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Rootin’, Tootin’, Shootin’ Public Educators: Shooting their own feet

Written By | Sep 10, 2020
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During a Colorado “virtual” school session, a boy was admonished, charged, arrested (take your pick) with improper, dangerous, careless (again take your pick), handling of a toy gun. His “crime” was witnessed by the wizards of public school, the Public Educators, now performing their academic magic from afar. Virtually. Or literally?  (Colorado school suspends 12-year-old, calls police for welfare check after he was seen holding toy gun in online class | TheHill)

Quija Board mindset mystics also known by the label of “Educators.”

No longer to be called teachers, they claim the title of educators. This name has been adopted over the past 40 years as if an altered nomenclature elevates them to a higher level.  However, it is virtually (pun intended) impossible to elevate dead weight without great cost. The fact is they are poor teachers or educators. It is not that they are poorly paid.

They can change nouns into verbs, possibly? Or educate our youth? They can be paid without showing up. That’s not a question.

But first, they are concerned about the neurosis of a boy with a toy gun? Who are these “educators”? Why are children allowed in their care, under their supervision?

These are educated fools that people actually allow their children to have human contact with. It is a sickness society has accepted with hardly a thought of the consequences.

Public “educators” are like public bathrooms.

Possibly they are needed in an emergency, but for the most part, they stink. Better to use the home placed “bathroom.” The home can be kept clean – of COVID and bad teachers. Or educators.

The idea that a toy gun anywhere is a danger or a call for any hysteria (a female etymology) means somebody needs a “real” education. Not the kind these dark-souled so-called educators have accrued.

In any event, the student had a toy gun in his own home. Albeit his room at the time was effectively (called virtually) his classroom. However, the room belonged to his family, not the school district nor the public

But moreover, when they act, or fact, or whatever, is not even present around this “public educator”, i.e. virtual classes, then taxpayers have lost their children, maybe beyond reclaiming. And if they cannot fire an idiot educator for such stupidity then the state owns the children (it thinks it does anyway).

It shouldn’t matter since the gun was a pretend gun.

But then the class is a pretend class “educated” via pretend teachers and managed by pretend principals.  The whole dang system is a joke. A world of pretend.

Certainly, this is silly. But then education and schools having long since been co-opted by progressives, liberals, dolts of whatever persuasion, education is now a silly, childish endeavor. No? A fool, calling herself an educator, suspends a child who is in his own home and then calls the sheriff on him is not considered “silly”? Maybe not.

Maybe moronic should be the paintbrush.

And this isn’t an isolated case. Go through most search engines and find online the silliness of “pretend” gun incidents in schools. This is a Horace Mann et al historical legacy of learning. (Young Girl Arrested At School, Charged With A Felony For Pointing Her Finger Like A Gun – CBS New York)

Teaching supposedly is the mission of these: clowns, morons, villains, again take your choice.

However, that mission was derailed many years ago. It probably began a slow death with socialist Horace Mann from the 19th century. However, somehow it did manage to last to a decent degree until after WWII. This was a result of the local nature of its administration.

But now it is like a storied nightmare penned by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.—Lewis Carroll.

Alice in Wonderland. That is, characters so bizarre that one can be driven mad by their conduct in conduct, and logic. This tale could well be for the past 50 years the comparison to that system called public education.

The King of Hearts could be the government. The Queen of Hearts sell nicely as the Department of Education. (Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderland Wiki | Fandom)

Now our happy land can thrive with the guidance of public “teachers” who can spot deep-seated psychological diseases of the mind via their virtual playland. They call on the government to check on the welfare of the child’s home after calling the sheriff.  They are wise? Good grief!

Somebody has got to say it—probably many have—loud enough to imprint in the minds of taxpayers or start a rebellion due to it.

The “it” is:


They should not be trying to influence anyone’s children with the possible exception of their own. And that last concession could make us accessories to child abuse.

Probably more than any sordid arena of life is a well-known adage revealed as it is in public education: “The animals are running the zoo.” (A Brief History of “Progressive” Education – TFP Student Action and A Brief History of “Progressive” Education – TFP Student Action)

Remember the white rabbit who got Carroll’s story off to its start. His words should be applied to public education: “Oh dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late!


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.





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