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Proposal to create 127 new states in DC is a crisis of Conservative making

Written By | Jan 20, 2020
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WASHINGTON: The Harvard Law Review has published a proposal for supposedly enhancing a better democracy than that which the Federal government now oversees. The proposal has no official name but is born, it would appear, from the same milieu as the French Revolution i.e, power to the people. This would come about by a congressional majority vote to dividing the District of Columbia (DC) into 127 neighborhoods which in turn (by congressional majority vote) would become 127 states. With Electoral College voting rights.

One hundred and twenty-seven states would all be liberal, with liberal leadership.   Each state would, of course, have two Senators and a single representative.  Having 127 new liberals states would effectively lead to a nation led by Washington’s mob leaders. (Harvard releases proposal to fix America’s democracy that divides Washington D.C. into 127 states | Daily Mail Online.)

This would essentially destroy the idea of a two-party government and give all power to those in DC.

This new arrangement would give the magnificent morons in the current national capital control of everyone else from sea to shining sea. America would be under a government of and by New York City law and California morality. America the Beautiful. A modern French Revolution. Heads would roll. A Robespierre delight. (“Constitution of 1793” · Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)

But this proposal is the result of something that conservatives and Republicans have brought upon themselves. And without a rally to reclaim history from the Eric Foner history revisionists, this is the American future. Total rule from Washington.

There truly will be an “exceptionalism.” (How the Neocons are Helping Destroy Western Civilization | Abbeville Institute)

That “bringing” is the constant promotion that the United States is not a Union of States, but an amalgamation of states created magically in 1776. This is the Eric Foner nonsense that is peddled whereby States have no sovereign rights. They may abide in the union only as long as they behave.

Progressive Democrats attack the Constitution and the Electoral College

And if they don’t behave, they will stay anyway under any number of so-called civil rights laws. (Lies and Truths of Nationalism | Abbeville Institute)

The belief seems to be that the states upon ratification of the Constitution (years after 1776) were surrendering their sovereignty to a national (called federal) government. This white flag gesture made them no more than what county governments are in relation to their appropriate state.

Conservatives claim that the people have the protection of Electoral College; that is, they claim, the reason the founders put it in was to protect the small states (population) from the large ones. Nonsense! It is in there because sovereign states voted, and not a national conglomeration of people.  The people weren’t voting for or against Hillary. The states were.

Giving liberal DC control of 127 new states would make any pretense of a two-party government obsolete.

The Harvard proposal claims to fix America’s “broken democracy.”

Every state, in the union, is supposed to be guaranteed a republican form of government–not a democratic form. (Guarantee of Republican Form of Government: Article IV. States’ Relations : US Constitution Annotated : Justia)

What about its broken republic?

The War on the Electoral College: A battle that Democrats can’t win

Why are Virginians begging for their God-given rights to keep and bear arms (not government-given) from the state of Virginia?

Why is it that babies who are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while lying “comfortably” in a hamper waiting to get their brains crushed should beg, if they could talk, for the state of Virginia to do them no harm?

Governing foreseen by the Founders, except for foreign-born Hamilton nationalists, was to be local.

It was to be from the sovereign states they were part of. Nullification was righteous and proper. Secession was righteous and proper.  Theirs was a republic of republics; republics comprised of sovereign governments.

Now that great sanctuary of brilliance, Harvard Law School, with its modern Jacobins sees a new “age of reason.” A land where 127 oligarchs created in Washington DC will be the U.S. Committee of Public Safety.

Even Robespierre thought such was a good idea until the day when he found himself on his knees with his hands behind his back, and a huge blade of steel racing toward his neck.

Hail to The Crimson– and the Foners. All foolishness is the gift of fools.







Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.