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Republicans can’t impeach Obama, but they can win 2014 Elections

Written By | Jun 18, 2014

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 17, 2014 — In May of 2013, the Obama presidency was engulfed in scandals ranging from Benghazi to IRS abuses to the Fast and Furious gun-running sting. Just over one year later, even bigger scandals are centered around the Veteran’s Administration and the release of Islamist terrorists held at Guanatanamo Bay.

With President Obama ignoring Congress and governing by executive orders, a select few emboldened conservatives are whispering the “I-word.”

It is time for some rapid and serious intervention therapy. The minute anybody on the right mentions the word “impeachment,” they need to be gagged, locked in a closet, and threatened with waterboarding or being forced to watch every Jersey Shore episode from beginning to end.

Mainstream conservatives must firmly let the liberal media know ― with zero equivocation ― that impeachment is off the table. For those in the media unable to decipher that, spell it out for them and leave no wiggle room.

President Obama will not be impeached.

Is President Obama a failed leader? Absolutely.

Is he lazy? Of course.

Is he corrupt? Brazenly.

Is he a bully who abuses his power? Most definitely.

Has he lied about everything from the effects of his signature policies to scandals more serious than those of Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon combined? With zero doubt.

Should he be impeached?

Absolutely not.

For those screaming about impeachment, ask a simple question.

What prosecutor in their right mind brings a proceeding against a defendant when the chance of acquittal is 100% and the chance of conviction is zero percent?

Try convicting President Obama. It requires 67 Senate votes. Republicans hold 45 Senate seats. Even a wave 2014 election will get the GOP between 50 and 55 seats, not 67. Even if every Republican stood on principle (which they did not during the Clinton impeachment trial of 1998), try finding 12 Senate Democrats willing to put their country above their party and racial politics.)

Barack Obama is partially black and completely leftist. He is the culmination of every liberal’s hopes and dreams, a liberal deity. To paraphrase Mary J. Blige, Obama is everything, and everything is him. He is pro-choice on abortion, supports gay marriage, and believes in global warming. The first partially black President is not going anywhere.

He is above the law.

Does anybody think the rule of law matters to enough Democrats to get to 67 votes? Obama is the one being accused of abusing his power, but it is congressional liberals pressuring administrative agencies of the very targeting of political opponents that has Obama in trouble. Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings was caught in emails demanding that conservatives be targeted. If Obama goes down, Cummings and other cronies go down as well. If Republicans think they have seen the toughest scorched-earth liberal tactics, try removing a black president from office.

Bill Clinton lied under oath in a deposition. The left responded by going into overdrive against a mythical, “vast right-wing conspiracy.” The vast left-wing conspiracy was very real, and everybody from whistleblower Linda Tripp to respected Judge Kenneth Starr was viciously attacked.

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards famously said that the only way he could lose an election was to be caught in bed with either a “dead girl or a live boy.” Barack Obama is much more popular and has more ruthless defenders including Attorney General Eric Holder.

Do Republicans really think Barack Obama, Jon Corzine, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, or any other powerful progressives are ever going to be held accountable for their misdeeds? That is not the way the world works. The liberal media rigs the game, and that is part of life.

The news is not all bad for conservatives. Far from it. By 2000, “Clinton fatigue” had set upon the nation. That brought down Al Gore, who should have won his election by twenty points or at least coasted to a win like George Herbert Walker Bush did.

The long-term goal is not to remove Obama. It is to obliterate the Democrats and eradicate every trace of liberalism. The goal is to return Democrats to their status of the 1980s, where they had to meet in secret rooms just to admit they were liberals. The goal is to associate liberalism with complete and total failure, so that every Democrat running for election spends time on the defensive just fending accusations of liberalism.

The 2010 Republican playbook to victory still works for 2014. Rather than directly attack Obama, all Democrats should be welded to the weakest and most reviled link. Hang Nancy Pelosi around liberal necks and reduce all Democrats to San Francisco Pelosicrats.

2014 should be about the Obama-Pelosi reign of error. Everything they have done has failed. Pelosi should be in every campaign commercial.

Some conservatives will demand that the truth is what matters most. Wrong. Winning elections and governing is the only way to advance a conservative agenda. Election losers get nothing but their name etched somewhere in the middle of a giant ash heap of history.

Elections are popularity contests. Obama is likable. Conservatives may loathe him, but the American people do not. 2014 should be about Pelosi. 2016 can then be around a successor that is either incredibly disliked (Hillary Clinton), seen as a bumbler (Joe Biden), or some boring white guy nobody cares about (whoever currently governs Maryland).

By then, voters will have Obama fatigue.

Life is not fair, and sometimes there is no justice. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and bad guys get away with murder. Obama got away with several scandals where people were murdered, and glided to reelection.

Trying to remove him will create the well of sympathy that will allow him to rebound. Leaving him in office will allow him to be an albatross around the entire Democratic Party’s neck.

Besides, if conservatives thought it was fun watching Al Gore try to escape Bill Clinton’s misdeeds, imagine the joy of seeing Hillary Clinton skewered over Barack Obama’s failures before being skewered over her own.

Jimmy Carter was never impeached, but he was almost universally regarded as a failure. His entire presidency was reversed by Ronald Reagan. Even with two terms, Barack Obama will face the same fate as long as conservatives get out of their own way and learn from their past mistakes.

Forget impeaching or indicting Obama. The bigger indictment will be the indictment of everything that is liberalism, personified by Obama liberalism.

This can only begin to happen by Republicans winning the 2014 elections.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”