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Rudy Giuliani making the case for widespread voter fraud

Written By | Nov 20, 2020
Guiliani, Vote, Fraud, Trump

WASHINGTON. President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani had a few choice words for America’s press corps regarding evidence of widespread voter fraud regarding mail-in ballots. During a Thursday news conference, Giuliani said:

“I know you keep reporting, falsely, that we have no evidence. That we have no specific acts of fraud. That’s because the coverage of this has been almost as dishonest as the scheme itself. The American people are entitled to know this. You don’t have a right to keep it from them. You don’t have a right to lie about it. And you are.”
The evidence the press won’t see
Guiliani, Vote, Fraud, Trump

Rudy Giuliani. C-SPAN screen capture.

Giuliani insisted Trump’s legal team is in possession of thousands of sworn affidavits – made under penalty of perjury – from witnesses to illegal vote tampering of mail-in ballots by election workers in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan.

“I can’t give you all these affidavits. Because if I do, these people will be harassed, they’ll be threatened, they may lose their job, they will lose their friends. We’ve lost lawyers in this case because they’ve been threatened. We’ve had lawyers that need protection. What’s going on in this country is horrible.”

And, once again, Giuliani turned to the press.

“And the censorship that you’re imposing is making it worse.”

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Witness for the prosecution

He cited the testimony of Jessy Jacob, describing her as “an adult citizen and resident of the state of Michigan. She has been an employee for the city of Detroit for decades.”

According to Jacob:

“I was instructed by my [election] supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than when they were actually sent in. The supervisor made that announcement for all workers to engage in that fraudulent practice.”
Guiliani, Vote, Fraud, Trump

Rudy Giuliani. C-SPAN screen capture.

Again, Giuliani turned to the press,

“You can say she’s lying, but you can’t say there’s no evidence. This (holding up the affidavit) is what we call evidence. This is direct evidence, not circumstantial. I’ve tried many, many cases – as did all my colleagues here – put a witness on a witness stand… witnesses testifying to their own knowledge.”

Giuliani continued reading from Jacob’s testimony,

“I witnessed election workers and employees going over to the voting booths with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote. Then I was instructed by my supervisor not to ask for a driver’s license or any photo ID when a person was trying to vote.”

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In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen of the jury…

Rudy Giuliani then made a closing statement to the jury. In this case, the American people – with a slight nod to reporters:

“Somebody had this plan. Maybe that was always the plan to do… this very questionable form of voting, which has been criticized by President [Jimmy] Carter… by most experts on election reform. I think the logical conclusion is this is a common plan, a common scheme that comes right directly from the Democrat Party, and it comes from the candidate [Joe Biden], clearly.
… This was a disgraceful thing that was done in this country. Probably not much more disgraceful than the things these people did in office, which you didn’t and don’t bother to cover and you conceal from the American people… If we let this happen, we’re going to become Venezuela. We cannot let this happen to us. We cannot allow these crooks, despite who they are, to steal an election. They [the people] elected Donald Trump. They didn’t elect Joe Biden.”


Top Image: Rudy Giuliani at press conference. C-SPAN screen capture.

Steven M. Lopez

Steven M. Lopez

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