Rod Eccles: The anchor baby myth

America stands for opportunity and just about everyone on this planet knows that and this is why we have people from nearly every nation on earth living within our borders.

Creative Commons Licensing [Flickr, Our 3 Week Old Girl, Jan. 28, 2008]
Creative Commons Licensing [Flickr, Our 3 Week Old Girl, Jan. 28, 2008]

WASHINGTON, August 24, 2015 — Lately the media has made a huge issue of immigration, especially illegal immigration and the whole “anchor baby” issue. This is only because Donald Trump has opened his big mouth numerous times on the subject and forced the other Republican candidates for president to react and comment.

Often with the same fiery, hard line positions as Trump has espoused.

I am not against legal immigration, nor are most Conservatives. We welcome legal immigration. The simple fact is when it comes to the population of the Western hemisphere, we are all immigrants, even the Native Americans who were here before Europeans showed up. The USA is a beacon of hope around the world.  We stand for truth, justice, and a better way of life.

America stands for opportunity; just about everyone on this planet knows that, and this is why we have people from every other nation on earth living within our borders. We are a great melting pot and we give those who are willing to work hard and work smart, the chance at a better life. They can even get rich if they so choose.

America is humanity’s last hope for freedom and survival. We enjoy freedoms here that many around the world can only dream about. We enjoy such freedom and opportunity that some people will try to subvert the very nation they wish to call home. Those kinds of people are what we rightly call “illegal immigrants” or “illegal aliens.” They are a huge problem because they cost the legal citizens — the taxpayers — a lot of money on an annual basis. We spend billions of tax dollars on them at every level of our society, from local government all the way up to the federal government.

We have laws on the books that can take care of this problem, but we have a government that will not enforce those laws. In fact, we have a federal government that actively seeks to prevent local and state governments from enforcing immigration laws.

We don’t need to change or add more laws. We don’t need to give illegal immigrants a pathway to legal citizenship. We don’t need to overhaul our immigration system, because all we need to do is enforce the plethora of immigration laws already on the books.

We should not allow so-called “anchor babies” to get people into the U.S. legally. The Republicans who are speaking out against this are on the right track. The Constitution really requires that people come into the U.S. legally in order to have citizenship bestowed upon them or their children.

We are one of fewer than five nations on the entire planet that allows for this anchor baby scam. And it is a scam.

It’s a scam perpetrated by people illegally entering our nation for the purpose of making sure that their unborn children are born on American soil.

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution supposedly allows for anchor babies. Actually, if one reads that amendment and the Constitution, and also the letters and speeches from the person who actually wrote the 14th Amendment, it is clear that this particular amendment does not allow for anchor babies. The left leaning media insist that judicial opinions, including from the Supreme Court, make anchor babies a legitimate way to gain a foothold in America, but they are wrong; there are no major court cases that take this into account.


The Constitution, including the 14th Amendment, says that the Congress shall be the sole determiner of who is a citizen and how people can become citizens. We have a legal mechanism by which people can enter this nation legally, work legally, and become citizens legally. The rhetoric around this issue is not law, policy, or the Constitution.  It is nothing more than feelings, and feelings have no merit when it comes to the law of the land.

So are Donald Trump and some of the other Republican candidates correct? Yes they are. And it is pretty simple to fix our current immigration problems.

Build the border fence/wall which has already been approved; that will drastically slow the illegal invasion of our nation. Find every single person who is here illegally and send them back to their home countries. And any commit crimes within our nation, they are banned for life from ever returning.

This is what other nations do. Contrary to what some on the left claim, we can find these illegal immigrants. We know who and where many of them are already.

In the end, this sort of hard line policy will cost the American taxpayer less money. It will make our nation and our citizens safer from foreign threats and criminals, and it will allow for a more robust economy because jobs will not have this downward wage pressure due to illegals getting jobs at below market prices.

A strong, legal, and robust immigration policy can be a boon to the United States again just like it was not so long ago.  But instead we have politicians and leaders and statesmen who will not do the right thing and protect the Constitution and the American People.

Do we really need comprehensive reform to do that? No. All we have to do is follow the Constitution and the immigration laws already on the books.

Rod Eccles is a syndicated columnist and his article is edited only for typographical errors by Communities Digital News.


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