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Reviewing the Top 10 News Stories of 2020 without MSM spin

Written By | Dec 26, 2020
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Photo by Miguel Montejano from Pexels

ATLANTA The American media has the annoying tendency of highlighting news stories that do not matter. They also suppress news stories that do matter. The news is whatever the liberal media says it is. This frequently comes at the expense of real news that matters.

Promoting sensationalism over substance has helped turn America into the nation of Kardashistan. Recent stories are given more credence while older stories get short shrift.

The ringing in of a New Year is an opportunity to take stock of what actually matters.

We get the news media we deserve. That said we can and must demand real news. Forget the charge of “fake news.” This is not about the media running fraudulent stories, although they often do. This is about amplifying utter nonsense and devaluing value. The enemy of real news is not fake news, but unimportant drivel that passes for news.

Let us filter out the garbage and focus on what matters. This brings us to the Top 10 news stories of 2020. These are not the stories the media covers, but the ones they should cover.

The various scandals surrounding Hunter Biden did not make the list. While the liberal media deliberately suppressed this story, Mr. Biden is a private citizen.  Until Americans see hard evidence that his father broke the law, this remains a potential powder keg that has yet to explode. This could become a major news story in 2021, but right now the investigation is only in the beginning stages.

10.) George Floyd anti-police riots

On May 25th, a black man named George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Horrific images of Chauvin placing his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes sparked protests that turned into violent riots throughout the country.

Statues were vandalized, businesses were looted and burned, neighborhoods were set on fire, and police stations were torched. Several factors prevent this story from ranking higher. The motive for the killing remains unknown. The four police officers charged have yet to go to trial.

The riots were pre-planned. George Floyd provided the excuse, but the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters have been rioting for several years now. Most importantly, there is no uniting policy objective from the protesters. Police reform means different things to different people and is likely to go nowhere outside of liberal cities.

George Floyd protests unmask just who is essential and who is useless

9.) Stock market bust and boom

Stocks go up and down, which is normally not news. 2020 may have been the wildest short-term ride in stock market history. In February, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was over 29,500. Then came COVID and a violent bear market that saw stocks drop by 40% in one month, bottoming out just below 18,200.

This became the shortest bear market in history. As fears of global financial ruin subsided, the DJIA rallied to an all-time high of just over 30,300 on December 17th. Those who ignored their portfolios the entire year would have thought it was a quiet year rather than a period of volcanic activity.

Stock market rally continues, despite chaotic Election 2020 stalemate

8.) Russia hoax collapse and aftermath

The Robert Mueller investigation produced nothing. President Donald Trump was not a spy for the Russian government.

Then came the investigation into the investigation. (Robert Mueller’s Russia probe cost nearly $32 million in total, Justice Department says)

John Durham has only indicted one lower-level individual, so the aftermath is a potential 2021 story. But no one should hold their breath. What is current now is the indisputable fact that the original Mueller investigation was based on lies. The people fueling the media narrative knew early on that there was nothing there.

Obama seeks a third term to stop Durham
prosecutions of Deep State coup plotters

Trump was being framed for crimes simply because powerful intelligence officials disliked him.

The Durham investigation also uncovered the truth that the entire idea for the Russia election narrative came from Hillary Clinton to distract from her own improper dealings. This deserves to be a searing indictment of the American media that were quick to run with the original false narrative and still unwilling to issue retractions.  

7.) Leftist District Attorneys and cashless bail

While most of American politics focused on the presidential race, former House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s maxim that “all politics is local” remained true. Hardcore leftist mayors and district attorneys have turned the concept of law and order upside down.

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio ended cash bail, leading to skyrocketing violent crime. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has just enacted cashless bail. He also reduced many felonies to misdemeanors and ordered that various misdemeanors not be prosecuted.

In St. Louis and Atlanta, district attorneys have engaged in ideologically targeted prosecutions. Americans defending themselves have been turned into criminals while the people trying to kill them were turned into martyrs.

The McCloskeys: Our rights to self-protection and the second amendment

In Seattle and Portland, leftist mayors Jenny Durkan and Ted Wheeler allowed leftist rioters to burn down stores and set up autonomous zones. Minneapolis leftist Mayor Jacob Frey ordered police to stand down as their precinct was set ablaze. Democrats used to be accused of being soft on crime. Now they face charges of actually being pro-criminal.

Rather than bring peace, this weakness has only led to more aggression and more calls to defund the police. The media continues to ignore the evidence that these crime problems are only occurring in areas with leftist leadership. 

6.) Big Tech and Big Media censorship

Witch trials and book burnings were supposed to be the stuff of lore. These things happened in other countries, but America was free.

2020 was the year that Google, Facebook, and Twitter used their platforms to censor conservative views. As private companies, they have every right to do this. However, they have repeatedly denied that this censorship takes place.

Just before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post had their Twitter account locked for posting a truthful story about Hunter Biden. Even President Trump had his tweets flagged. The flagged content contained links to fact-checkers that were often just liberal opinion bloggers. The goal of Big Tech was to overthrow the Trump government and replace him with a Democrat.

It’s time for Republicans to act and go Roman on social media censorship

The liberal media news networks worked in concert with big tech companies. Ordinary conservatives were banned from platforms without the ability to fight back. Others had their platforms demonetized. Educational videos by Orthodox Jewish Torah scholar Dennis Prager were removed from the internet altogether.

Conservative Americans may have reached peak censorship.

There are now antitrust lawsuits against some of these companies, declaring them illegal monopolies. Section 230 Communications Decency Act shields these tech companies from individual lawsuits. Trump is determined to repeal this protection. Various senators on the left and right are seeking to break up these companies for good. 

5.) COVID lockdowns

President Trump followed the science and listened to the experts by ordering the American economy shut down. This was part of his plan of “15 days to slow the spread” of COVID. Blue state governors turned 15 days into 9 months and counting. For the first time since the 1860s, Americans were divided geographically between free states and slave states.

The restrictions were as useless as they were arbitrary.

Schools were closed even though children face the least COVID risk. Nighttime curfews were installed despite zero evidence that the virus is stronger after dark. Nail salons were treated differently from hair salons. Some of the restrictions were ideological. Marijuana dispensaries were considered essential while churches and synagogues were not.

Lockdown suicides are increasing as America’s awash in COVID Caesars

The overwhelming majority of people visiting pot shops are politically liberal, while religious people skew conservative.

Restaurants and other small businesses were ordered closed. Small business owners tend to vote Republican. Mask mandates in blue states were implemented as another measure of social control. Anger in the blue states boiled over when liberal politicians imposing the strictest lockdowns and mandates were repeatedly caught violating their own edicts. (A Rundown Of Democrat Leaders Ignoring Their Own Lockdown Rules)

Those ordering Americans to forego holiday gatherings with friends and loved ones were constantly being caught traveling to bond with their own friends and family. Lockdowns have led to rising deaths from alcohol, drugs, despair, depression, dementia, and suicides.

The division lines are stark. Conservatives believe in freedom and liberty. Liberals worship government mandates and government control over everything. 

4.) Judge Amy Coney Barrett

The death of liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg set up a battle over her replacement. Liberals vowed to make the Brett Kavanaugh hearings seem like a walk in the park. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to ram the nominee through.

As with Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump helped matters by picking a nearly perfect human being.

Those looking to object to Judge Amy Coney Barrett could not find an ounce of dirt. Her brilliant intellect was matched by her squeaky clean lifestyle. Trump and McConnell confirmed over 300 judges in one presidential term, more than what many presidents get done in two terms. Progressive dreams of a revolution will find themselves stymied on a variety of fronts.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett responds to Democrats inquisitions with intellect

With Barrett on the High Court, Trump has cemented a conservative judicial majority that could have ramifications for a generation. Barrett is a textualist in the mold of the late Judge Antonin Scalia. Her appointment is more than a victory for conservatism. It is a triumph for strict constructionism and the Constitution. As Scalia noted, the Constitution “says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.” The era of making up laws as liberal politicians see fit might in the short term be over.  

3.) Operation Warp Speed and the PPP

Attempts to tackle COVID were divided into two main tracks. It was vital to solving the medical problem of COVID as well as the financial pain the virus caused. The medical approach was led by Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Trump smashed the bureaucratic regulations that delay the vaccine process. He unleashed the private sector and protected them from lawsuits. He repealed Obama-Biden regulations that slowed the time it takes to get a drug to market. The vaccine timeline from inception to completion normally takes three to five years. By taking steps that only a Republican president and a businessman would take, the COVID vaccines became available in eight months.

Democrats could never deliver a COVID vaccine at such Warp Speed

Pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Moderna deserve a ton of credit for creating these potentially life-saving drugs. Trump deserves credit for getting the government out of the way and letting the drug companies do their jobs.

On the financial front, The Paycheck Protection Program was a lifeline to businesses forced to close in the wake of COVID. As long as companies retained their workers, PPP loans were 100% forgivable. The stubborn length of the virus has led to congress attempting to negotiate a second round of PPP business loans. The government is normally not known for being efficient, but Operation Warp Speed and the PPP were major examples of government relying on the business community to get big things done right.

This was not “Yes, we can” nonsense. This was “Yes, they did” Rosie the Riveter leadership by people who talk less and do more. 

2.) Election 2020

Normally the American presidential election is automatically the top news story of that year. 2020 is an exception for several reasons. Elections are normally about competing for ideological visions, but neither the Republican President Trump or the Democrat former Vice President Joe Biden are particularly ideological.

Those hostile toward Trump were not inspired by Biden. Try finding the theme of Biden’s campaign. It was, and is, non-existent. Trump supporters were not necessarily conservative Republicans. Trump opponents were divided into those who detest all Republicans and those who dislike Trump’s personality and behavior.

Explaining the fraud that took place during Election 2020

Trump was able to reverse many of President Barack Obama’s policies, and Biden will have a difficult time bringing those policies back. Trump had two years with control of both houses of Congress. Biden will have a minuscule House Majority with the Senate up in the air. Joe Biden lacks the sheer force that Obama and Trump possess. Biden might be the first person to be seen as irrelevant before even taking office. His cognitive decline and overly ambitious Senator Kamala Harris do not help his cause. Lastly, Biden and Trump are both at the mercy of what is obviously the top news story of 2020. 

1.) COVID — The COVID-19 virus is also known as the Coronavirus, the China virus, and the Wuhan virus. Originally thought to have come from bats at Wuhan wet markets, COVID emanated from a lab in Wuhan, China. Debate rages as to whether the virus accidentally escaped the lab or was a biological weapon purposely unleashed by China on the world. Trump has long criticized the Chinese Communist government, so it is plausible that China would want something to topple his government.

COVID has killed millions of people worldwide, including over 320,000 Americans and counting. The worst pandemic in 100 years has devastated lives. A significant plurality of the deaths occurred in five blue states. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to place infected COVID patients in nursing homes proved particularly deadly.

The Great American Covid 19 Freakout: Science? Or Politics?

The President of the United States in 2021 will have their entire agenda determined by COVID. Whether or not to keep travel bans in place will be one issue. Whether or not to increase or decrease bureaucratic red tape for drug makers will affect vaccine distribution. Everything from mask mandates to lockdowns will be hotly debated.

The size and scope of financial relief from PPP to unemployment benefits will be argued. Our geopolitical relationships will be drastically scrambled, led by how to handle China. How adults work and how children learn may be permanently altered. COVID affected every aspect of life in 2020. It affected the presidential election.

It will affect the government going forward on everything from international trade to foreign travel. For these reasons, this global pandemic is obviously the top news story of 2020.

Lead Image: Photo by Miguel Montejano from Pexels

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