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Republicans: Take the midterm mandate and run with it

Written By | Nov 6, 2014

WASHINGTON, November 6, 2014 —  The Red Tide has taken over Washington, the Stampede has shaken the state houses, the GOP Revolution has arrived. Months after the Grand Old Party was on the verge of a civil war, when Tea Party Conservatives pushed their moderate leaning leadership to take a stronger stance against President Obama, the GOP seems to have somewhat put aside their differences in the name of the party. In what can only be called a stunning upset, President Obama finds himself finishing out his term facing a potentially unfriendly House and Senate, and a people who have rejected his policies.

He has vowed to work with the new leadership, though he is still not afraid use his pen and phone. Many in the political analysis game believe that the Republicans need to play it safe, and not make any waves so that the Republicans can cement their victory in the 2016 Elections.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The Democrats are down, bleeding, and the Republicans need to go for the throat. Not for any semblance of revenge, not for means of retribution, but because that is what they were elected to do.

So many years of Democratic control, and steady Progressive change in Washington has soured many Americans on the DNC. Many believe that this latest election was a reflection on President Obama and his policies. That assertion is right on the money. President Obama himself stated that he was not on the ballot, his policies were. Well, America just rejected Obama’s policies and lamed the duck out of his remaining two years in office.

The Republicans have to show that they have heard Americans loud and clear, that they have the pulse of the country, and that they are ready to govern. This is an audition, to see how the Republicans will do over the next two years. Since it was to push back against Obama’s politics that these Republicans were elected to do, to push needs to be on the GOP agenda for the next two years.

Anything short of pushing against Obama’s policies will be seen as a failure by the people. Of course they have to strike the right tone of appearing to work with Obama, while also holding firm, but they cannot be seen to roll over for the man. If Republicans ignore President Obama and push their own agenda, Democrats will attempt to paint the GOP as unwilling to work across the aisle in the next election. However that may backfire on the DNC because pushing against Obama is what the GOP was elected to do in the first place, what weapon may not be available to the Democrats in 2016.

The play for the Democrats will be to come at them from the Congressional level.  Republicans will be coming at major issues with a fiery vengeance. Healthcare, minimum wage, and immigration will all be in the path of the coming stampede. Democrats will be best served in 2016 by painting the Republicans as bullies in Congress, using the majority to get their way. Republicans will be best served by avoiding embarrassing statements, and getting to work.

That is what the Republicans need to do, get to work. They do not need to tread carefully, they do not need to play nice, they need to do the job that the American people so emphatically elected them to do. If they do not, the American people will find candidates in 2016 who can, and will get the job done.

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Conor Higgins

Conor Higgins has a BA from Catholic University in DC and an MA form George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, both in history. When he not getting his hands dirty in 2nd Amendment and firearms news he is doing his best to take a crack at some drive-by political analysis. And every now and then he may or may not review a low end bourbon for the tax write off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Back Porch Politics.