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Putin sleeper cell: Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Clapper are agents of Russia

Written By | Oct 23, 2019
Clapper, Brennan, Durham, Russia, Clinton, Putin

WASHINGTON, DC: Its laughable that Hillary Clinton would attack Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein as being a Russian asset. For eight years the Obama Administration laid waste to American foreign policy and American preeminence. At the end of the Obama Administration America was badly weakened around the globe. Its military depleted. $20 Trillion dollars in debt.  While Russia, China and Iran were not just ascendent, but increasingly dominant.

Hilary Clinton: A legacy of corruption

For four years while Clinton was Secretary of State, she embarked on the greatest pay for play scam in the history of our country. Literally raking in hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation slush fund. All while trading off her position as Secretary of State. Largely from donations from foreign powers and entities.

Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden

And then four more years with John Kerry leading the capitulation to Iran,  Russia, and China. From the Middle East to Ukraine, to the South China Sea. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House proceeded to commit the greatest crimes against our Democracy and the constitution in American political history.

Together with her co-conspirators in the CIA and DNI, John Brennan and James Clapper, she attempted to sabotage, frame,  and destroy the candidacy and then the Presidency of Donald Trump.

“We’ll all hang from nooses”, Clinton shrieks

On the night Trump was elected, a furious Clinton famously and drunkenly declared, “If we don’t do something about this we’ll all hang from nooses”. She couldn’t be more right. If there is any justice in the world, her prediction is about to come true.

Durham probe targeting Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Obama

For the last three years, we have been trapped in an increasingly nightmarish scenario where the levers of power were being used to usurp an election. Destroy a presidency. Protect the corrupt establishment. And stage a coup d’etat. In America.

But the reckoning of John Durham and William Barr is finally coming for Hillary Clinton and the coup plotters. The noose is tightening. Hillary lies at the center of the criminal conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States.

Who is the real Russian agent here?

So it is fair to ask. After a three year inquisition and disinformation campaign to label President Trump a Russian agent.

  • Who are the real Russian agents here?
  • What actions have damaged the United States?
  • Where have they undermined our political system?
  • Why the attempt to erode the people’s confidence in the integrity of our institutions?
  • Who illegally spied on Americans.
  • What is the future result of their weaponizing the intelligence agencies against political opponents?

Democrats have strengthened Vladimir Putin in every corner of the globe. Bowed down to an ascendant China. Supplicated and enriched the Mullahs of Iran.

All while undermining our country at home, and destroying Amerca’s position abroad.

The Putin sleeper cell in the Obama White House

It is fair to say, in the vernacular of Robert Mueller and John Brennan: Wittingly or unwittingly, Hillary Clinton, the Obama White House, and the coup plotters Brennan, Clapper, and Comey have done more harm to the United States than the Russians could do in 100 years. So it is fair to ask. Who are the Russian assets here?

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

By any objective analysis, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Kerry, and Clinton represent a sleeper cell at the absolute highest levels of our government. Actively undermining America’s interest abroad. Destroying American Democracy at home. Corrupted by literally hundreds of millions of dollars.  Compromised by Russia, China, and Iran. Leaving behind a legacy of death, bribery, and corruption.

The Coup Plotters: An ongoing threat to the Republic

Literally moving, at every stage, from 2009 until today in 2019 with the Pelosi Schiff impeachment hoax, to destroy the very fabric of our society. All in the name of abusing their authorities while enriching themselves.

Thwarting the will of the American people. Protecting themselves from criminal prosecution for committing crimes against the Republic too onerous to even contemplate through subterfuge, lies, and deceit.

This sleeper cell of corruption at the very top of the Obama White House has repeatedly served the interests of the Russians, the Chinese, and the Iranians at the expense and security of the United States.

Hillary is the new Ethel Rosenberg

So it is ludicrous that Hillary Clinton should engage in crude McCarthyism against Tulsi Gabbard. It is Hillary, by all reason and logic, that is the Russian Agent. It is Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Rhodes and Barack Obama that are the sleeper cell that has advanced the global tyranny that threatens the future of every American.

The Coup against Trump: Is John Brennan a Russian Agent?

Hillary Clinton is Alger Hiss, Kim Philby and Ethel Rosenberg all rolled into one. At least Ethel Rosenberg only gave the secret of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

Hillary Clinton has actively taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian interests. In exchange for 20% of the American Uranium reserves. She has presided over the dismemberment of the Middle East. Clinton and the White House Putin sleeper cell are responsible for the deaths of millions in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. For the displacement of millions of refugees swarming into Europe and Turkey.

Destroying Ukraine, Syria, and America

Clinton, Obama, Brennan, and Kerry are the reason Russia occupies half of Ukraine. For why they annexed Crimea. Who stood by idly while Russia turned the tide of the Syrian civil war. A war they help initiate while arming Al Qaeda factions in both Libya and Syria.

While Tulsi Gabbard was serving her country in two tours of Iraq for the War Hillary Clinton supported, Hillary was selling out her country to the highest bidder.

AG William Barr and Atty. Durham closing in on the Obama, Brennan coup plotters

So let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton, Russian Agent. The Ethel Rosenberg of the 21st century. The warmonger with the reset button and a wallet full of Russian gold.

Clapper, Brennan, Durham, Russia, Clinton, Putin

Clinton, sure of her handling of Russia’s Lavrov doesn’t see the Russian diplomat’s handling of her $4.99 reset button. You Tube Screen shots

The most corrupt women who ever ran for public office. The scourge of our American Democracy. Clinton and the whole Obama sleeper cell of Putin’s puppets.

From Is Hillary Clinton a Warmonger? A closer review of Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy experience and tendencies – the Globalist.

The specific criticisms directed at HRC from those who find her too hawkish are well-known. Most prominently there is her vote in favor of the Iraq war.
But they also hear her cheer-leading for the Global War on Terror in all its aspects, her collaboration with the Robert Gates-led faction to push Obama into a major Afghan escalation and her advocacy of direct military action in Syria to unseat Assad.
Then there is her unbending attitude toward containing Iran, even after the nuclear accord. Or her bellicose language in calling Putin another “Hitler” after Russia’s seizure of the Crimea.
Hillary Clinton’s big foreign policy address at the Council on Foreign Relations reinforced the impression of a hard-liner across-the-board who thinks primarily in terms of power balances and the deployment of power.”
From Syria to Ukraine: A legacy of death

Lying to America. Attacking our Democracy. Abusing the civil rights of all Americans while lining their pockets. They couldn’t have been more effective in serving Russian, Chinese, and Iranian interests. Always at the expense of America.

Covering each calamitous event with a basket of lies for the American people. They were sure they would get away with it all. Benghazi. Uranium One. The 33000 deleted emails. Pay to play corruption. Stealing billions from the people of Haiti. Rigging the primaries. Framing Donald Trump.

Hillary was destined to be elected in 2016. It was certain. They had made sure of it.

And if anything went wrong, they had an insurance policy.

Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation

Let’s begin with the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. Hillary receives $145 million dollars from her Russian partners in the Uranium one deal. Russia receives 20% of the American Uranium reserves. Robert Mueller himself makes the trip to Moscow to personally deliver the Uranium sample.

President Kirchner, murder and uranium to Iran: President Obama made me do it

This is just part of the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled into the Clinton Foundation slush fund.

$27 million from Switzerland and UBS. $27 million from Sweden. $27 million from a Canadian energy company.  Pay for play corruption.

Ukraine donated more money to the Clinton Foundation in 2016 than any other country. $10 million dollars.  The Clinton’s profited while the Ukrainians suffered. (‘People starving in Eastern Ukraine as a humanitarian crisis unfolds – NewsWeek – January 2015)

Saudi Arabia was second with $7 million.

The Steele Dossier, Ukraine, and the 2016 election

Ukraine was the source for the Steele Dossier. Ukraine was where Sydney Blumenthal received Kremlin disinformation from pro-Russian Ukrainians. (Unpacking the Other Clinton-Linked Russia Dossier – Real Clear Investigations – April 2018)

The American Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich was a facilitator in the creation of dirt on Paul Manafort and Donald Trump. Passing that information on to the State Department and the DNC. Obama, Brennan, Kerry, and Clinton were up to their necks in the Maidan demonstrations and the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

It was the direct activity of the CIA operation in Ukraine which caused Putin to seize Crimea. To spark insurrection in the Russian speaking provinces of Eastern Ukraine. It’s almost as if Obama and Brennan planned it that way. Afterward, they refused to provide Ukraine with military aid.

Instead, sending blankets, and pillows.

Lethal military aid, corruption, and the Biden “quid pro quo”

One of the ironies of the current situation in the impeachment farce around “withholding aid” to Ukraine is that it was Trump who first provided lethal military aid to Ukraine. Aid was not withheld in spite of Adam Schiff’s protestations.

Obama never provided lethal military aid to Ukraine. It was Trump that did that.

Pelosi Star Chamber impeachment farce blows up in Adam Schiff’s face

Biden and Obama had a definitive “quid pro quo” when they explicitly held up $1 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine in 2015 unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma holdings was fired. How much of that $1 billion dollars was stolen by the corrupt Poroshenko government? Most of it one can assume.

How much money did Burisma get from Biden?

How much of the $50 million in American cash for Ukrainian natural gas went to Burisma Holdings? America needs to know. By funneling $6 million in bribes to Hunter Biden, did Burisma guarantee themselves $50 million in American cash?

Or did they just get $30 million?

No corruption here, they cry.  This is the very definition of “treason. bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors”.

The irony is not lost on this writer as we endure the current Pelosi/Schiff impeachment farce. This latest cynical, horrific chapter in the ongoing coup against Donald Trump. Well, the American people aren’t stupid. They see what is happening.

The Obama policy of “flexibility” with Russia

Barack Obama famously said to Russian President Medvedev to tell Putin that he would “have more flexibility in my second term”. Boy did he. It was like he learned the limbo just for Putin. In Ukraine, and even more so in Syria.

President Barack Obama: A Middle East legacy of death and destruction

So Hillary “Rosenberg” Clinton initiates the overthrow of Qadaffi in Libya by arming Al Qaeda factions there with stinger missiles. After Qadaffi is murdered and the country descended into chaos, Hillary and Obama try to buy back those weapons from Al Qaeda in Libya planning to ship them to Al Qaeda in Syria.

All while lying to the American people. It leads to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Hillary blames a video.

Millions die in Syria and Libya

Syria is destroyed. Assad holds on to power. He uses chemical weapons on his own people and Obama blinks. Letting the Russians ‘dispose” of Syrian chemical weapons.   Standing by while the Russians intervene with Russian troops and air power.

Doing nothing while Assad reverses the tide of war, and secures his grip on power. With overt help from Russian and Iran. Millions die. Millions more are refugees. Destabilizing Turkey, Greece, Italy, and all of Europe.

Obama Brennan coup involved State Dept., DOD, DNI, DOJ, CIA and FBI

This is the legacy of Clinton and Obama. Of Kerry and Brennan. Of Clapper and Comey. Chaos abroad. America in retreat. The Middle East is in shambles. Iraq overran by ISIS. 600000 Yazidi’s displaced. Tens of thousands of Yazidi’s killed. Thousands of Yazidi women sold into sexual slavery. This is Hillary’s legacy.

Benefitting our enemies at the expense of America

Who benefitted in Ukraine? Russia and Putin. Who benefitted in Syria? Russia and Iran. Who was weakened around the globe? The United States. In the Middle East. The South China Sea. In Ukraine.

Russia, China, and Iran were continually strengthened.

America, Europe, and the Middle East were left in tatters. Led astray by a cabal of corrupt Obama officials. A sleeper cell of Putin’s puppets. Lining their pockets, leaving carnage in their wake, while destroying the constitution and our Democracy.

The corrupt legacy of the coup plotters

Chief among them, along with Obama, is Hillary Clinton. The architect of a foreign policy that led to the deaths of millions. The mastermind of the pay to play scandal that netted her hundreds of millions. This is a third world style corruption.

Durham is targeting Brennan and “Unauthorized political surveillance”

Kind of like how Hillary and Obama tried to turn our politics into a third world banana republic. Like how the current impeachment hoax, the Russia hoax, and the Kavanaugh hearings were all designed to undermine our Republic. Destroy the foundations of our Democracy. Shatter the faith of the American people in our institutions.

Leaving indelible damage to the fabric of our Republic that will take decades to repair.

Projection incorporated: The irony of Hillary’s McCarthyism

Oblivious to her crimes, Hillary the de facto Russian Agent lashes out with her latest dose of McCarthyism, aimed at Tulsi Gabbard. But its real target is American Democracy. At long last, she is shameless in her lack of decency. Where is Joseph Welch when we need him? (June 9, 1954: Joseph Welch Confronts Sen. Joseph McCarthy – Zinn Education Project)

Well, we don’t have a Joseph Welch, but we do have William Barr and John Durham. The crimes of Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper and the Putin sleeper cell in the Obama White House are about to be exposed.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

That is why the House Democrats are hell-bent on impeachment. It is the latest attempt to overthrow the government by the never-ending coup plotters. The latest chapter in their ongoing war against President Trump and the American people. They know the noose is tightening on them.

They know Durham is about to interview Brennan and Clapper.

The truth be told lest the heavens fall

The coming indictments will be a major step in restoring faith in our institutions of government. Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators in the Obama White House and the media are apoplectic at what they know is coming.

Sedition, bribery, and insurrection are ugly things. What Durham is uncovering is only the tip of the corrupt iceberg. What he is about to expose will shock the conscience of the American people. But it won’t surprise some of us.

“If we don’t do something about this we’ll all hang from nooses”, Hillary shrieked on election night.  It can’t happen soon enough.

From Hillary Clinton: ‘If That F-ing B*stard Trump Wins, We All Hang From Nooses

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