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Revenge of the Nerds: Statistical experts prove Biden loss, Trump win

Written By | Dec 1, 2020
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From Pennsylvania to Arizona and now Michigan, experts and regular people are testifying to the lack of election integrity in the 2020 elections.  In each state, legislatures are listening to the testimony of leading statistical experts.  Today in Michigan, former Senator Patrick Colbeck is offering compelling testimony as to the lack of election integrity, the broken chain of custody for the votes and the consistent integers used across states to flip votes from Trump to Biden.

The goal of these hearings is two-fold.  The first to determine the legitimacy of the election and the second to encourage legislatures to overturn elections in these states as being illegitimate.

The corruption being uncovered in Election 2020 is exactly why our framers created the Electoral College. No one becomes “president-elect” until the members of the electoral college cast their ballots. Who selects the electors?

The Constitution unambiguously reserves the power and the method by which these appointees are chosen to state legislatures in Article II, Section I:

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.

But with the power to appoint, comes the power to override. When we are considering our voting rights, we, as Americans need to take better care to know who the people we are electing to these important positions.

There are three types of people in America today.

Those that believe the 2020 election was fair.  Those people give Joe Biden the title of “President-elect” despite that no such title exists.  The second type is those who, thanks to the Main Stream Media who are suppressing the story of election inaccuracies, are not aware of the elections battles in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia Arizona, and Nevada.

The third type of American is the patriot that knows that President Trump won the election handily.  That at 10:00 pm on November 3rd, President Trump held a commanding lead.  A lead that was thought to be insurmountable by Biden.  The Red Wave was cresting. Today, weeks after November 3rd, the election is still not decided, regardless of announcements by media organizations like Fox or CNN.

A preponderance of affidavits, testimony by Colonial Phil Waldrum, a cybersecurity and voting security expert, and mathematical experts consistently shows the spikes in voting tabulation are simply impossible.  The nerds are speaking out to prove statistically that Joe Biden and the Democrats have used Dominion tabulation machines to steal the election.

The men, women of America’s new Untouchables clawing at Election crime

That those results, in different states and counties, resulted in a statistically impossible percentage of votes being tabulated in Joe Biden’s favor. After ballot counters and republican watchers were removed from the process.

In Georgia, an alleged water main break caused election officials to shut down the counting process. However, Georgia has not provided proof of the break or the repair of the break.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and others, voting irregularities were consistent as to time and percentage of votes, all of which flipped states from Trump to Biden.  The machines were tabulated, a conclusion reached by numerous mathematical calculations, at a consistent rate of 1.3% positive to Joe Biden.  And  .3% negative to Donald Trump.  This reducing the value of every Trump voter to 7/10s of a vote.

All these anecdotal charges were clarified at the Arizona legislatures hearing and Democrats best hold onto their hats.  This election was not won by Joe Biden.  No way.  Now how.

America’s fight against 2020 Election fraud

The independent website “Here is the Evidence” is a crowdsourcing tool being used to “organize the anomalies and legal issues” surrounding Election 2020.  Among the listings at the site detail instances of illegality in the 2020 elections.  These include:

Voting Irregularities
  • 40,000 Mail-In ballots cast in the names of deceased Pennsylvania votes.
  • Forty of Colorado’s sixty-four counties have more voter registrations than voting-age citizens
  • Three Hundred and fifty-three counties across twenty-nine states have more voter registrations than voting-age citizens.
  • In Michigan, 9,500 dead people returned mail-in votes
  • The Nevada District Attorney says 6,000 illegal votes were counted.  Some of these votes had registered addresses of casinos.
  • In Pennsylvania, signature verification was removed as a requirement for mail-in ballots
  • In Michigan, a batch of votes equaling 149,772 were cast for only for Joe Biden, a statistical anomaly
  • In Pennsylvania, 66% of dead registered voters identified had birthdates between 1800 and 1899

Polling place Irregularities

  • Poll challengers were either kicked out or forced to stand 30 feet from the counting tables, against state laws, in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.
  • In Nevada, there is an 89% failure rate in verifying signatures
  • In Michigan, a poll worker was instructed to adjust the mailing dates of absentee ballots

Voting Machine Irregularities

  • In Michigan, 6,000 unofficial votes were shown as being for Biden, instead of Trump
  • 2,755 ballots found on a memory card by recount auditors in Georgia.
  • A Dominion voting machine Security Chief says he made sure “Trump would not win”
  • The Dominion user manual outlines high-risk vulnerabilities of the machines, with the only remedy being to invalidate the election.

These are just a few of the hundreds of claims of voting and tabulation machine irregularities as well as malfeasance by state election officials and ballot counters.  Many other entries claim that votes were stolen from nursing home patients in Wisconsin. Ballots that were altered and/or scanned multiple times.  Ballots for Trump were consistently counted or flipped for Biden.

A Biden win is statistically impossible and it has been proven

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, spoke at the legislature hearing in Arizona. Dr. Ayyadurai holds an undergraduate degree from MIT  in electrical engineering and computer science. He has a master’s degree in visual studies from the MIT Media Laboratory on scientific visualization. Concurrently, he completed another master’s degree in mechanical engineering, also from MIT. In 2007, he obtained a Ph.D. in biological engineering from MIT in systems biology, with his thesis focusing on modeling the whole cell by integrating molecular pathway models.

In 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant to study the integration of Siddha, a system of traditional medicine developed in South India, with modern systems biology.

Dr. Ayyadurai testified that analytically Biden votes were counted by 1.3% while Trump votes were counted at a negative .3% resulting in Biden receiving 130% of the vote and Trump receiving -30% of the vote.  Using mathematical curve fitting, to create Biden receiving 1.3/10 per vote, the president’s vote is linked to the Biden votes.  Meaning if Biden received 100 votes, it would reduce Trump’s vote by 30.

Bobby Piton also testified to the statistical impossibility of a Joe Biden win.  Mr. Piton addressed the implausibility using a different set of metrics, however reaching the same conclusion.  Coincidentally Mr. Piton’s Twitter account was censored shortly after his testimony.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has previously ruled that statistical evidence is valid evidence.

The only explanation being that votes were moved, swapped, changed from Trump to Biden in Arizona.

The Weighted Race Feature

The Weighted Race Feature is a documented feature of the Dominion vote tabulation software.  The Secretary of State is tasked with certifying these machines, has this weighted race feature. Weighted Race allows a vote to be multiplied, or reduced, via an embedded algorithm.

That this is how Democrats were able to manipulate vote totals in Joe Biden’s favor.

Revealing the ghost in Dominion’s vote tabulation machines

Giuliani asked if the weighted race feature purpose is to check the number of votes, changing them to favor one candidate over another, which Dr. Sheva concluded. Simply, the race was stolen by this feature.  Dr. Sheva also stated that the plausibility of the cumulative vote count is impossible and asked why are votes not being stored as whole integers?

According to Dr. Sheva, the ubiquity of the vote shows that votes for Trump, your vote, is weighted at only 7/10s of a vote, not one full vote for each American.

Dr. Sheva explaining that when writing a software program you have to be careful of integers.  Vote counts stored in the 2020 Election were recorded as decimals, fractural voting, and Dr. Sheva asks why votes are stored as fractions.  Are we not a country of one person, one vote, via the Constitution?

All of this means that Republicans have been hit with an illegal poll tax making their vote less than a whole vote.  Dr. Sheva saying that using pattern analysis he believes these actions are nefarious.  In what he shared today, he has used his expertise to explain an implausible situation that led to the Biden “win.”

“The voting machines are too tabulate not to calculate as they were built to do.” – Mark Finchem, Arizona Legislature

What are the Trump team’s end goals?

Article 21, section 1, clause 2, of the Constitution guides the state legislatures’ actions. The Constitution says that the legislature of Arizona has the plenary power to determine the electors that offer the final vote for who will lead the United States of America.

In 1892 SCOTUS told the state legislatures, in anticipation of political parties conducting voter fraud, that they have the sole power to remove the power from the governor or the secretary of state to take back the power to determine the electors. And that based on evidence the legislatures need to determine the rightful party winner of the people’s votes. If the person who won that honest vote is not the person that the legislature knows is the winner, they should not certify their election for anyone else.

No decent person could let this happen – Rudy G.

Arizona had substantial problems

A series of poll watchers in Arizona testified to the legislature about the inaccuracies and fraudulent actions of the ballot counters. These individuals were basic Americans doing their civic duty volunteering to spend hours watching the process of voting.  They saw ballots appearing in the middle of the night, long after election day had passed. They were kept far apart from the ballots.  However, the most damaging testimony was the poll watcher who testified to seeing at least 50 laptops in the room.  He further testified that it surely seemed that those machines were connected to the internet.  Meaning that any hacker, anywhere in the world, could access those machines and change votes tabulations.

Kris Krebs, before his firing, was head of CISA, the Agency that issued Nov. 12 statement declaring election the “most secure in American history.” However, CISA failed to disclose that the Dominion Voting System, which is the center of the Trump campaign’s focus for voter fraud and foreign interference, was a member of one of the two issuing CISA committees.

Krebs’s reason for the statement that the election was the most secure in American history is that the states do a great job of maintaining voting rolls. Furthermore, the Dominion machines were not connected to the internet. It appears Mr. Krebs was wrong on two points.

Machines were connected to the internet, based on multiple reports.  In fact, the Dominion user manuals show users how to connect voting machines to the internet.  On election day, it is strongly believed, the Dominion machines were communicating state to state via the internet.

Krebs’s other misspeak is that States do not keep accurate voting rolls.  We know this because of the hundreds, if. not thousands, of ballots sent to dead people, sent to addresses where they no longer lived, casino addresses, multiple ballots, and other errors.

Election 2020 fraud indicators

These machines have multiple points of vulnerability from the server level where the passwords are posted to the Dark Web where any hacker can access. At the server level, votes can be changed. The common software goes back to SGO/Smartmatic.

  • Machines can be hacked, easily and in under ten minutes.  The malware allows any hacker, anywhere in the world, to steal passwords and user names, In Michigan down-ballot changes in the election data.
  • On the day of the election, algorithms were used to change votes.  One vote, a small vote showed the down-ballot election being changed, both the for and against.
  • The alarm over mail-in voting has been a concern to Republicans, and some Democrats, for the last twenty years. President Obama spoke against mail-in voting in 2008, citing a scandal in Oregon in the process.
  • There is a common DNA in the voting election software.
  • That Hugo Chavez owned 20% of the software system, Smartmatic, that altered votes in Argentina, Venezuela and now America.
  • That past presidential election relied on 19 “bellwether counties” to predetermine the election winner.  President Trump did win 18 of those 19 “bellwether counties”.
  • Both Ohio and Florida are must-win states for candidate.  President Trump won both.
  • Hillary Clinton, who has connections to the Dominion voting machines, advised Joe Biden to not concede under any circumstance.
The Constitution ensures election Integrity

Regardless of party, or fondness for any candidate, every American should see that election integrity is the cornerstone of America’s freedoms.  We now have to rely on our elected officials, our state policymakers, to make sure that they uphold the sanctity and security of our election.  The first step is not recounting or overturn, but delegitimizing the elections in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

The Supreme Court, in the absence of an effective DOJ, must step up and send the election to the house where American’s elected representatives will review the massive evidence presented at these legislative hearings, and certify the election for President Donald J. Trump. Not because I am a Trump supporter, but because the world is watching and we will lose our standing as the World leader.

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