trump did not kill 6 million Jews, she proudly replied that he would if he could.

Clinton’s ‘major’ foreign policy speech a major attack on Trump

Also missing from the Sanders rally were American flags. In a crowd of 10,000 people, it was hard to find a single American flag on even one attendee. This is expected of people who want to tear America down and replace it with something else. Bernie devotees may insist that they love America, but they have a bizarre way of showing it.

The last thing missing from the Bernie rally was violence. Sanders supporters, often paid agitators, have shown up at Trump events for the purpose of starting fights. They then blame Trump for the violence that leftists and leftists alone have instigated. Conservative Republicans and others backing Trump do not even bother to show up to liberal rallies.

Trump supporters are not screaming for a revolution. Nor are they violently screaming about peace, love and coming together while trying to rip everything apart.

Sanders is authentic. Unlike Trump and Clinton, there is zero doubt that he believes every word he says. There is also zero doubt that his supporters are willing to say and do anything to get their revolution. This makes the Sanders movement far more crazy and dangerous than anything they criticize.

Tearing down civilization in a most uncivilized manner is not utopia. It is just destruction. All the feel-good reggae music and marijuana mellow highs will not put lipstick on this piggish cult or its devotees.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”