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Rising GOP star George P. Bush would do well to Remember the Alamo

Written By | Mar 4, 2020
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WASHINGTON: March 6 will mark the 184th anniversary of the fall of The Alamo. La Compania de Alamo. Always the Yankee transplants, the now in Texas Bush family continues its history of tempering Texas to its Bush New England roots. George P. Bush wants the Alamo to reflect world values. Something the United Nations can be proud of. (George P. Bush’s Last Stand at the Alamo)

No wonder Jed (George P.’s daddy) seethes at the not-really-one-of-our-Republican-blood-lineage Donald Trump. Donald Trump probably would understand what the Alamo means to Texans.

Trump would “remember the Alamo.” The Bush bunch would “remake the Alamo.”

The Bushes have a new generation following in the Yankee footsteps of what has always been a New England gentry. (George P. Bush officially running for Texas office – CBS News)

The Bush family has lived in Texas for years, but their roots are in New England and their hearts have always been Hamiltonian i.e. national not local. Jed’s spinoff to Florida is a political sign that they go where there are the most electoral votes, without having to live in New York or California.

If “W” and his political ilk can sneak about in the dead of night and remove privately paid for monuments to Southern heroes, then George P. Bush sired by “Never Trumper” Jeb Bush can spiritually overhaul the Alamo. (George P. Bush calls for Confederate plaque to come down | TheHill)

Texas corn, Texas wheat, Texas water equal TX Bourbon
“It ain’t going to happen.”

These words from George P. Bush should be as worthy as the words of George W. Bush who promised to not take down a privately paid for Confederate monument, then sent out his transplanted Yankee henchmen in the middle of the night to steal it.

Also, the words of George P. Bush are from the mouth of a man who apparently believes the General Land Office would be a good place to start his political future. Forget about usefully serving the office.

He filed with the state ethics committee as he pondered what office would be the best stepping stone. This is probably not uncommon for professional “swamp” politicians. However, for those who simply believe in representative government where a few will sacrifice a few years as a duty, the political families e.g. Kennedys, Cheneys, Bidens, it is what national politics in the country has become.

Hence, the bureaucratic hell in Washington.

Is George P. Bush the future of the GOP?

According to Mark Jones, the Joseph D. Jamail Chair in Latin American Studies at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, George P. Bush is the future of the Republican party.

When Bush ran for the office, in 2014, effectively unopposed, the Land Office seemed to suit his needs perfectly. It’s a place where it’s easy for a commissioner to leave an imprint. This being one reason why it’s consistently been used as a stepping-stone to higher office.

Republicans show hypocrisy in Texas senate

Every land commissioner since 1971 has run for another job at the end of his time at the GLO, and everyone expected the same of Bush, the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

From George P. Bush’s Last Stand at the Alamo

“Young, handsome, and half-Hispanic, he seems to offer something different to a Republican Party increasingly eager to diversify its voting base.” (Texas Monthly. March 2018)

Bush and his cohorts have been quoted as being in favor of moving the Alamo Cenotaph monument, also known as The Spirit of Sacrifice. (HDRC Approves Final Location of Alamo Cenotaph in Plaza Redevelopment)

Texas, Alamo, Bush, George P. Bush, GOP, conservtives

A view of the Alamo Cenotaph in its current location, which is slated to be moved 500 feet to the south. Credit: Edward A. Ornelas for the Rivard Report

But mostly Bush repeats what his cohorts have repeated on various political occasions. Which is not necessarily true.

Republicans in Texas are like those surrounding Trump in the White House—watch your back.

They are politicians first, Republicans, second and conservatives third (if at all). The undercurrent of changing the Alamo is the vision of a cast (majority?) of Texas Republicans who call themselves conservatives as long as what they are conserving doesn’t cost votes.

Texas, Alamo, Bush, George P. Bush, GOP, conservtives

San Jacinto Monument Shaft, at San Jacinto Battleground, near Houston, Texas
[ca. 1930–1945] – No Copyright recorded – postcard

Conserving the Alamo and its history to them is to conserve what a Philadelphia architect, George C. Skarmeas believes needs conserving. One wonders what some Philadelphia lawyer would think about some good old boys from Texas coming up there and rearranging the Liberty Bell?

The San Jacinto Monument on the east side of Houston was erected in honor of the battle that took revenge for the slaughter at the Alamo. It stands higher in the sky than does the Washington Monument. And for good reason.
Conservative Republicans hope George P. Bush can recall that reason.

Remember the Alamo!


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