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Protests destroying America’s constitutional structure

Written By | May 8, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, May 9, 2015 – As the Baltimore protests continue, the most important question that the community organizers who move from city to city enflaming racial tensions refuse to answer is, “What exactly do you want?”

Instead of providing a direct response to this question, the leading activists and organizers involved continually assert the same obviously rehearsed statements like, there will be “no peace until there is justice,” and that “broken windows do not compare to broken bones,” but they have never delineated exactly what demands of theirs need to be met in order for them to stop inciting rioters to commit the unfortunate destruction of minority communities across the country.

The reason most of the power players involved make it very difficult to decipher what their true demands are is that what they want is unpalatable to the American people; they want a complete restructuring of the American political system in the form of a communist or totalitarian society.

Protests and Riots: Anger, rage, statements being made

If this goes unrecognized, community organizers around this country may be able to help Obama achieve the radical left’s dream of tearing down America’s civil society as we know it and re-building it in their image of a statist utopia.

Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie, two community organizers heavily involved in spreading racial animus in Ferguson, Mo., New York and Baltimore were recently recognized by Fortune magazine as the 11th “greatest leaders in the world.”

McKeeson and Elzie are masterful at using the tactic of deflecting the question and refocusing unfounded, yet very inflammatory ridicule and criticism on the chosen enemy, in this case the police and the white community in general. This is a very common approach used in community organizing circles, harkening back to the original community organizer and a man who hugely inspired both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky wrote the rulebook for community organizers (and, seemingly, the modern Democratic party), Rules for Radicals.

For example, writing in the Huffington Post in late 2014, McKesson and Elzie had the following hateful propaganda to spew: “We (black Americans) will no longer allow you (white Americans) to escape this story and pretend that the epidemic of black lives dying by white hands is merely a figment of an active Black imagination. You must come face to face with the horror that we live daily.”

They continued, “We are not concerned if this inconveniences you. Dead children are more than an inconvenience. We are not concerned if this disturbs your comfort. Freedom outweighs that privilege. We are not concerned if this upsets order. Your calm is built on our terror. We are not concerned if this disrupts normalcy. We will disrupt life until we can live. This is an American Horror Story.”

Additionally, In a recent interview with CNN , McKesson refused to condone the violent, destructive and often criminal riots he spends his days encouraging. He responded to host Wolf Blitzer’s questions about whether he was in favor of peaceful protests with scripted statements like, “I don’t have to condone it (violence, destruction, criminal acts) to understand it. The pain that these people (black Americans) feel is real and you are suggesting that broken windows are worse than broken spines.” McKesson never answered Blitzer’s question, even though he was asked four separate times.

A Google search for McKesson and CNN brings up page after page of adoring articles about this unbelievably childish interview.

Kent State at 45: Protest is not new, but it is the same

However, not every group of race-baiters trying to take financial advantage of the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson has stayed quiet about their intentions. A well-funded, influential group that is heavily involved in these protests called Ferguson Action has posted a list of demands on their website.

The things this group is demanding should be extremely concerning to all Americans who appreciate and enjoy our civil society, in which we enjoy the highest standard of living in the entire world. First of all, they demand typical communist planks such as “full employment for our people (black Americans),” the “right to access quality housing that protects our families and allows for our children to be free from harm” and finally, “free public education all the way through the university level.

The most dangerous demands are stated in a more nebulous and indirect way than those typical communist elements. The very first demand listed is, “We want the United States Government to recognize the full spectrum of our human rights and its obligations under international law.”

That may sound like more slogans and platitudes, but this demand equates to much more than that. In 1948 the United Nations adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” which was drafted in part by progressive President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor. However, the United States abstained from voting on the declaration, since it is so clearly contrary to almost every constitutional principle that our country was founded upon.

The declaration encompasses almost all of the main ideals of communism.

At one point it states, “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

The final demand made by this powerful group of activists is, “We want the development and enactment of a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice by the Obama Administration.” They state that their desired plan “should be a comprehensive plan that address (sic) persistent and ongoing forms of racial discrimination and disparities that exist in nearly every sphere of life including: criminal justice, employment, housing, education, health, land/property, voting, poverty and immigration.

Ferguson protests once again turn violent as officers are shot

The plan would set concrete targets for achieving racial equality and reducing racial disparities and create new tools for holding government accountable to meeting targets.”

The phrase “racial justice” is the key to this statement. That phrase is a favorite of racist, fringe, radicals who promote racist policies like reparations for slavery and direct redistribution of wealth in order that white people be required to pay for the “white privilege” they and their ancestors have allegedly enjoyed at the expense of blacks.

The website  provides a little more insight into what the phrase may mean, “Racial justice advocacy combats all forms of racism by establishing policies that ensure equitable power, opportunities, and outcomes for all.”

The key to this statement is “equitable power…. and outcomes for all.”

For the federal government to produce equitable outcomes for all, it would have to heavily interfere in the lives of every American, in order to make sure that white Americans did not have more wealth and property than black Americans. To achieve that goal would require America to fundamentally transform from a democratic republic into a totalitarian, communist state.

The state would then collect all of the wealth and property and decide how it was to be distributed amongst the citizenry.

If this racial animus and divisiveness continues to run rampant in our society and people like the disgraceful Deray McKesson and Johnetta Elzie continue to be honored and held in high esteem, these riots will evolve into an all out war on the police and white Americans, generally. If that occurs the uprising will end in either the fundamental transformation of American society, as Obama has promised, or a reversion back to the fundamental principles enshrined in the Constitution which made this country the greatest country the world has ever known.

James Richard

James Edwards is a tireless advocate for federalism and minimizing the impact the federal government has on all of our lives.