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Real results of the Midterms: Trump, Pelosi win – Obama, Hollywood lose

Written By | Nov 7, 2018
White House Press Corps, Jim Acosta, Paul H. Yarborough

LOS ANGELES: As Democrats celebrate recapturing the House, expect many of the blind liberal media partisans to miss the real election 2018 aftermath story. For the third straight election, virtually everyone and everything President Barack Obama believes in was rejected. The real results of Midterm 2018 are that almost everything Hollywood liberals obsess over is now gone. For the second consecutive election, Republicans and President Donald Trump’s candidates gave defeat to Obama’s candidates.

The cabal of liberal billionaires, screaming Hollywood actresses, GOP-hating media, and Obama administration officials are left bereft, once again.

Republicans gained several Senate seats. In a midterm Democrats were supposed to own, Republicans thrived. Senator Claire McCaskill can now stop pretending to be a moderate. She has been fired by the citizens of Missouri.  McCaskill immediately announcing her intentions to become a leftist activist. Indiana’s Joe Donnelly is joining her on the unemployment line.

Republicans still control a majority of the governorships, including four of the six governorships in deep blue New England. Obama administration disaster and (Massachusetts Senator) Liz Warren fan Richard Cordray lost a very winnable governor’s race in Ohio.

Results of Midterm 2018: Key issues
The left’s worst leftist basket cases all lose

Gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia both saw racialized politics due to hard left radical candidates who made race the issue. Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams did not lose because they were black. They lost because they were far out of the political mainstream.

Obama was out on the campaign trail for Democrat candidates. Further reinforcing that the former President is out of the mainstream as well. Americans will vote for reasonable candidates of all races. They reject when extremists blame race for their failures.

Arizona Senate candidate Kirsten Sinema did not have the race card to play. Nonetheless, Sinema tried to hide her hard left past that included controversial remarks seen as pro-Taliban. Arizona voters saw through it and chose an American military hero in Martha McSally. Liberals will insist that their troika almost won as if that has ever meant anything.

Liberalism was toxic in this election

And it cost Democrats. Relentless attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh galvanized Republican voters. Singer Taylor Swift’s attacks on Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn energized Blackburn supporters. She is now on her way to the and propelling her to the Senate. Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing and the shrillest rest of the screaming Hollywood liberals sunk $70 million into Robert O’Rourke, now known as Beto. O’Rourke won the Jon Ossoff metrosexual beta male award given to candidates who become liberal darlings and lose.

Instead of learning their lesson, Liberals are now promoting O’Rourke and Gillum as a presidential ticket.

Republicans did have some stinging defeats. Democrats finally took down Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. They turned Nevada blue and will eventually turn California into Venezuela. Liberal women stripped naked, taunting “Grab ‘em by the ballot,” only to see Republican Governors Phil Scott (VT) and Larry Hogan (MD) coast to reelection in deep blue Maryland.

The Democrats win of the House only helps Republicans and Trump.

Nancy Pelosi will not be able to control Maxine Waters, Antifa, or the rest of the violent, angry left. Democrats will obsess over the Russia investigation, Trump’s tax returns, and Brett Kavanaugh. However, these are all subjects the American electorate has zero interest in.

Democrats will engage in “the overreach to impeach,” and it will backfire. Too many liberals want to drag Trump through the streets Mussolini-style for Democrats to focus on policy. Liberals revere Pelosi and Waters. Trump now has a foil. In a post-election press conference, Trump made it clear he will blame Democrats for any obstruction. Democrats who made promises to reject Pelosi as speaker will be strong-armed into breaking their word.

New House members are starting their careers with a broken promise, and it will come back to bite them in 2020.

In 2018, Republicans staved off a blue wave. Democrats won virtually nothing that matters. Donald Trump is still President, and Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are still Supreme Court justices. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is still the Senate Majority Leader. The Senate confirms judges with zero input from the House.

Democrats remain powerless to stop Trump and McConnell from confirming tons of conservative judges who will reshape the judiciary for the next three decades.

Liberals will convince themselves that they won the 2018 midterms to avoid the psychological breakdown that followed 2016. In reality, their goal was to stop Trump. They failed. They lost. With rare exceptions, conservatives and Republicans maintained most of their power. For the third straight election, the right won. As Democrats keep lurching to the left, Trump is in a strong position to make it four consecutive electoral victories for Republicans.


President Donald J. Trump holds a press conference regarding the midterm election results Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Eric Golub

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