Russia, Obamacare, Israel: Where are the liberal success stories?

President Obama | - Pete Souza
President Obama | - Pete Souza

BOZEMAN, Mont., August 20, 2014 — When Barack Obama swept into office on a rainbow of hope, change and messianic chants of “Yes, we can,” the expectation was that something, somewhere would improve. Conservatives scoffed at the liberal fantasy world where every problem would be fixed and liberalism would reign supreme for a generation if not in perpetuity. Yet even Obama’s toughest critics should be a bit surprised that the man who perfectly represented liberalism would fail at everything.

Liberals may deny this sweeping charge, but they cannot refute it. To avoid calling the Obama presidency and the liberalism it embodies a complete and total failure requires one liberal success somewhere, anywhere.

Where is this elusive success story?

The Russian “reset” has failed. President Putin gobbled up Crimea and is now pursuing Ukraine.

Iran is well on its way to building nuclear bombs. Nothing has slowed the mullahs ambitions.

Iraq began collapsing as soon as Obama removed American troops. Anti-war liberals attack George W. Bush and the original decision to remove Saddam Hussein, but the current 2014 chaos in Iraq is a direct result of a bad presidential decision made in 2010, not 2003.

Afghanistan also began collapsing for the same reason. Once Americans began leaving, the Taliban began returning with all of its Islamist savagery.

Al-Qaeda was supposed to be on the run after the killing of Osama bin-Laden. Instead, al-Qaeda has morphed into an even more bloodthirsty Islamist army known as the Islamic State (formerly ISIS).

Boko Haram kidnaps and murders hundreds of Nigerians, including schoolgirls. The Obama administration responds with a Twitter hashtag plea.

Americans now get kidnapped in other parts of the world as our government remains too weak and impotent to free them. Alan Gross has been held for five years in Cuba. Sgt. Tahmooreesi is a captive in a Mexican jail. Photojournalist James Foley was kidnapped in 2013, and apparently beheaded by ISIS this week.

These kidnappings never happened when George W. Bush was President. Liberal Democrats can bleat on about the delicate nuances behind the soft power (ridiculously renamed smart power) of diplomacy, but the complete ineffectiveness is there for the world to see.

Meddling in Israel has managed to anger virtually every Middle Eastern people against the United States, including Israel and the Palestinians.

While foreign policy is a mess, Obama vowed to focus his energies on domestic policy.

The Affordable Care Act is a disaster. Every attempt to stave of the reckoning just delays the pain. State exchanges are going broke. The federal exchange is offering massive subsidies and delaying mandatory penalties in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable “death spiral” of too many old and sick people signing up and too few young and healthy people doing so. Obamacare has helped some people, but in sheer numbers those being adversely affected are the overwhelming majority.

The economy is not getting better. Every time there is a sliver of good news, the Obama administration takes a victory lap and spikes the football. The problem is that three months after every positive announcement, the numbers keep getting revised downward. Liberals celebrated 4 percent growth in the most recent quarter, but American workers long ago stopped believing anything this administration says. After six years of bad news, the people have stopped trusting phony numbers.

Fuel prices are high. The average price of regular gasoline was $1.84 per gallon when Obama took over. Today it is $3.43 per gallon. Food prices are also high and getting higher.

Two states have legalized drugs while the federal government has decided to stop enforcing many drug laws. This has led to more drug crimes, including driving while stoned and other violence that a society of addicts offers.

Illegal immigration has skyrocketed, bringing with it the potential for new diseases. Additionally, more workers means depressed wages. Obama wants to raise the minimum wage, but this will do nothing to solve the illegal immigration crisis.

Social Security and Medicare are still going bankrupt. Unlike everything else mentioned, this problem preceded Obama. While he did not create the problem, liberals have exacerbated it by demagoguing anybody who tries to privatize the programs and save them from insolvency.

Liberals have controlled Chicago and Detroit for decades. Those cities are war zones. Liberals control California, New York and Illinois, all teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Conservatives have controlled Texas for a couple of decades, and the Lone Star State is thriving. Americans are fleeing liberal Massachusetts, Maryland and New York for conservative New Hampshire, Virginia and Florida, respectively. When the red states turn purple, liberals declare success. The truth is liberals are simply fleeing their own failed areas.

While foreign policy and domestic policy are in ashes under Obama liberalism and its state copycats, corruption is more prevalent than ever. The scandals are numerous. There is Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS abuses, EPA abuses, rigged census numbers, rigged jobs numbers, the Veteran’s Administration, Bowe Bergdahl, NSA spying, seizing AP phone records, and HHS corruption in implementing Obamacare. With a mostly lapdog media desperate to defend Obama at all costs, liberals are becoming increasingly more emboldened and convinced that they truly are above the law.

So where are the liberal success stories? What has liberalism gotten right during the Obama presidency? Obama used social issues to appeal to narrow constituencies, but granting free contraception and gay marriage does nothing to help people crushed under declining real income and increasing threats of worldwide terrorism. Pitting people against each other based on gender, sexual orientation and race hardly qualifies as success. Most Americans are indifferent or opposed to his politics of personal destruction.

What if none of this is truly Obama’s fault? What if liberalism itself is simply “too failed to succeed?” When was the last time any aspect of liberalism succeeded?

Bill Clinton failed his first two years. Then he abandoned liberalism by spending his last six years riding the wave of an internet boom that he had nothing to do with creating. He got out of the way and let House Republicans run the country.

Jimmy Carter failed in his one and only disastrous term, with his legacy being stagflation, the misery index, malaise, and seized hostages.

Lyndon Baines Johnson got America into Vietnam, the only war America ever truly lost. He did pass civil rights legislation, but that was because of Republicans. Democrats, the party of slavery, mostly opposed civil rights.

So as liberals from Hollywood celebrities to college university professors stick their noses higher in the air than French people, why should anybody else be impressed?

When was the last time there were liberal success stories?

Without completely making things up, can liberals name one thing in this world that they have ever gotten right?

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