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Protesting the peaceful transference of power

Written By | Jan 10, 2017

WASHINGTON, January 10, 2017 – More than four million people are expected to be in Washington for Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, and Mike Pence’s inauguration as the vice president.

There are will be many in attendance not to celebrate the peaceful transition of power, but to express anger, hate, and even to endanger Trump, Pence and their families.

In her Golden Globe speech demagoguing America to rally against conservatives and the president-elect, Meryl Streep claimed that President Trump would kick foreign actors working in Hollywood out of the country, leaving the industry bereft of diversity. After showing football and MMA fans the most condescending disrespect, she observed:

“Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

We should all hope that groups such as Resist Fascism, #BLM and DisruptJ20 get that message.

Radical leftists are hoping to make January 20 the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history. The will act to put those attending the event and along the parade route at risk as they pursue their goal to “disrupt” the Inauguration festivities.

Streep referred to the power of the presidency, but she said nothing about using her own influence and and the influence of liberal leaders like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosie to discourage those promising to incite violence during the inauguration.

Can Obama use martial law to quell liberal violence, delay inauguration?

These groups are invoking terms like“civil resistance” and “civil disobedience”, but their intent is to create blockades and incite people to jump barricades along the parade route and throw projectiles at the  new president, first lady, vice president, Mrs. Pence, fellow citizens and the police in their attempts to create “citywide paralysis”.

If the behavior of those attending the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings are any indication of what we can expect, the 20th could be anything but the celebration America has celebrated for over two centuries: the peaceful transference of power from one president to the next.

A full-page ad in the New York Times states:

“Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do—creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling.”

The proposition of the ad is simple: The election of Trump to the presidency is illegitimate. The new administration must not simply be resisted by normal political means. No one should work with the new administration, but keep it from taking power by any means.

Their claim that President Trump and the GOP will inflict repression and suffering on people in this country, deport millions, threaten violence up to the use of nuclear weapons, and inflict catastrophes upon the planet itself is histrionic and hysterical. The point is to encourage those who could not be bothered to vote on November 11 to get out and create mayhem., the ad’s creator, is not alone in their desire to create chaos and encourage violence. DisruptJ20, which stands for “Disrupt January 20th” has been creating chaos in Washington since November.

Legba Carrefour, a spokesperson for DisruptJ20 says that their goal is to block major transportation routes into and throughout our nation’s capital.

Carrefour literally wants to shut down the inauguration and the city of Washington, D.C. on January 20. His Twitter page contains numerous examples of protests, and violence, celebrated if not fomented by Carrefour:

According to Carrefour:

“We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that’s the short of it. We’re pretty literal about that, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before. We’re trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.”

The Golden Globes, Meryl Streep and the braying donkeys of Hollywood

According to their official website, they have disruptive events planned beginning January 14 and culminating on January 20 with blockade actions along the National Mall.

Picture of protesters using a sleeping dragon, 2007-03-08, Carnegie Mellon University – Image available under CCO license at

The group says that the human barriers may simply stand in the way of people looking to enter the inauguration venues, while others will engage in “technical lockdowns.” An example of that is protestors chaining themselves to each other with their arms inside PVC piping, sometimes encased in concrete, in what is referred to as a “sleeping dragon”.

Attempts by law enforcement to remove the protestors could result in breaking their arms. In spite of frequent claims by leftwing groups that the police are brutal, they assume that the police will try to avoid causing them that kind of harm. The maneuver might also deter law enforcement from arresting protestors for causing unlawful disruptions.

Scheduled events by DisruptJ20 include:

Carrefour stops short of calling for violence; he says they have no announced plans to jump barricades along the parade route or throw anything at President and Mrs. Trump or Vice President and Mrs. Pence, but he does say:

“I can’t comment on specific stuff we’re doing like that, mostly because that would be illegal. But, yeah, it will get pretty crazy, I expect … ‘Have fun!’ I say.”

“I don’t mean to be violent,” he says, in a tone that threatens violence in every syllable. Yet, sadly, accidental violence occurs alarmingly often. Activists will encourage riots and violence in their attempts, as demands, to stop the transfer of power from Obama to Trump.

Marijuana legalization is a hot topic for the next president and a pro-marijuana legalization group, DCMJ, plans to hand out 4,200 free joints during the inaugural march to the National Mall.

The DCMJ website says:

You are cordially invited to join DCMJ for the inaugural #Trump420 taking place on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC!

We will gather on the west side of Dupont Circle at 8am for coffee & tea and parade down to the National Mall at 10am. Along the way we’ll hand out 4,200 joints of legally grown cannabis! At 4 minutes and 20 seconds into President Trump’s speech we’ll light up! (unless President Trump comes out now in support of full cannabis legalization in all 50 States and DC!)

DCMJ said in a press release:

“At 4 minutes and 20 seconds into President Trump’s speech we’ll light up! (unless President Trump comes out now in support of full cannabis legalization in all 50 states and DC!)”

If you hope that once the inauguration is over and President Trump gets to work it will all stop, it will not. Abortion advocates are working to get a million women into Washington on the day following the inauguration to protest for abortion rights.

Filmmaker Michael Moore is hoping that this march will be the beginning of “100 days of resistance” against Trump’s presidency. He told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, “It’s important that everybody go there.”

Other groups planning to participate in protests include (a militant environmental activist org), Black Lives Matter, and

Our best hope is for a very, very cold day that will keep them all home. That and the Hell’s Angles who have pledged their security services.  However, popular conservative commentators have warned that Bikers for Hillary make cause additional disruptions:

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