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Roger Goodell under assault for being a Republican

Written By | Sep 18, 2014

HARTFORD, Connecticut, September 17, 2014 — The National Football League is as great as ever in terms of action on the field. Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football just featured thrilling games with fantastic fourth quarter comebacks by the road teams. The NFL is making record profits. There is labor peace through 2021. Despite running what appears to be one of the most successful businesses in America, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is under assault. Members of the media are demanding he resign or be fired.

Goodell is under fire for mishandling the investigation into former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Goodell has been accused, despite zero evidence, of engaging in a Watergate-style coverup. Now Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson disciplined his child too harshly, leading to charges that Goodell’s tenure is marked by willful blindness for domestic violence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Goodell is not being attacked for anything he has done or failed to do. He is being attacked for his mere being. The issue is who he is. Despite having not publicly stated his political leanings, strong circumstantial evidence does exist that Goodell is a Republican. Strong evidence also exists that his critics are liberal Democrats.

Goodell’s critics are focused on politics, not sports. The late Johnny Cochran once said that “race is a part of everything we do.” Actually it is politics that dominates everything, especially when liberals are in charge. Conservatives by and large want to be left alone, in keeping with the conservative philosophy of freedom and liberty. Liberals are more likely to inject themselves into everybody else’s business in keeping with their philosophy of using the government to promote active social change, also known as coercion and bullying. This brings us straight to Goodell.

His father was a Republican Senator. Goodell campaigned for his father. Goodell is married to Jane Skinner, who used to be a widely respected on-air personality at Fox News. That sounds like a pretty Republican household.

Now look at the supposedly non-partisan sportswriters and commentators.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback is the best NFL column on Earth, but King does let his liberal politics bleed into his columns. He strongly favors gun control and changing the Washington Redskins name.

Don Banks is normally a thoughtful columnist, but he used criticism of Goodell to take an irrelevant and unnecessary cheap shot at President George W. Bush for his “heckuva job, Brownie” remark.

NBC’s Bob Costas has also aggressively pushed gun control

Acid-tongued sportswriter Jason Whitlock is known for being hard-hitting, but do not ever ask him to stop worshiping President Barack Obama.

One writer had the nerve to imply that Goodell’s father would be ashamed of him. Goodell’s father turned against President Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War. Republicans who bash other Republicans become darlings of the liberal media. Democrats who “stand on principle” against their own party do not fair as well. Ask former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman.

The liberal mainstream media has every reason to hate the NFL and the man running it. The NFL represents everything the liberal media detests.

The NFL makes plenty of money, just like Walmart and those oil companies liberals hate so much. The NFL is violent, which bothers the leftist peaceniks as much as they are bothered by gun manufacturers. It is male-dominated, which offends the radical feminists. It is pro-military and overtly pro-American, which the left derides as jingoistic. Commissioner Goodell is tall, handsome, white, male and married to a beautiful blonde wife. He also has perfect hair. He is everything the liberal media loathes.

One could look at the substantive case against Goodell, but there is none. Imagine if he were a liberal activist, like say a man named President Barack Obama. Obama keeps reminding people that he inherited a mess. Goodell inherited a league in great shape, but there were serious problems bubbling below the surface that existed before he took office that had nothing to do with him.

The concussion issue developed over decades. Goodell and the NFL settled the matter. The liberal media accused the NFL of a coverup.

The Ray Rice issue involved a player physically assaulting his current wife. Goodell gave what was considered a relatively light suspension because Rice was a first time offender. Goodell has always taken a tougher stand against repeat offenders. When further video footage showed the Rice attack to be worse than previously thought, Rice was suspended indefinitely. Goodell instituted a minimum ban of six games for first time domestic violence abusers and a lifetime ban for a second incident.

This is not good enough for the media jackals who want Goodell’s scalp. They claim that he saw the video the whole time and covered up the truth. Where is their proof of this? Goodell even hired former FBI Director Robert Mueller to conduct an independent investigation. What more could Goodell’s critics possibly want?

Contrast Goodell’s behavior with the Obama administration. Their version of accountability is to destroy documents, refuse to make witnesses available, subvert investigations, refuse to allow independent investigations, and demonize those trying to get to the truth as politically motivated. Is Roger Goodell responsible for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS abuses or anything that rises to that level? If not, his critics in the mainstream media can pipe down and do their own jobs before criticizing how he does his.

Goodell is the one who instituted the tough NFL code of conduct to begin with. Goodell’s predecessor Paul Tagliabue is seen as walking on water and turning it into wine, but it took Goodell to rein in bad apples with tough suspensions. Again, Goodell is a law and order Republican and many people dislike those types of authority figures. He has also held coaches, team executives and owners accountable. For a man who is supposedly a puppet of the owners, he has zero problems suspending or fining one of them when they engage in conduct detrimental to the league.

The same people savaging Goodell are the liberal activists who obsess over the Washington Redskins name, the war on women, climate change, income inequality, and every other fictional, nonsensical excuse to pit people against each other by injecting more intrusive big government into our lives. These are people who will spend days talking about a couple of NFL players caught on video engaging in abusive behavior while ignoring the threat of radical Islam. Neither Rice, Peterson or Goodell beheaded anybody.

Goodell is against changing the Redskins name, and liberals hate him for it. Goodell legally helps rich owners get richer through the private sector, and liberals hate him for it. Goodell refuses to subject himself to blackmail by the National Organization for Women or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the liberals hate him for it. Goodell raises standards in a liberal society that wants to lower them, and the liberals hate him for it. Goodell runs a league that thrives on controlled violence, and the liberals hate him for it. Goodell honors our military with tributes before games, and the liberals hate him for it.

Goodell is a Republican who exists and breathes air. The liberals hate him for it.

Those who do not despise Goodell for being alive while Republican are more interested in facts than emotions.

The number of NFL personnel engaging in illegal behavior is a lower percentage than the general population at large. There are certainly fewer NFL criminals than the number of bad apples in government, politics, Hollywood and even the liberal media itself. The only difference is that in conservative, pro-business private sector institutions, no amount of open, honest and successful leadership is sufficient. In the liberal world, no amount of secretive, failed, and corrupt behavior rises to the level of intolerable and worthy of serious impartial investigation.

Those who claim Goodell is corrupt need to put up or shut up. They will fail at the former so they must immediately obey the latter. Roger Goodell has been an excellent NFL Commissioner. His critics should remove their ideological blinders and thank their lucky stars that their own liberal glass houses are not being stoned.


Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”