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Republican, Democrat factions revolt against Clinton, Trump

Written By | Jun 10, 2016

LOS ANGELES, June 9, 2016 — Since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have all but clinched the Republican and Democrat Party nominations, factions of both parties threaten to rebel against the parties and the nominees.

Bernie Sanders supporters are spoiling for a floor fight in Philadelphia, especially after Thursday’s endorsement of Clinton by President Barack Obama. While Sanders vowed to work to ensure that Trump never becomes president, he has not endorsed Clinton. His followers, encouraged by this, plan to fight on through the convention.

My bets are on the #NeverHillary/#BernieOrBust crowd rather than the #NeverTrump lot. The feckless GOP elite claim to be resolutely #NeverTrump, but they are unable to mount a third-party candidate who would draw in many voters or is willing to challenge Trump.

When your presidential choice is between an ogre and a troll

That doesn’t mean they aren’t still plotting. According to CNN, attendees at 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s “Experts and Enthusiasts (E2)” summit agree that Trump is not a quality candidate for the Republican party. They want to change that.

“We’ll hear from various viewpoints on what it means to be a Republican,” said Matt Waldrip, a former Romney financier. “People will make a big deal of that, but that’s not a new debate.”

No, it’s not. And to people on the outside, what it looks like is our “betters” still trying to control the party and dictate who is worthy of nomination and what is best for the future of the country. They don’t see how this attitude led to Trump’s success this year.

This tactic failed to work in 2012, and it is part-and-parcel of what is imploding the Republican Party; yet this brain trust insists on going in the same direction.

I’ll take “Clueless Politicos” for 10,000, Alex.

Even GOP good soldier, talk radio personality, and political analyst Hugh Hewitt is recommending the party find another nominee. “It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer,” Hewitt  said on his Wednesday radio program. “You can’t do it—you gotta go attack it. And right now, the Republican Party is facing—the plane is headed toward the mountain after the last 72 hours[…]

“I wanna support the nominee of the party, but I think the party ought to change the nominee, because we’re going to get killed with this nominee,” Hewitt opined.

Election 2016: Trump, Clinton and the failure of democracy

Hewitt, who famously remained “Switzerland” throughout the crazy Republican 17-presidential-candidate death match, is the last person you would think could take this tack. But if this 2016 election cycle has proven anything, it’s that nothing is impossible.

But with certain GOPers like Sens. Mark Kirk and Lindsey Graham un-endorsing the presumptive Republican nominee, the rumblings of a GOP floor fight in Cleveland may have some basis. If Twitter is representative of America, there are expressions of hope, as well as despair:

Or maybe that asteroid will hit the earth before November 8 and put us all out of our misery.

In the meantime, until the fat lady sings, my suggestion is to break out the popcorn; both the Republican and Democratic conventions promise to be history-making and entertaining.

Jennifer Oliver OConnell

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