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LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2015 — Once again, a politically liberal media entity finds itself in the middle of an avoidable scandal of its own making. Once again, liberals insist that politics had nothing to do with the bad behavior. In reality, politics is the entire heart of the mess.

A rolling stone may gather no moss, but Rolling Stone magazine gathers plenty of losses. Thanks to one horrendous chain of events, Rolling Stone lost credibility, money and the readers necessary to restore both. Until recently, Rolling Stone was like the aging rockers it used to cover, an irrelevant relic living off glory days gone by. Unable to retrieve past fame, Rolling Stone settled for infamy and ignominy.

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Rather than stick to music that young Americans are unfamiliar with, Rolling Stone insisted on veering into politics. Desperate to be seen as hip and cool rather than your father’s magazine, Rolling Stone chose leftism long after the revolution had ended. This led to a provocative piece about a rape occurring on the University of Virginia campus. The story turned out to be a lie. Rolling Stone eventually took the courageous step of admitting wrongdoing long after everybody knew it was guilty. In an attempt to staunch the bleeding, they issued a mea culpa that will ensure the problem happens again.

Rolling Stone will mess up again. They will make the exact same mistake. They will learn nothing from this incident. If they were capable of learning and changing, this repeat offense would not have occurred. This may be the first time Rolling Stone has seen its journalistic bomb explode, but the fuse was lit a long time ago.

The New York Times turning into the Jayson Blair Times was not enough of a warning. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes wrecking “60 Minutes” and themselves over “fake but accurate” memos did not sound the alarm bells. MSNBC hosts’ repeatedly having to publicly apologize and issue on-air retractions did not make liberals aware that their journalistic house of liars had their collectivist pants on fire.

The Duke rape case led by liberal crusader Mike Nifong caused him to lose his job as district attorney. Liberals still never figured it out.

Now Rolling Stone is trying to convince us and themselves that they truly understand the problem. Their ability to auto-correct is fanciful and farcical. It requires taking steps that politically liberal publications cannot take.

First, these entities must admit that they have a liberal bias. Then they must admit that their liberal bias overrides their occasionally sincere attempts to maintain objectivity and professionalism. Lastly, they must stop substituting this deeply ingrained bias for empirical evidence.

In the liberal media, anything that reflects negatively on white males, religious Christians and conservative Republicans must be true. Any allegation made by a politically liberal minority must also be true.

Rape cases on college campuses fit perfectly into the liberal blind spot. The female is the oppressed victim. The white male is the oppressor. The accusation of rape, no matter how shaky the story or how implausible the complainer, must be true. Far too many liberal publications start with a pre-determined conclusion and then try to force the data to fit that conclusion. If the data refuses to cooperate, a liberal ball peen hammer can smash it into the most awkward of spaces.

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This is how the utterly incompetent Jayson Blair can be repeatedly promoted when everybody outside of his bosses knows that he should have been fired.

This is how Dan Rather can stubbornly insist that he is right and the facts are wrong.

This is how MSNBC hosts can scream on a weekly basis about evil right-wing biases without a hint of self-awareness during their tirades.

This is absolutely a problem inherent in modern liberalism. Conservative publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News do not have these problems. Every move they make is reviewed by a cascade of liberal muckrakers looking to bring them down. This keeps conservatives on the straight and narrow as a matter of survival. Liberals know that there will always be a healthy plurality in the mainstream media ready to make excuses for them. Dan Rather, the New York Times and MSNBC still have plenty of defenders despite being repeat offenders. Fox News can monitor them, but then their findings would just be dismissed simply because they came from Fox News. This circular logic leads liberals in the mainstream media to sweep problems under the rug, which only encourages liberals to take greater and more foolhardy risks.

Combine recklessness with institutional bias, and the result is a marriage to a false narrative. This is called “Law and Order Syndrome.” Anyone who watched Dick Wolf’s liberally biased entertainment program masquerading as fact could see the patterns. Rich white Republican Wall Street bankers took time away from three-martini lunches to murder Hispanic construction workers. If one out of four murder suspects was black, there was no way the black suspect did it. In twenty years of stories “ripped from the headlines,” producing hundreds of episodes, Wolf could not find one single episode where the black guy did it and all three white guys were innocent.

Decades of bias cannot be reversed by hiring an ombudsman and vowing to do better. In the real world, people who screw up on a colossal scale are fired. Rolling Stone is allowing the actors who disgraced their business keep their jobs. Even if these people try to do better in the future, they cannot change who and what they are. Liberal ideologues do not wake up one day and realize that the Republican point of view could be legitimate. Leftists deeply obsessed with their narrative as the only true way of life cannot accept that sometimes the minority is the bad actor and the white male conservative is the innocent victim.

The question is not whether the next Rolling Stone debacle will happen. It is already in progress. The only debatable point remaining is the exact time and day when the next liberal entity will make the exact same mistake. Blind people by definition do not see. Ideological blinders lead to the same tunnel vision as real blindness victims. Short-sightedness is just a lack of political eyesight.

The next liberal media implosion is around the corner, and the liberal media will rush in to make excuses for them. Liberal ideology will continue to trump the truth. Liberals will praise Rolling Stone for having the courage to face the problem head-on. Conservatives understand the problem should not have occurred in the first place. The name of the offender may be new, but the offense is typical and repeated.

If liberals have not figured this out by now, they never will.

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