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Sage Obama says: More stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth

Written By | Jun 7, 2018

WASHINGTON. Ben Rhodes, former National security adviser to Barack Obama, notes his boss occasionally dispensed oracular wisdom to his inner circle. In his upcoming, sure-to-be-a-bestseller memoir “The World As It Is,” Rhodes offers his readers a classic “Sage Obama says” styled pronouncement. It was dispensed by the now ex-President via a “message” to his then-adviser the morning after Her Hillaryness was defeated in Election 2016.

As reported by the New York Times’ Peter Baker, quoth Sage Obama:

“There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth.”

Heart-breakingly profound, ain’t it?

That pronouncement serves as a springboard for “The World as It Wasn’t,” an article by Matthew Continetti in the National Review.

Upon reading this opening passage (discovered courtesy of Power Line), I couldn’t help but smile and think back on those classic “Charlie Chan” detective movies from the 1930s and ‘40s. The eponymous Chinese detective – always portrayed by white actors back in those pre-woke days – routinely dispensed choice nuggets of ancient Oriental wisdom that generally began with: “Confucius say …”

Cut to Sage Obama, whose inscrutable pronouncements like the one noted above carried far less philosophical weight. Or so Continetti thinks.

“Say what? How does a dimly remembered Carl Sagan quote relate to 2016? Was Obama speaking in code? Was this an example of him taking the ‘long view’ — implying that lol nothing matters because we are all cosmic dust adrift in the void [or that] the planet might be saved from Trump by an alien invasion? It sounds like the message you’d find inside an especially pretentious fortune cookie.

“Obama’s words once again revealed his colossal lack of self-awareness. The passages of The World As It Is that Baker quotes in his piece reinforce the widespread impression of our 44th president as an aloof, smug, vainglorious chief executive totally divorced from political reality. The shock, disgust, confusion, and horror with which Obama and his team greeted the election results exemplified the very attitudes toward democratic procedure and populist conservatism that fueled Trump’s rise. The only lesson Barack Obama drew from the election was confirmation of his own moral superiority.

“Even the former president’s moments of ‘self-doubt’ were framed as opportunities for lackeys to remind him of his greatness.”

From these damning observations, Continetti launches the finest evaluation of Obama’s disastrous, destructive presidency I’ve read to date. He lays out the charges in a single sentence that challenges German philosophy texts in its length. I’m reproducing the entire paragraph here. But I’m turning the comma series into bullet points to enhance their already considerable impact.

“Apparently Obama had read a column — I have an idea of which one — about the role of identity in shaping people’s lives and political choices. ‘Maybe we pushed too far,’ he mused. ‘Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.’ No question his fellow passengers that day reassured him that no, no, he did everything he could to bend the arc of history a little more toward justice. It’s not your fault, Mr. President. You didn’t push too far. All you did was

  • troll Donald Trump into running for president in the first place,
  • stand by while Ferguson and Baltimore rioted and burned,
  • give Iran billions in exchange for empty promises,
  • allow Russia to establish a beachhead in the Middle East for the first time in half a century,
  • browbeat Israel at every opportunity,
  • ram through Obamacare after Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts,
  • preside over the mass migration of children across the southern border in 2014,
  • expand the DACA amnesty despite saying 22 times you lacked authority to do so,
  • use the permanent structure of government to devastate the Appalachian economy,
  • convince half of America that liberals were ready to take their guns (this wasn’t hard to do),
  • have your Education Department issue orders that led to the campus-assault craze and the deterioration of classroom discipline and that, months before a presidential election, mandated trans-bathrooms in schools,
  • have your Justice Department preside over a sloppy (I’m being charitable) investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server that included, at one point, your attorney general secretly meeting with the husband of the subject of the investigation on an airport tarmac,
  • muscle out Joe Biden, who might have won, from the race, and hand the party back to the less likable half of America’s most polarizing and corrupt political couple.

Not to mention the eight years of lecturing. Oh, the lecturing.”

Reversing and erasing the “fundamental transformation” of America imposed by Sage Obama

Read the whole thing, and then reflect again on the 24/7 Deep State, DOJ, FBI, intelligence agency assault on the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Current and former highly placed government individuals are pressing this political Civil War. They drank the faux socialist Kool-Aid years and perhaps decades ago. Before the Lightworker ascended to the White House throne and commanded the oceans to cease their relentless rise.

Continetti’s litany of Obama’s failures touches only on the ongoing destruction of American democracy Sage Obama and his Marxist minions inflicted on America. They were and are better than us, of course. Nobler than us, too. And above all, much, much smarter than us. So perhaps their aloofness and disdain for everyone else is understandable.

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Sage Obama and his minions sneered at the American Deplorables with increasing openness during his administration. But  as a result of this epic hubris, they chose the form of their Destructor – Donald Trump – much as Dan Ayckroyd did in the one – and only – “Ghost Busters.”

They were so smart that they never imagined he’d win. So now they’re trying to rectify history by programming him out of the White House. After all, as America’s new Deplorable-in-Chief, he doesn’t deserve to be there, right?

As President, Trump has proceeded with blinding speed to rip the guts out of Obamanation. Will Trump’s 180 reversal of Sage Obama and his “fundamental transformation” of America will actually succeed? It’s an open question. But as for the endless fury vented 24/7 by Trump’s self-righteous enemies in the Deep State?  That’s a clear indication he’s getting dangerously close to succeeding.

—Headline photo: The World Turned Upside down. Slightly altered White House photo, U.S. government, public domain.

Terry Ponick

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