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Red Meat to Russia: The Top 10 News Stories of 2019

Written By | Dec 20, 2019
News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, Trump

LOS ANGELES:  The American media has a terrible habit of highlighting news stories that do not matter. Suppressing those news stories that do matter. The news is whatever the liberal media says it is. All at the expense of what should be news. News that matters.

Sensationalism over substance has helped turn America into the nation of Kardashistan. Recent stories are given more credence than older stories that get short shrift.

The ringing in of a New Year is a chance to take stock of what actually matters.

We get the news media we deserve, and we can and must demand real news. Forget the charge of “fake news.” This is not about the media running fraudulent stories, although too often they do. This is about amplifying utter insignificance and devaluing value. The enemy of real news is not fake news, but utter nonsense that passes for news.

Let us filter out the drivel and focus on what truly matters. This brings us to the Top 10 news stories of 2019. These are not the stories the media covers, but the ones they should cover.

Impeachment does not make the list of legitimate news.

Until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi physically walks the impeachment articles over to the Senate, impeachment has actually not occurred. Given a zero percent chance of a conviction in the Senate, it deserves to be a non-story.

The media loves the story, but most Americans have tuned it out as irrelevant to their daily lives.

The Ukraine scandal does not make the list.

Again, the news media obsesses over a story that is far too in the weeds for most Americans to care about. People who are not political junkies find it boring. Also, a story does not deserve to be treated as major news unless it leads to a change in policy or politics. Hearings were held. Blatherers blathered. Bloviators bloviated about what the blatherers were blathering.

Then nothing happened. That could change, but until it does, no real news has occurred.

The stock market hitting an all-time high does not make the list

Stocks rise and fall.  Times are good and times are bad. The ebb and flow of life ebbs and flows.

The overall economy is fantastic, but it has been for three years now. Continued economic prosperity is fantastic, but other stories specifically connected to 2019 rank higher.

Climate change is the least important issue of our lifetime and should never make any list of important news stories. Climate change is the poster child for pet issues the elites care about and the people do not. The sky is not falling, and we are not all going to die together in April of 2031.

With that, here are the Top 10 news stories of 2019.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

10.) Red meat might not be bad for you

After decades of being told that red meat was a killer, an explosive new study offers a contradictory finding. The breadth, depth, and width of the study is causing panic among the medical and scientific communities. Time will tell which study is right, but one thing is clear. Plant-based hamburgers are definitely unhealthy. If eating red meat in moderation is acceptable, it could drastically change how people eat and diet for a long time to come.

9.) NBC covers up Harvey Weinstein to protect Matt Lauer

The news media is all about transparency for everyone but themselves. The powerful always protect themselves first. Despite paying lip service to the #MeToo movement, the top brass at almost every television network seems to include at least one sexual predator.

Harvey Weinstein was the first sexual predator domino to fall. He had dirt on “Today” host Matt Lauer, who eventually was also exposed as a sexual predator. NBC spiked Ronan Farrow’s expose on Weinstein because he was a friend and fundraiser of Hillary Clinton.

A desperate need for access led to a decision to throw journalistic ethics in the grave and pile the sandbags high and deep. Anything for a story. NBC also covered up bad behavior by Prince Andrew to stay in the good graces of the British Royal Family.

8.) College cheating scandal

Power brokers in many different industries engaged in a conspiracy to rig entry into prestigious colleges. “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman went to jail for two weeks for having another student take her daughter’s entrance exams.

Screen shot image Laurie Loughlin

“Full House” star Lori Loughlin faces years in jail if convicted on the charges facing her. She and her husband are accused of getting their two daughters into USC on a rowing scholarship despite having never been collegiate rowers.

For every privileged youth who gained acceptance to a top college under false pretenses, another more deserving student was shafted. This was the wealthy and powerful using their power to crush the less financially fortunate.

7.) The Squad owns the Democrats

Four first-term far left congresswomen effectively seized power of the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi is now Speaker in name only. Despite trying to focus on policy, Pelosi was dragged kicking and screaming into impeachment by four women – Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Collectively known as “The Squad.”

black voters, hispanic, democrats, congresswomen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley

Top Image: Ladies of the “Squad”: (Left to right) Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. NBC News screen capture.

They are hostile to conservatives, Republicans, moderate Democrats, any kind of compromise, and especially Israel. They have turned the Democrat Party into an anti-Israel policy. For freshmen members of Congress, they have utilized social media into a weapon that gives them outsized clout.

6.) Venezuela collapses

Venezuela has been descending into hell for a couple of decades, but 2019 became the year that both parties ignored Venezuela for different reasons. Democrats want Venezuela to fade from view. It shows the utter failure of socialism. The once-wealthy oil-rich nation now has citizens eating garbage to survive.

News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, TrumpRepublicans are now the party of Donald Trump. If the Neocons were still running the GOP, hard military power in some form would have overthrown the Maduro regime. Trump is a non-interventionist.

With both parties now controlled by anti-war factions, Maduro was able to stay in power.

5.) China, Hong Kong, and American businesses

Normally a story about people fighting for their right to be free would be news. The liberal media ignores Hong Kong because there is no political angle to play. Many politicians are prepared to sell Hong Kong down the river to appease Communist China. Sadly, American businesses have now been caught putting profits over humanity.

News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, TrumpA brilliant piece of journalism by sports reporter Jason Whitlock blew the lid on why NBA stars like LeBron James were publicly siding with communist China over democratic Hong Kong. James is employed by the National Basketball Association.

The NBA takes its marching orders from sneaker company Nike.

Nike has significant business in China. China gave an ultimatum to Nike, Nike yanked the leash, and the NBA told Lebron and the rest of the league to heel. LeBron decided that selling sneakers is more important than Hong Kong citizens fighting and dying for freedom.

The NBA is known for being a leftist league, but like many leftists, human rights mattered less than corporate profits.

4.) Pulling out of Syria/Killing al-Baghdadi

Both of these foreign policy actions were major. The killing of ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi was the biggest killing since Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011. The al-Baghdadi killing was minimized by the media because it required giving credit to Republican President Trump.

News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, Trump


Democrat Barack Obama’s killing of bin Laden was properly given extensive praise. Bin Laden was more of a symbolic leader. Baghdadi was an operational mastermind, and replacing him will not be easy. This was a major blow to ISIS. Leaving Syria was another example of the major shift in Republican foreign policy under Trump. He said he was going to do it during the campaign, and he followed through on that promise.

General James “Mad dog” Mattis resigned in protest over the decision to withdraw. Both the killing of Baghdadi and the withdrawal from Syria would rank higher, but one thing prevents that. The repercussions of those events have yet to occur. In 2020, one or both of these events could loom even larger.

3.) British landslide election

In 2015, the British citizens voted in favor of a referendum led by Nigel Farage demanding that they exit the European Union. BREXIT was delayed repeatedly as those in favor of remaining tried to permanently derailed it. Even conservative Prime Minister Theresa May refused to implement it, ending her career.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson staked his entire conservative government on enacting BREXIT. Labour nominated a leftist radical in Jeremy corny who was dogged by charges of anti-Semitism. Areas that had voted for Labor for 70 years went conservative.

News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, Trump

President Donald J. Trump, joined by G7 Leaders, attends the G7 Closing Session at the Centre de Congrés Bellevue Monday, Aug. 26, 2019, in Biarritz, France, site of the G7 Summit. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead). Public domain.

Working-class voters demanded BREXIT. Johnson won the largest conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher. The conservative landslide was a realignment in British politics, as the working class left the party that abandoned them.

The left put the elites over the people and were crushed for it.

Johnson is a Trump clone, and 2020 will tell if the British election will foreshadow a similar revolt in America. BREXIT certainly played a role in helping Trump to power in 2016, as workers everywhere became fed up with leftist movements that chose climate change over workers.

2.) Easter and Passover terrorist attacks —

Radical Islam has existed since 1972, when Israelis were murdered at the Olympics in Munich, Germany. It has accelerated since the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. However, 2019 brought a pair of gut punches due to timing. Attacks were launched on the holiest holidays of at least two major faiths.

On Easter Sunday, a terrorist bombing in the Congo was a direct attack on religious Christians. On the last day of Passover which was also the Jewish Sabbath, a gunman shot and killed people at a Synagogue near San Diego. Chabad of Poway would have been an even bigger bloodbath had Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein not used his hands to protect his face. He had a pair of fingers blown off but saved himself and others.

Attacks on Easter and Passover were specifically designed to make congregants fearful to attend their place of worship. A defiant Rabbi Goldstein was invited to the White House, where he told the world to keep faith in God and practicing religion. The Catholic faith also took a beating when the 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral burned to the ground.

As of now, that fire has been labeled a tragic accident. Given that it occurred at the same time as the Easter and Passover attacks, skeptics question the accident narrative. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the fire. Meanwhile, armed guards and congregants are now a way of life.

1.) Russia hoax collapses

For over two years, Americans were told that Donald Trump conspired and colluded with the Russian government to rig the 2016 election in his favor. An exhaustive investigation found zero evidence of such collusion.

A counter-investigation led by Attorney General William Barr has discovered that the entire basis for the Russia conspiracy was corrupt. Trump was framed for crimes, and his accusers are the ones who have committed them. The “Deep State” invented a narrative that never existed. The purpose was to render Trump an illegitimate president and remove him from office.

News Stories, Best News Stories of 2019, Venezuela, Weinstein, Laurer, Russia Hoax, Trump

The poison tree…

Now the tables have turned.

Inspector General William Horowitz said that the FBI made egregious errors in 17 different instances. U.S. Attorney John Durham has far more information than Horowitz, and he has launched a criminal investigation into those who launched the original investigation.

A FISA court has accused the FBI of lying to it in its zeal to obtain warrants to spy on American citizens. Those citizens were members of the Trump campaign.

The Democrats spied on the Republican presidential nominee. The liberal media became heroes for breaking the Watergate burglary, but when Republicans were the victims the media lost interest. CIA chief John Brennan, DNI chief James Clapper, FBI chief James Comey, and many other Obama administration intelligence officials could be looking at lengthy indictments.

Their desire to see Hillary Clinton elected and Donald Trump defeated at all costs is only going to get bigger in 2020 depending on the number of indictments that come down. Attempts to dismiss Barr and Durham as partisan will fail. They are both lifelong public servants with impeccable reputations. They are also not intimated by the media. Durham used to work for Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. He will get to the truth.

One reason Democrats are furiously pushing impeachment is to distract from this very real scandal that is about to explode. Members of the intelligence community tried to overthrow a legally elected government because their preferred candidate lost, costing them their jobs. This is one of the biggest political scandals in American history, and the media being in on the conspiracy makes it even worse than that.

The intelligence community and media’s collective desperation to keep this conspiracy from being news is precisely why it is the most significant news story of 2019.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”