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Focker Robert De Niro : The Tony’s raging bull dying to be relevant

Written By | Jun 11, 2018
Robert DeNiro, Fockers, Tony's, Jacquie Kubin

WASHINGTON: At the ripe, possibly moldering age of 74, Robert De Niro became the Tony’s Raging Bull, only this member of the liberal cattle is dying to stay relevant. However, where most people of a certain age would manage to maintain a sense of civility at a public event, De Niro seems to be grasping at significance. It has been a fair number of years between Raging Bull and Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000). Yep, it was that bad.

Now the septuagenarian Don dons an ill-fitting tux complete with 70’s era (when he mattered) wide lapels, goes in front of an audience including children and screams “Fock(er) Trump”. Yes, that’s a dig at another (ahemm) great De Niro flick – Meet the Fockers, et. al.

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Like a liberal commencement speaker telling graduates that Trump is destroying democracy, instead of speaking to the glory days of Broadway, its grand history or present and upcoming stars, De Niro went blue. Forget providing a statesmen’s view of the power of art and the live theater performance. He had to make a political statement. He uttered three words.  Maybe his doddering age does not allow him to remember a longer line and his eyesight, even with glasses, is unable to see the teleprompter.

Not unexpectedly, he received a standing ovation from an audience of cattle like sycophants.

Hundreds of children attended the Tony Awards

More frustrated than I over De Niro’s sophomoric actions is a former Alternate Delegate at the Republican National Convention and Huntington Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci. Lupinacci is demanding an apology from the actor saying it was wrong to use profanity to attack the President of the United States.

While Lupinacci claims to be a fan of the actor, he says will be canceling his tickets to the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, a venue for upcoming independent filmmakers. Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff, started the festival following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The organizer’s focus is to help revitalize the Tribeca neighborhood that suffered in the attacks.

According to press releases, Lupinacci plans to send “… a bar of soap to the ”Raging Bull” star so he can wash his mouth out after his use of foul language. He his also writing a letter of complaint to the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League, the hosts of the event.”

Fans of Broadway, parents of children, and those Americans that demand respect to the office of the President should do similarly.

Salt in liberal inflicted wounds

And then Richard Goodstein, a former Hillary Clinton advisor, debating Tucker Carlson over leadership actually says, when discussing Justin Trudeau that, for this “President Trump sticks his d**k in the ground,” which is a very profane way of saying someone is being firm in their decisions. Not only can I not believe Di Nero took to the Tony Stage not to speak glowingly of the work of thespians, dating back to 1750 on Broadway or even farther, but to scream “Fock(er) Trump”,  lifting his clenched fists and looking like a Sesame Street character modeled after CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Where have we gotten to? Personally, I am watching President Trump seek peace on the Korean peninsula. Thinking Fock(er) DeNiro, Broadway, New York and everyone who stood up for him.


Cartoon Image by Branco, used with permission.  Visit Branco’s work at Comically Incorrect

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