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Rashard Brooks: Fulton County DA chooses vengeance and politics over justice and law

Written By | Jun 17, 2020
Police, Atlanta, Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd

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LOS ANGELES:  The horrific murder of a black man named George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer has created an opening for radical social change. Sadly, those changes often resemble vengeance more than justice. The cruel killing of Floyd so shocked the conscience because it was the crazed exception rather than the norm.

Nevertheless, racial arsonists continue to successfully exploit his death in the worst possible way.

The killing of Rashard Brooks in Atlanta was the exact opposite situation of the Floyd killing.

Brooks was a career criminal who had recently been given a seven-year jail sentence for beating up his own children. He was released early due to the Coronavirus pandemic. On the night in question, Brooks chose to become a drunk driver.

The officers who questioned him were completely professional and polite. Brooks chose to resist arrest and grab the officer’s taser. Brooks then chose to try and flee the scene. (RAYSHARD BROOKS’ OWN FAMILY ACCUSED HIM OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN, FAMILY BATTERY, BEATINGS)

Asking a hard question: Are too many cops killing black Americans?

Even all of that would not have justified his being killed. However, Brooks chose to make one crucial and fatal error. He chose to turn his head back toward the pursuing officer and point the taser at the officer. Only then did Officer Garrett Rolfe fire the fatal shot.

This was a clear case of officer self-defense. Unfortunately for Rolfe, he is white and Brooks was black.

Unfortunately, law and justice are irrelevant when the angry leftist mobs start rioting. Black Lives Matter protesters screamed and white leftist Antifa thugs burned down the Wendy’s restaurant where the shooting occurred.

The mob demanded vengeance, and a pair of black leftists were more than happy to oblige.

Biden V.P. hopeful Mayor Keisha Bottoms

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms is a black woman who is under serious consideration to be the vice presidential nominee alongside former Vice President Joe Biden. Bottoms has allowed riots to continue unabated in her city while serving up lip-service platitudes about peaceful protesters.

She had Rolfe immediately fired and declared a murderer, in direct violation of due process. She mentioned that Rolfe has been accused of complaints of excessive force before. The same people insisting that the past criminal history of Floyd and Brooks do not matter are claiming the reverse regarding Rolfe.

Also charged in the killing is officer Devin Brosnan, who is facing three charges.

Bottoms is merely advancing her career on the back of a white cop.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard is trying to save his political bottom. Howard is black, which until recently was never supposed to be a defense against corruption or criminal behavior.

ANTIFA Liberal verbal arsonists want America to Shut Yo’ Mouth!

D.A. Howard is currently facing multiple investigations by the Georgia Board of Investigations (GBI). The GBI has accused Howard of everything from financial misdeeds involving a non-profit to covering up accusations of sexual harassment. Howard has denied all charges, but he is in real political trouble.

Officer Rolfe is his perceived political lifeline.

The slimmest case of manslaughter is not enough for a man fighting for his political career.

Howard piled on the charges high and deep. He is charging Rolfe with felony murder. The other added-on charges would be laughable if the stakes were not so deadly serious. Ask Ted Williams.

Mr. Williams is a black man, a retired police officer, and a current lawyer with experiences in these very cases. He has sued police officers for police brutality. He explained to Fox financial host Neil Cavuto that the entire case against Rolfe is a “miscarriage of justice.”

This entire case is reverse racism motivated by leftist ideology.

Law and justice have become politics and vengeance. This is an election year, and the leftist mobs are yelling “burn baby, burn.” Bottoms and Howard are delaying the inevitable. An acquittal is almost certain. Atlanta will burn anyway.

That is what happens when politicians lie to people, get their hopes up, and then see those hopes dashed.

The consequences will go beyond the worst Atlanta burning since General Sherman’s march to the sea. Expect police officers to opt for early retirement. Why bother trying to save lives when your district attorney and mayor are your anti-police enemies? The coming crime wave is inevitable, especially with politicians competing to see who can be the softest on crime.

How about a Blue Flu response to all those police defunding calls?

Talking heads including the perpetual wrong Geraldo Rivera keep referring to the “current political climate.” That is code for throwing people under the bus to satisfy political zealots who will never have their bloodlust satiated.

An angry Williams called out the horrible practice of letting politics overrule codified law. Williams clearly said,

“Prosecutions should never be based on satisfying a crowd.”

The message the American left is sending, in this case, is very simple. To right past injustices including slavery, black criminals will always be given the benefit of the doubt over white police officers. In the previous century, innocent blacks were put in jail and worse solely because they were black.

Now the process has been reversed, and it is just as vile. All blacks are innocent and all whites are guilty. Skip the trial.

Rolfe is now facing the death penalty for acting in self-defense. This is not justice. This is, to quote Justice Clarence Thomas, “a high-tech lynching.”

Racial reconciliation is impossible when innocence or guilt is based on race. White Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was totally wrong to kill black George Floyd. Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, also white, was totally right to kill black Rashard Brooks.

White mayors and prosecutors were totally wrong to convict innocent blacks in decades past. Black Mayor Bottoms and black D.A. Paul Howard are just as wrong to try and convict an innocent police officer named Garret Rolfe just because he is white and the victim is black.

All racism needs to stop, and that includes the bigoted movements of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the politicians who cater to them either out of cowardice, political expediency, or in the worst cases, leftist’s ideological agreement that the ends justify the means.

Police Officer, Atlanta, Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”